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“Under renovation”

Currently trying to master all quests. Getting every single badge from the games included aside from some impossibles.

SiIvaGunner made a Snailiad rip what in the actual hell

My unfinished games list

Milestones (You’ll reach level 65 before you finish this. Believe me.)

Skill ratings of some genres of games:
Puzzle: 8/10
RPG: 7/10
Strategy: 6/10
Shooter: 6/10
Arcade: 5/10
Tower Defense: 5/10
Platform: 4/10
Bullet Hell: 3/10
CCG: 0/10

Difficulty ratings of impossible badges:
Pyro: 6/10 (Perfect badge for those who like pixel hunting,eh? Despite all these getting that 160 second is actually quite fun.)
The Space Game: Missions: 6/10 (Most of the difficulty comes from knowing what to use. And weapon 2/6.)
Focus: 5/10 (Either pure reaction time or some planning is required. And there’s debris RNG.)
Hexiom: 4/10 (It takes like 1:30 to make 90% of the grid yellow. Good luck trying to remove that one green 5.)
Frantic 3: 4/10 (It’s a tossup between 4 and 5. For me it lags a little so it’s more like a 2. Despite the whole game being a rather effortless run the last boss makes it much harder.)
Streamline: 4/10 (Pretty glitchy. Hate those clappers.)
Beam Ball: 3/10 (Not that much skill required. Only need to identify easy levels to reach that 3000 mark.)
Fold: 2/10 (Take some time to learn. After that it’s very easy.)
Meat Boy: 2/10 (Control is a bigger obstacle than the game.)
Balloon Invasion: 2/10 (~2 hours of learning and 20+ hours of grinding.)
Run 2: 1/10 (Some jumps can make you rage. But hard levels are rare.)
Pandemic 2: 0/10 (Hedgehog Launch required way more resets and I’m not even able to do it yet.)

Dolphin Olympics 2: 11/10 (…)
DJManiax: 10/10 (It does not require perfecting everything like the two down there do. But I have trouble even passing the early levels…)
SCGMD 2: 10/10 (I suck as much as my keyboard at rhythm games.)
SCGMD 3: 10/10 (Even though the levels are longer I think the difficulty would be pretty even.)
Frantic: 9/10 (It’s unreal having to do one perfect run. I don’t know how anyone did it)
Super Stacker 2: 8/10 (Balance or speed. Choose one.)
MoneySeize: 8/10 (Okay not into the level 30s I’m already well over 3k deaths. This does not look good.)
Bullet Heaven 2: 8/10 (Idk actually. I barely finished chapter 1.)
Epic Boss Fighter: 7/10 (I don’t remember it well. But it sure was hard.)
Epic Battle Fantasy 2: 7/10 (Would need a while to find out what everything do.)
Vector Runner: 7/10 (My reflexes are apparently non-existent.)
99 Bricks: 7/10 (Does Tetris have a formula?)
Line Game: 6/10 (Without level e it may as well be -1/10.)
Colour Pod 2: 6/10 (Maybe I should actually try.)
Tower of Greed: 5/10 (Need to be patient. No difficult platforming. Just smart decision making.)
Warlords: Heroes: 4/10 (Doesn’t like the game. Too random and unfair.)
MARDEK 3: 4/10 (The only difficulty would be the length.)

List of procrastinated lists:

List of nasty games

List of projects

My gaming history

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