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    Nov. 12, 2014

I have many hard badges. But what are the hardest ones?

Ongoing project: Unfinished games. Or quests if I can bear playing Point and click games.

I get badges because I like achievements. But I can level up by getting them and that feels cool too.

Current targets:
Level 70 (46135 pts) Achieved in August 31, 2018

Level 71 (48265 pts) Achieved in October 26, 2018

Level 72 (50470 pts) Achieved in November 29, 2018

Level 73 (52750 pts) E: Mid February.

I don’t plan mass rating until level 75.

Everything there is at least last updated at Oct 27, 2018.

Might as well do this like other badge hunters do.
Easy: 827/935 (88.4%)
Medium: 1149/1361 (84.4%)
Hard: 551/702 (78.5%)
Impossible: 16/54 (29.6%)

Total: 2543/3052 (83.3%)
Total points: 38860/49390 (78.7%)

(Not caring about removed badges since then I have to care about all the combinations that “earned” and “removed” make and that’s 4x the work)

My Point History

Finished Games list

Milestones (Spoilers: There’s nothing in it.)

Difficulty ratings of impossible badges (Might write the rest someday idk.)

The Protector Grind

List of procrastinated lists:(Don’t expect them to be done soon.)

List of nasty games (Will be worked on once milestones are finished.)

List of projects (I’m also archiving older ones so this is like a work of archaeology.) (That is if I still remember them.)


Cursed Blessed songs

Wo ist Kazooie

Peak Mariofan888 performance. Not even the song below can top it.

Dr. Mario – Dr. Mario ‘English Version’

Concrete evidence that Mariofan888 is god.

1,2 Oatmeal

A bit overused, but still a classic.

Luke Saward – Dire, Dire Docks

A new contender appears.

Rainbow Road

Predates all the songs above. Probably the easiest out of them to be unironically liked.

Despacito 2 ’ Unofficial Undertale 2 Release ’

It’s so stunning that I don’t even know how to caption it.

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