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This site no longer supports the love we all held for the chatrooms.

On Nov 6th 2016 at approx 1107 EST, Candyman on the Kong Extra Life Stream proclaimed his love for me. Unfortunately I didn’t get it recorded. But it did happen. Ruudi was there. :(

I was always in Café Kong.
fuggdup: I sometimes masturbate when i get a text about offers from my phone company, so technicaly, ive sexted them
Fiendmummy: But Fridge can short out with just a bit of water..
FridgeMagnet: Babe, I’m better when I’m wet
AndrewM220: Too old to go trick or treating? Love dressing up? Be A clown and steal children.
gerheart: alright, mine’s slutty_beach_babes_2016
Livzy: I can get into that, ger
Fiendmummy: Liv are you saying youre a slutty beach babe?
Livzy: Im saying I like slutty beach babes
(Me too, Liv. Me too)
Scritter: Scritter is the world’s best trap. Fact.
Scritter: love♥♥u♥,♥♥♥fiend♥
To Scritter: I was #5 you’re welcome
Scritter: jackass (reply)
Scritter: You’re funny, I like you. I annex you last. (reply)
To Scritter: I love me too
To AgnosticAngel: stay up to speed
AgnosticAngel: I’m retarded ok (reply)
(I already knew it’s ok)
Cupcake120403: i want to be a dentist
coolbloxxie: it… thats a good one
coolbloxxie: i want to be a game developer cupcake
coolbloxxie: but not all dreams come true
coolbloxxie: well, mine kind of has.
coolbloxxie: im making progress with javascript c:
Cupcake120403: no one cares
coolbloxxie: you might see one of my games on here one day
Cupcake120403: thats not an achievement
(single handedly dissing all Kong Devs)
ApprenticeChief: I feel like I should step in…
NaoSouONight: Don’t you dare do your job.
Fiendmummy: AC, your feelings don’t matter here.
ApprenticeChief: Sigh.
NaoSouONight: If you ruin this for me I’ll never forgive you.
PurpleVelvetChef: Fiend is right
(I’ll never know about what, though)
Fiendmummy: It’s a disagreement with an inanimate object
Scritter: I mean, Fiend’s NOT wrong.
Anonster: Damn you Buu
Anonster: Beating me at everything.
Fiendmummy: It’s not difficult to beat a child, Anon.
superbuu5545: Roasted
Fiendmummy: You just use a closed fist.
Anonster: **** off, Fiend.
Fiendmummy: Only listen to me.
ObnoxiousBell: oh jeez
Fiendmummy: I’m the best person to listen to.
Anonster: No, listen to Buu.
Anonster: Buu’s better.
ApprenticeChief: Thou shalt have no other advice-givers before me.
Appreciation: What about me AC?
ApprenticeChief: Expecially you.
Appreciation: ApprenticeChief: I’m not a furry, but if I was, I would have a wasp fursona.
ApprenticeChief: Well excuuuuse me. Someone just had the gall to suggest that wasps aren’t sexy. I could not stand for this.
Demenstar: It’s not the size of the boob, it’s how cute it looks.
dkent83: can i get a grande white chocolate-mocha enema, non-fat, lite whip…?
dkent83: rename the franchise into starbooty
dkent83: selling douches and enemas all day and all night
Fiendmummy: do me any day*
rawringbeauty: Will do
Fiendmummy: O-Oh
rawringbeauty: ;) ayyyyyy
tkkttony: Ooh, here’s another business idea, rawr. We’d be pirates!
tkkttony: Going to pillage Fiend and Para.
HungryPumkin: urban dictionary taught me my passion for instruments
HungryPumkin: rusty trombone.
HungryPumkin: rusty trombone. a state/condition a trombone is in!
HungryPumkin: right you are, Urban D, to the t!
HungryPumkin: hi im hupm
HungryPumkin: after i was ravaged six times in a row my name got switched up
rawringbeauty: Hi Hupm. Your name got fucked like you did
hungrypumkin2: fiend is like the netflix suggestion thing
ApprenticeChief: He gets bigger. With no limit. Too OP.
hungrypumkin2: except he only suggests films in the lesbian category.
hungrypumkin2: hah.
rawringbeauty: Fiend is Netflix and Chill personified
Kegso: Dude ..
Kegso: Do you really think that if i had a pair of tits i’d be wasting my time here?
AStrawberrySlush: hay
Fiendmummy: Hi ASS.
JohannasGarden: Is that how you abbreviate AC?
ApprenticeChief: :(
ApprenticeChief: Kong-rats!
Fiendmummy: AC how does it feel knowing that’s old and rarely used?
AStrawberrySlush: he’s old and rarely used
AStrawberrySlush: so it’s comforting
(Dream of CK regs)
GothicAngel8333: You kinda looked like that big kid with the blonde hair from Recess.
Fiendmummy: I’m not fat tho
GothicAngel8333: You’re big tho.
Fiendmummy: I mean, sometimes.
GothicAngel8333: I like Pengu, Tiro, Fiend is a c*nt but he’s okay.
Kevthebeast: Make me your bitch.
Kevthebeast: Oops. Wrong chat.
Kevthebeast: Haha.
Kevthebeast: Call me daddy again.
Kevthebeast: Aw, ****!
AgnosticAngel: I hope your dog buries you in a ditch, Mummy.
cleanbrain: dw about her mummy
cleanbrain: ur #1
EnhancedGamer: Are tacos just like burritos?
Paradoxes: Not even close babe
Fiendmummy: Tacos are hard U’s, EG.
EnhancedGamer: what about soft shell
Fiendmummy: A softer hard U
Mabelyn: Tacos are pretty similar but
Paradoxes: I’m too high for this
Paradoxes: I become so gullible
Paradoxes: I’m gonna go shower
Mabelyn: One’s more liquidie
EnhancedGamer: I feel like a blind man and you’re explaining sight to me.
Fiendmummy: Smh Katie, you’re a butthead.
ItBePenguinYo: KT, I actually agree with Fiend.
NaoSouONight: Paradox, it is not my fault if people assume that I am saying something negative about them just because I deliberately constructed something to look that way
Fiendmummy: I’ll have you know, Srah, I am unlike any “troll” you’ve encountered!
GothicAngel8333: Oh?
Demenstar: Yeah, you overstay your welcome. :^)
koopaqueen85: You’re a dude?
koopaqueen85: wtf
Fiendmummy: That’s one from awhile ago, but
Fiendmummy: koopa do you mean me what
koopaqueen85: yeah
koopaqueen85: lol
Fiendmummy: OF COURSE I’M MALE
HungryPumkin: para+fiend
HungryPumkin: (hot)
AgnosticAngel: Fiendoxes
Paradoxes: Paramummies
Paradoxes: = Pair of Mummies
Paradoxes: = our new podcast
Paradoxes: ship us harderplease
Mousethecat: You don’t have to see it to know it’s there.
Fiendmummy: Bats, all of ya.
Mousethecat: You all know how it is.
Mousethecat: we*
Fiendmummy: You = we? Hivemind confirmed.
Mousethecat: Either worked.
Mousethecat: And yes.
Fiendmummy: Moose confirmed robot.
Mousethecat: So I’ve been told.
Mousethecat: We are Borg.
GothixxTheFox: Fiend, why do I think that everything you say is a lie.
ApprenticeChief: I keep my vulgarity on the inside, where it belongs. In a jar, right next to the one labeled “Feelings”.
Amber: I wanna be called mommy by Fiend for now on
LokiLoptr_: um >.>
Fiendmummy: Uhm.
Amber: And everyone else
eragonryu: that is wired
Amber: Mostly him.
Fiendmummy: Lex pls stop
Fiendmummy: you’re embarrassing the rest of us
LexiiLuv: _ stop what, fiendi-chan?~
LexiiLuv: “young sexy quotes in your area looking for fun”

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