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Hi. My name’s Eurydice, but most call me Yuri or Kitty. I guess you came here to learn about me? Okay then, might as well give you what you want!

Name: Eurydice

Age: 14

From: Oakland, California

Style in clothing: Jeans and t-shirts. If I was allowed to, I’d wear skinny jeans and tank-tops everyday! I like my leather jacket and combat boots.

Hair color/style: Brown, but I spend so much time in the sun it’s gotten blonde highlights everywhere! It’s down to my shoulders and kinda wavy, but it ends in curls.

Scariest thing I’ve seen: My brother naked… Shudder God, what did I do to deserve that?

Power I’d love to have: I’m gonna cheat and say “the power to have all powers”.

Favorite candy: I love all candy, but I’d say gummies.

Nighttime or Daytime?: Nighttime. Obviously.

Have you ever been in love?: No.

What do you hate in a man?: One who doesn’t respect me or others, is mean, has no sense of humor, dislikes rock music, dislikes sugar, insults me, doesn’t care about the things I care about and is more interested in a material object than me.

When was your first date?: Nope. Never had one.

Do you like/love someone right now?: No.

Fave Number: 22

Any siblings?: An older sister and an older twin brother. I had another older sister, but she died when I was about 4.

Fave color: Buttery yellow. Like sunshine!

Type of movie: Comedies, preferably with some rock and roll music involved.

Am I human: I think so, but I’m more of a wild animal than a human. (Aren’t the nicknames ‘WildChild’,‘Dog-Girl’ and ‘Cat-Girl’ sweet?)

Favorite Food: Fake mac ‘n’ cheese. The kind that comes out of a box with powdered cheese. Like Kraft.

What can hurt me: Mostly… Myself. (I don’t mean I try to hurt myself on purpose, I mean I’m kinda strong and clumsy!)

Hobbies: Reading. Video games. Dancing by myself. Singing. Listening to music.

Pets: 2 cats. I’m pretty sure they both have brain damage.

Do I cook: Yes. But it’s mostly ‘bachelor food’ and deserts.

Fave Movie: So many to choose from…

Do I read?: Hell, yeah! Manga and fantasy all the way!

Straight?: I think so. Only time can tell, though. I’ve only liked boys so far.

Ever kissed a guy: Not besides my brother, and it’s only on the cheek for him.

Ever kissed a girl: Yes. A dare.

Languages I speak: English and basic Spanish. (It’s what I take in school.)

Eye color: Green with orange rings. People say they’re really creepy. I like them.

Any tattoos or piercings?: Plain pierced ears, unless you count being covered in marker doodles as tattoos.

Least favorite color: Pink.

Do I draw: Yep!

My kind of music: Classic rock and punk rock.

What’s on your desktop?: A folder of funny photos, a folder of funny comics, a folder of creative writing and a folder of schoolwork.

Most worn type of shoes: Sneakers or combat boots.

What do you see in a Man?: Someone nice, understanding, protective, who likes me for who I am, is chivolarous, who enjoys the same things I do, who tells me how he feels, who is open and honest with me, who is as outgoing as I am and can keep up with me, who doesn’t care how spazzy I am, etc.

Weirdest thing I’ve ever licked: My shoe.

If you could make someone disappear, who would it be?: One of the guys at my school. He’s a big jerk-face!

Look behind you, What do you see?: My bookshelf.

What do you see in a friend: Look at the ‘what I want in a guy’ section then take out the romantic stuff.

Favorite Animal: The wolf or the tiger.

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