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    UNKNOWN - Subject was last seen walking through a Burger King drive-through, asking for a big mac with barbed wire and lemon juice, wearing nothing but a pair of underwear on the subject's head. (They were blue with silver frills.)
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Why do you care?

“Osric: Yeah, sleeping kids are pretty easy.”

“natzor: does it really matter who’s been here longer though? :<
natzor: i love all you guys
totallymady: Yes, It does.
Steelance: nat
totallymady: GREATLY.
Ethan1Waber2: I don’t think it was a contest, natz…
Steelance: it’s a dick measuring contest.
natzor: i’unno.
Showbiz1: k back
FlandreScarlet: but natz
natzor: e-peens and shit?
FlandreScarlet: us guys care about our member length
Steelance: Yes
GenericHayley: I just had more fun with the regs before
FlandreScarlet: and like it to be bigger than others
Steelance: Lawl flan
Showbiz1: I joined december ‘08
Steelance: "Member length
FlandreScarlet: ;D
FlandreScarlet: xD
natzor: well mine’s pretty.
natzor: impressive.
FlandreScarlet: :O
FlandreScarlet: woah Natz
Steelance: FlandreScarlet: us guys care about our member length
FlandreScarlet: put that thing away
Ethan1Waber2: ‘O’
FlandreScarlet: you’re gonna poke an eye out
natzor: XD
Ethan1Waber2: ^
FlandreScarlet: >.o…
FlandreScarlet: too late"

“Ethan1Waber2: Cracked Robot Boob?
PipBernadotte: ^describes pip’’

“GAKOGENOME1: Rorschach is playing MDFX
GAKOGENOME1: And Dying Fetus and Yob and others
GAKOGENOME1: If I don’t go
GAKOGENOME1: I might cry
Ethan1Waber2: Then go?
GAKOGENOME1: It’s in Maryland
GAKOGENOME1: and its several days
GAKOGENOME1: and its a lot of money
Ethan1Waber2: Waitwaitwait.
Ethan1Waber2: Is Updog playing?
Ethan1Waber2: Yeah. Are they playing?
GAKOGENOME1: What is updog
Ethan1Waber2: Nothin’ much, brah!
GAKOGENOME1: I’ve been had”

“natzor: eProdigy
natzor: stop
natzor: stop hurting people
MidnightPhoenix: Nat…
eProdigy: ?
natzor: Mid…
victory_ceremony: lol
MidnightPhoenix: Slap him
natzor: with my penis?
natzor: i think it’s time
MidnightPhoenix: Yes
Ethan1Waber2: Yes.
victory_ceremony: do it
natzor: i think you’re right
MidnightPhoenix: I think it is time nat
Ethan1Waber2: DOO EET
victory_ceremony: right now
GeluPatchouli: Don’t worry Natz. Prodigy’s shitty attempts at RP injury to myself don’t do a thing.
natzor: slaps dropigy with my massive pen0r
natzor: TAKE THAT
victory_ceremony: hawt dayum
eProdigy: lol
natzor: slap slap slap
natzor: slap slap
Ethan1Waber2: hoeryshet
natzor: >:O
victory_ceremony: I think he passed out
eProdigy: Wow nat,
natzor: slap
eProdigy: What a large peni you has!
natzor: die already
natzor: slap slap

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