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Name:Farsen Bane claw his true last name is unknown but his earlist memory is when he was a teenager he was called Baneclaw because he was hated for some reason but then anything before that is blank.
Race:He is a Dragoniad Nekowolf and he has three souls a dragon soul a human soul and a Neko soul and he has a Counter part that is evil and is also a Trisoul Creature only the creatures created in mockery of Farsens three so his souls are A Golem(clay) Soul A Serpent soul and A Hellhound Soul.
Appearence:He wears a trench coat to hide his royal clothes and his family crest that His Not been identified by anyone hes shown it to and his clothes are Orange with green trims and he has a Cloak that is covered with dragon Scale
Family: PyroBanefeather(alt)-Older Brother by 3 years Farsen is the second oldest Pyro was born at the beginning of space Farsen was born at the beginning of time(after space)
FallusBanebone(alts)- youngest of the three brothers and ill give a brief description if you want the rest follow the link i put after the descriptions to my alts i made for them. Fallus is a Skeletal angel with the powers of a devil and an angel.

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