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As you can obviously see, I am an active RPer, and DAMN good at it too, i’ve been through alot of characters and this is my current one.
Name: Marcus ___________________________________
Eye Color: Green ___________________________________
Hair Color: Dark brown, nearly black ___________________________________
Height:6’7 feet ___________________________________
Weight: 210lb 40 of it being armor. ___________________________________
Personality: Over Confident in nearly everything he does, he has a soft side yet doesn’t show it very often, ___________________________________
Armor: [Shoulders] It is a creative mix of bear pelts and chain mail, with the exception of the shoulders, which are two plates of steel shaped to fit his bulky shoulders, the fore arm is bear fur on top of chain mail and the elbow being a plate of steel, the rest of the arm is bear fur under the chain mail making it look like the chain it growing hair, his hands are protected by bear fur gloves with metal studs on the knuckles. ___________________________________
Armor:[Torso] The Torso is a mixure of all sorts of furs ontop of a chainmail vest, that is tucked under a belt made of thick leather. ___________________________________
Armor:[Legs] His leg armor is moslt chain with thte knee protected by a single plate of steel, the rest also appears to be fur but is actually chain mail. ___________________________________
Obviously from all the fur on his armor, he gets extremly hot and is usually only in cold areas to prevent over heating.

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