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    Up your ARM, round the corner, here we are, it's California! But, seriously, I don't live there.
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    Mar. 28, 2008
im just a cool person who likes to roleplay and stuff.i love gluttony dunno why but it was like the first room i was in...yay ninjas!


roleplaying is what i do in the night but in the day i just talk about games really roleplaying i will mostly do random things while roleplaying but i like to turn into ninjas and if anyones fighting i will just say random stuff and try insult people sometimes... god thats alot of writing =) =) =)






Band-Aid FetishDude! You just completed the Band-Aid Fetish achievement in Meat Boy and won the Band-Aid Fetish badge and 60 points!!!!!!!!!!



...............im the blue cat ^.^

K in roleplay i is usually a cat but mah other forms inclood ninja cat, shadow cat, shadow ninja cat, water cat, werepyre, shadow, uhh... thats it. cat form is just a cat, ninja cat is a ... ninja cat, shadow cat is cat with shadow element, shadow ninja cat is a ninja cat with shadow element, water cat can go underwater and can breathe underwater and has good swimming abilitys, werepyre form is half werewolve half vampire and is pretty big with wings and fangs for sucking blood and shadow form is a shadow which can consume things and eats lights. Me and broc have a glass house at teh beach and i has a huge catbed in it. i want to catch a manatee someday (rping) but jewelz and broc say i cant do it. uhh.... ma prefered weapon is mah layzor or mah layzor turret on top of the beahc house but i has got a rune staff and i like that aswell =) mah favourtie spell is death cyclone and i cant really explain that so come to gluttony and get me angry or sumtin...FACT: while i is typing this i is eating a burger!

i come from ingurlund but mosta mah friends on here are amyreecan or kanaydeeun but broc and a few other people are from ingurlund but daedrics from teh eyeul ov whiet...OMG LOOK ITS TEH SIMPSONS!

i mostly play incredibots cos its a fun game and i wonder if ive written too much.... ahwell =) if ya wanna find out more about mah awesome yet random self venture over to teh awesomenesterest room ever ....GLLUUTTOOONNYYY!!!~~~~~ k i dunno if i said what colour i is as cat but now i is black furred =)

PUSAWEKL THIS IS FOR YOUUUUU!(copied directly from dach's profile =)*cookie for dach*)

supakewl: w/ dachiakia1 im always super
...~~~...supakewl: -gets super-

HAHA! now you are immune to howdy i have something else to pish you off with =) over and out!*tips top hat*

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqO5lNS094M&feature=related~~~~~~~~im here again! im just putting that on mah profile cos... IT SUMS ME UP IN 12 WORDS!

~~~~http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNmUMhL_DlY&feature=channel~~~ HECK YEH FOR NINJAS!!!!!!!!

k this aint be in any order so dont be offended if u is last! and uhh if i forget you tell me. k....

Brocclii786: he be cool person who likes to dance and likes to be with teh gurls =P*nudge nudge wink wink* He also be good at drawing, very good, and he be good at cheering people up and being awesome.

Jenny: She's a nice person who's fun to talk to. She has a tendency to drug people and steal thems 0.o

Lileath: shes k. she lieks being "naughty" and stuff... and you dun want to know what "nyu" is...

Vendmira150: he be dude who be cool who be has gurl naym! p.s. his name be mira!

NAGIUKEEHAAAAAA: well nagis be a secksay secksman and he dances liek the kitteh kat

edmondtherathergood: ed is a posh chap who lives in ze gluttonys and makes chemistry joeks

wugg: he used to be a snake but then he trasmoglofied himself into a wugg and now makes games.

supawekl: he be mod who lieks mah qwestshuns and he asks me for more everyday!

dotcheeahkeeyah: he be dude who always seems to be killing meh....but i still luvs him ^.^

shizzybuisness: he be person who lieks dieing... dunno why...

meowimmacat: she be awesome ^.^ she be cat so she has double awesomeness rating and she be cool ^.^

kitten3: she also be cat so she be cool aswell

SILVEREAGLE!: he be fun to kill =)

hardman: he be hard?

n1njagai: he be ninja and he has ilovesexoitis.... yup =D

facefacefaceface: he be cool dude much cooler than these other silly ppls. his awesomeness rating be infinite!!

pyan91: he be mah friend from school and he be cool and he lieks pies

hk47192: he also friend from school who doesnt come on much

sanchez34: he be person who be pyans friend from rl and he lives near pyan and stuff....

eclipse107: POTATOES POTATOES POTATOES! he be cool person who likes bionicle he can make some cool incredibots!

daedric_lord: he be awesome person who has a t-shirt that says "tit" *giggle* and he be great at incredibots!

toa kuparo: he says he be eclipse....but i dont beleive him. he be cooler than 'clipse ^.^

silvereagle: he be person who be fun to kill. and finally...

kit3: =( she never be on anymore but she used to be an awesome person so she gets mentioned.


LOOL profile braek.


sasukesomethingsomethingorother:he r teh kewl and teh funzorz and he likes hassing moobs??

zingycutie:she are funful person who i likes and is kewl

.........have i done jewelz? probably but i cba to scroll up and see so
jewelz:she is kewl person who i mighta done b4 but ahwell lulz ^.^



>>>>>>>remind me if u is not on here and u think u should be


dachiakia1: I had a period. I said it,

!!!thats true!!!

dachiakia1: I wuvs mah boobs.
HE DAMNED WELL SAID THAT! his girlyness shall be unveiled soon. very soon. i know its going to happen. it will dach. be AWARE!

GO HERE TO SEE THE MOST AWESOME NAME EVUR! http://www.kongregate.com/games/lolzorzasdf/name-game?name=72578

also go here. >> http://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/Gluttony





WATCH IT AND SUB! >.> not liek im overly obsessed or anything. >.> <

Hehe, I'm back! Up there, is the old face. Here, is the new face. DEAL WITH IT. (lol, i be jk. i wud nevur turn mah back on teh weys of teh lolcat >^.^..> <


╓╥╖εΘ╚╩╝ lol, alt codes are win.

Hey Hey Hey. Go look at my avatars I drew on Kong Avatar Contest if you got this far down. =D Also, look at brocclii786's drawings, they are much better.

Hey there everyone. I'm here to write a little tribute to a fool called Crispy. Just to rub salt into his wounds. Anyway, I just wanted to talk about him and how he fails badly. I was chatting in Gluttony one day, commenting on how I had a spoon in my pants. After this statement, I added the harmless "/nod", as I do when I want to reinforce statements. He then claimed that I seemed like a loser. He continued to say that he thought I was a loser because I acted like I was trying to be a leader of the room, which he claimed to be "full of 14 year olds". I explained to him that I did not intend to be like that, and how that is just how I am. After this, he came out with the statement "so you just naturally dont have any friends or anything. ok.". I do not know where he got this statement from, as we had not mentioned my social life at all. I explained that I have friends, though there is no proof that I do or do not. However, he claimed that I was lieing about this. I retorted by saying it was not a lie. The conversation diverted onto something else for a while, and then a sad young being who had decided to follow in Crispy's foolish footsteps asked me to stop talking like a leader. Crispy then came in with " ^ yes please", the arrow pointing at the statement mentioned above. I told him that I was not trying to speak like a leader, and I also told him that I did not intend to even if I was. I asked him why I should not, as I take the time to type out my sentence and to use proper grammar, unlike most people in the chat at that moment (including Crispy himself), so surely that means I care. At this point he told me to "go find some real life friends". How that statement reinforced his argument in any way is beyond me. GemlikeCrystal told him to do the same. He then told her that he could not, as he was stuck in a city full of old people. I then told him that I'm also stuck in a village with the nearest to my age people being 8 years old. His next statement did not make much sense: "face, i know, it's because you're chatting in here". As I did not fully understand that statement, or how it was affected by me being stuck in a village of 8 year olds, I asked him "I'm living in a village because I chat on Kong?". He took a while to respond to this question, and when he did it still didn't really make sense: "for someone who claims to be superior because he uses correctr grammer and puncutation, your reading comprehension is nonexistant". Problems with this statement include the bad grammar and the fact that I never stated that I was superior due to the fact I type using proper grammar and spelling. I also fail to see how my reading comprehension can be judged on how well I understand a piece of writing that does not make sense. I told him about these problems, and he failed to come back with anything. Failing argument, anyone? At this point, I decided to check how much homework I had to do, and then found out I only had 2 pieces. I posted this as "I have two pieces of homework... Christ...". For someone who judges me on reading comprehension of nonsensical statements, I fail to see how he can then come back with "oh no face, two whole piece of homework". The conversation again got diverted, and then Crispy posted "i am actually kinda angry now after reading face's profile". I asked him "Whyso?". He came back with "Because I realized I actually was picking on a loser and i felt bad :(". As my profile is a long long thing, I asked him if he had read it all. He told me that he thought I was a loser because I roleplayed, and that he only read the first part of the profile. I called him a fool for not reading all of it, as if he had he would have probably realised that I had changed, and that I do not roleplay any more. He told me that he would not "pick on me" anymore, and yet again, I fail to see how he was picking on me. I told him that "I can confirm that I do not roleplay as I used to Crispy.", which I then changed to "I can confirm that I do not roleplay as I used to, if at all.". He then came back with "and yet you still chat here. :(". I did not see what that had to do with the argument, so I asked him "I can't talk to anyone else in my village, so should I just sit in a dark room and cut myself from all civilisation?". He told me that he did not know what that meant, and then asked me why I called it a village. Hmm. Oh, how that made me lol. Anyway, I told him it was because I use that term. He then continued to say "so you're still roleplaying", which was obviously an attempt to try and restart the argument which had previously failed. I , again, explained to him that I do not roleplay anymore. From then on, an argument formed around Daedric_Lord, which I personally think was rather blown up on both sides. While this continued, Crispy would not answer any of my questions about my argument, merely claiming that I was meowing, when I had not even posted that word in the entire time I had been on. After a while, I asked him when exactly I had meowed. I said that if he gave me proof, I would accept that I was a loser. However, he failed to provide any evidence, and gave up. After a while, Hick asked me if he could come and live with me until he got a job. I told him my parents wouldn't be too pleased about it. Crispy then asked "still live with your parents? :(". I told him that I did. I don't quite see how a boy of my age could possibly live on my own. I asked him to "find a job that could pay for a house, food, etc. for a person under the age of 16.". After this, he said "huzzah, I was right". Our argument stopped for a while, and then Arial found out that Daedric was English, so he said "Oh, that explains the stupid then". What a 'tard. Crispy continued to make remarks about people being under 16, so I said "Hey. It's another "You're young so you must be an idiot" type of person!", taking him to be the sort of idiot like Aiace. Oh boy, is he an idiot, as he came back with "face: yes, basically. and it's another "hey my age has nothing to do with anything even tho i still act like a little kid and think typing correctly will hide that fact" person". I then said "Yet, I'm not an idiot.", and he said "maybe you're not". After this, he came out with something stupid like "I've been in chat rooms longer than you've been able to stop shitting your pants, dont worry", which seemed to have nothing to do with the argument he was making previously. The chat continued, and then stopped as the argument about Hick died away. So, deciding to start a new conversation, I asked if anyone was following the World Cup, and guess who answered? Yes, you're right, it was the one whos argument was utter bull! What he said was stupid and unnecessary: "yes and england sucks ass, surprise". And with that, he left.

Now, what that long review has taught us, is that there are idiots out there. Complete and utter idiots, that feel the need to insult people on where they are from and how they speak. Anyway, here is my summary of the situation. There seems to be a point in which, some older teenagers decide that anyone under the age of 16 is an idiot, and only people older 16 be allowed on the internet. What my argument has proved is that, Crispy is an idiot, and people younger than 16 years old deserve to be on the internet. Anyway. Bye. /nod

I have a spoon in my pants.

My drawing of Gluttony

Ok, I just read my profile. That was stupid. Disregard the Crispy thing.


Replace "Hick" with your name, so you can say you've been greeted by an Englisher for minimal e-cred!

Hick's so adorable ¦3



The sunrise is oh so beautiful.


So. Freaking. Bored. P'd off aswell -.-

Oh how I adore getting lost in thought~ So much better than the real world~






This is all about pronounciation. And stuff. ANd me being a little stalker. Anyway, KONICHIWA AIACE-SAN DESU NEKO!


Hickory doodle doing stuff


Hickory doodle stalkin' stuff


Tribory doodle lovin' stuff

In response to my rant about that person who pissed me off : One of the best trolls I've met. I only realized a while after I'd done it that he was a troll.

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