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I’m just a simple person who likes to enjoy the simple things in life :)

Funny convo’s about me:

To Shawdon666: im a bit hippie xD i dont like cars cuz they polute too much, dont like planes cuz they are too expensive, mostly like classic rock and metal xD
To Shawdon666: never smoked a cigarette, only smoke weed
To Shawdon666: and long hair with ponytail and sometimes goatee xD
Shawdon666: goatees are king, though (reply)
To Shawdon666: ikr :P i only shave it when it gets too messy..
Shawdon666: also, we are now ponytail buddies! (reply)
To Shawdon666: yay :D ponytail buddies’ high5
Shawdon666: high five :D (reply)

Fabiomeister: converts cherry to christianism
Electricalbanana: I read that as “Fabionism”
Electricalbanana: “converts Sheri to Fabionism”
kjsam79: o.O what’s fabionism?
Fabiomeister: my own religion :P
Darkguy5: Fabionism is fabulous.
sheri321: Converts to Fabionism
Fabiomeister: should i add the name of people that already converted to Fabionism aswell?
tonic89: sure why not?
TheBestShhootGuy: what is fabionism Lol
TheBestShhootGuy: nvm
tonic89: iz the cult of fabio
TheBestShhootGuy: fabio + christianism = fabionism?
tonic89: because fabio is best person on kong 2013
tonic89: yea fabionizem it is
tonic89: do note that we shall pray for you when chat dies, if your online or not
tonic89: and we shall bring offerings such as…..
tonic89: well anything i guess :I
#1: after a few days of anyone being converted to Fabionism, he/she will become Fabiolastic (but only with my own permission)
Fabiolastic is a fusion between Fabiolous and Fantastic
#2: to be a member of Fabionism, one has to have fun all the time… if not, he/she must go to the purgatory, till every bad things come out of his/her system, so he/she can have fun all the time again
Fabionism’s Wall of Love (special place where the people i love the most are in (alphabetic order, just because of my OCD)):
Fabionism’s Prophet: ♥~sheri321~♥
Fabionism’s Priest:
Fabionism’s Priestess: ♥~Electricalbanana~♥
Fabionism’s Devil: ♥~CuteRawrKitten~♥
Fabionism’s Advisor: ♥~GUARDIANPROTECTR~♥
Fabionism’s Fairy Godmother: ♥~Courtesan~♥
Fabionism’s GodBro: ♥~tonic89~♥
Fabionism’s Minister: ♥~BagOfDirt~♥
Fabionism’s Goddess: ♥~izzikitti~♥
People that already have converted to Fabionism:

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Super Rolby 64: part one tribute

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