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How to change gender to words besides Male and Female:

Google Chrome-
1- Go to Edit profile and find the choices of Male and Female

2- Highlight and right click Male (Or female, doesn’t matter which)

3- Find “Inspect Element” on the drop-down menu

4- A box with lines of coding should come up.

5- Find the words Male, and Change anything there that says male,
to your desired word

6- Exit the Inspect Element box, click the bubble beside your word,
and save.
1- Download and Install Firebug

2- When done, Go to “Edit Profile” and find “Male”

3- Highlight the word and right click, Now you should see an “Inspect Element” with a blue box and a mouse arrow next to it.

4- Click on that. Find the words “Male” and change all of the "Male"s you find to your desired word

5- Exit from Firebug, Click the bubble next to your word, and save.

To earn points, go to this link

There you can Find badges for games. though not all games have badges, there are a lot of badges to earn.

On the page you can filter in badges for only adventure, sports, etc
And also filter in only Impossible, Hard, easy, or medium badges
Badge Points:

Easy- 5 Points

Medium- 15 Points

Hard- 30 Points

Impossible- 60 Points

Despite it’s name, Impossible badges are possible, though they take considerably more time than any other difficulty badge.

How to edit your profile professionally:

There are many ways to make your About Me look professional. Here is just a few

1. Separate headings and text by putting asterisks (*) Before and after the text, so it looks like this…


2. Slash through words by using Hyphen(-) Before and after a word, So it looks like this…


3. Use Underscores (_) Before and after a word you want to italicize, so it looks like this…


4. Use “TEXT”;www.SITE.com to make a hyperlink. Just replace the SITE with the part of Kongregate you want it to go to, the TEXT with your words, and the ; with a : When done, it should look like this…


5. Save often, I like to save and check every minute or so while making my About Me. Then I can see if I made any mistakes, and I keep my work if my browser crashes.

6. Try using correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling in your About Me.

7. Try organizing your About Me so that it is easily read by other people.

How to earn points

You can earn points by going to This page
Find badges for games you want to play, and work toward them. There are other ways too.
You can, complete the badge of the day badge which gives you double points and points for Gamestop Powerup Reward Points Which you can use to get prizes.
You can rate up to 50 games a day for 1 point a piece.
You can rate up to 10 Art or Sound files a week for 1 point a piece.
You can refer a friend for 15 points upon there signup
You get 13 points as that referred user levels up, up to level 10
You can also Upload your own flash game


Q. How do you gain levels quickly?
A. Find easy games with badges and go badge hunting.

Q. What is a good size for an avatar?
A. 1000×1000 Pixels

Q. It says I have ____ Points but when I go to a game that has a thing to buy stuff with kreds, I can’t buy anything!
A. Points and Kreds are 2 different things.

Q. Then what are Kreds?
A. Kreds are the Kongregate “Currency” Which you can buy things with.

Q. How can you get Kreds?
A. You purchase them with real money, or you win them in a contest.

Q. How do you edit your About Me?
A. Go to your profile. Under the text box, there is an “Edit” Link on it, click it, and type out your About Me

Q. I saw this one person who posted this link and got banned, but other people posted links and they weren’t banned. Why is that?
A. You can post links as long as they are not pornographic or otherwise very inappropriate.

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