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►My Last Stand Union City major glitches guide seen no where else for this years old game ►My Obliterate Everything 3 tricks topic ►MUSIC FAVS:Soul Eater Vintage ,Escape The Fate Fashion ,Billy Talent 2 ,Rocky Horror Home ,AMV In the Year 2525 Janzki ,Cramps Human Fly ,Tim Minchin Storm movie ,FLCL DearestAzazel Lovely ,My music is where I want you to touch. WHEN YOU GROW UP, YOUR HEART DIES! ,BabyMETAL Megitsune ,White Stripes Dolly Parton Jolene ,BROOKLYN HYPE ,Flight of the Conchords Sugar Lumps ,best Soul Calibur0/Blade/Edge intro ever ,Sci Fi Lexx Brigadoom ,12012 Cyclone Romeo X Juliet ,Sex MachineGuns Suspense Gekijou ,Ronald Jenkees Guitar ,Vampire Hunter D Bloody Tears Metal ,Lexx Yo Way Yo ,Kirk + Spock sing Common People ,Datarock Computer Camp ,Misirlou ,Kill Bill, Don’t let me be misunderstood ,The Mentalists UK Don’t Know What To Do With You ,Still Stabbin ,A Dead Enemy Always Smells Good , Future of the Left ,New Dark Ages BadReligion ,Pain for Pleasure ,Tribute!! ,Focus Hocus Pocus ,Disgaea Tsunami Bomb Enemy Inside of Me ,Scary Kids Darkest Hour ,Lost Boys Cry ,Ghostbusters Magic & ,Saving The Day ,Predator Musical ,Avenged Sevenfold Dead Sexy ,We are your friends, Simian and Justice ,New York Dolls Kiss ,Hey Pixies ,Fefe away ,Maximum the Hormone ,HAIL TO THE KING MERUEM ,Horrors: She is the new Thing ,Halloween Shadow Reichenstein ,You’re not a winner Enter Shikari ,New Way to Dance Kinison ,Billy and Mandy Voltaire Brains ,Suburban Legends Come Back Home ,Megas XLR ,Space Olympics! ,Radiskull and Devil Doll ,War Hall Power ,The Ghost Frequency ,Golden Skans and Magick by Klaxons ,Beat It Fall ,Smooth Criminal Alien ,ICO You Were There ,Cowboy Bebop Rain ,Secret of Mana ,Symphony of the Night ,GIFs with sound 1 ,Kidnap dat fool ,KillRadio Knife ,Poseidon + Homer ,System of a Down : Sumo Cyco ,Sarah Blackwood Rockabilly Rock and Roll Sweetheart ,Schoolyard Heroes Screaming ‘’Theater!’’ in a crowded fire ,Serial Killers know how to party ,You’re so pretty, and you’re so dead! ,A Hungarian Gloomy Sunday Diamanda Galas ,Fit for Rivals ,Outer Space Karate High School ,Chicks on Speed Play Guitars ,Walk Away Franz ,Tick Tock Doll and the Kicks ,Jason MrAZ:Geek in the Pink ,Bo Burnham Words ,oh bo ,Mindless Self Indulgence Stupid MFer ,Eat Randy ,Video Game Kaizo Trap ,Ryu and Ken: Raised to Respect Others ,Zelda’s Chilled Out Groove ,Tim Minchin Angry Feet ,Millsted Dirty Elvis Afropunk ,Dungeons and Dragons Unicorns ,Tim Minchin Dark Side

►This is my Enigmata 2 weapon testing What are the best weapons in the game? Be surprised. :)

►Alternate accounts: AllGreenUnitFATE : Obliterate Everything 3 self challenge account, only uses green modded ships in OE3, to see how far I can get in Campaign and PVP. Same with another account: AllBlankUnitFATE

►This is a link to my Kongai Card Challenge Help Topic, where I post a super easy walkthrough for a weekly card challenge

►Also click on view all my favorite games at Kong. I think I have some great ones you might like or get a laugh out of. :)

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