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This is a challenge to any one who likes to de-code messages

ziz1otlizo1z zolizotizlo1iz z1otlizotizoitl1z zoz1ltzo1z zo1tlizoltzoz1ltzotl1z zotizotiz

besides that um i have no idea what else to say so i’m gonna just say that Kong is awesome and the world will end in 27 days 32 hours 3 minutes 5 seconds and add a few # of years maybe 1000000000000000000 1/2 and the world will end by being eaten by a giant potato that actually prefers cheese with its planets or did it like ketchup meh anyways what was I talking ‘bout again? I think it was something to do with cutting flesh and salting the wound or was that last night lastly I will say i’m having eggs for dinner maybe even some butter cookies and tea or something am I rambling I’m really not sure anyways I’m afraid of somethings but I’m not sure of what so don’t eat potatoes if you want to survive the apocalyse dang I almost had that right its apocalypse and it will not end with the potato it will end when this message is over maybe I should keep talking but if I don’t I’ll never go to sleep and if I don’t sleep I torture the cat so by

P.S. turns out it wasn’t this world apocalypse it was gamma3194nkO0’s end O well this planet is entertaining I guess especially that youtube thing maybe I should go watch that.

P.P.S. thats funny right there P.P. ha :)

P.P.P.S.Thanks for the talk this really helped me straighten my mind here’s a 20 go buy yourself some thing nice.

P.P.P.S. I’ll take that back now thanks again don’t get hit by a Vespa :3

From Some Odd Ball Called freemod3espilon bye

the reason the huge indent is because the space key got stuck for a while and I’m to lazy to fix it bye again I guess?

Huh the Indent didn’t show cool the answer to the code is well actually I forgot it and I lost the code key so how ‘bout ya forget ’bout it and just play your game ’kay and yes In real life I do say ’kay ya and ’bout but its still better that 1 of my teacher’s accent he says arnge in stead of orange but I say berred instead of buried so I’m not sure who is more incorrect. Okay for the last time I think for now bye until next time you waste time reading this message :)
Hi again have any of you heard of a game called Blast Works its really fun because you get to make every thing the bullets, the enemies , the levels everything and I just made a bullet called the flash dirk it kinda looks like a fish though and its really blinky and flickery but its really colorful and stuff. I thinks I might link this to my elements forum thing ya know what I will hmph that’ll show ya.
mod: Yea so 3 changed the picture again and its a five eye that I made in spore does anyone know how to beat the last level in Abobo’s adventure we’ve been stuck on that for quite awhile
Another End of the World Prediction ( that will most likely end up being falser than my grandmothers teeth) When we first meet alien life we’ll be all like wow they’re smaller than expected and they’ll get P.ed Off and they’ll start shooting us with little guns that are dangerous to them but not to us so they’ll leave for a while. Then
when the come back they’ll drop some rocks on us because ya know simpler is better and stuff but it fails because they became American Citizens during the time they left yet amazingly my English teacher Leaves for a week and she can’t be an American Citizen oh well
so they all get arrested for attempted Homicide . the aliens will make some friends in jail because they will pull a prank on a guard C-4 in the Burger its always funny. the aliens will lead a revolt and become a Political Party and over the course of many centuries they will agin enough power to get a president elected and they will make world peace in 3.4 years just in time for Election where they will put C-4 in everyone’s burgers and then detonate the burgers in their mouths killing every human in the world then they will live on Earth until the sun goes Supernova and gives everyone 24 Quantum but since no one survived no one gets any so they can’t get more C-4 to put in more burgers so If the planet survives that the Aliens will nuke the planet 1 time for each year they spent on the planet as it is customary and then they will leave because it is to irradiated for them to survive on this planet so ha we in the end won you stupid mother ****ing Aliens and don’t even get me started on the Predators with their mouths and their guns they think their so Superior than us gosh there so mean last time they tazed me for 3 hours straight it was not fun this has been free writing / typing a new entry in this thing’a’ma’bob or is it a thing’a’ma’jig of course it could be a watch’ya’call’it or a du’hicky what ever I’m out peace on you you son of a beach !
Espilon here sorry about his language I guess He’s been watching to many YouTube videos any one who likes elements check the Elements in 3D thread its got a new video and it is of a earth pend with a time mark its actually kinda cool bye (:
3 here i guess they just never stop adding to this do they?
Free here so I’ve been wondering why life is what it is and stuff then I got bored and I went and climbed a tree I got maybe 10 meters up and I fell it hurt but it was nothing then I broke some branches off said tree and a few others and made a fort in the back yard where the pines split and go to moss I covered it up so it looks kinda like a tree is there now I like it I’ve been going there for a while but now I’ve made it mine I’m posting it here to tell the others where I’v been in the past few weeks and all so telling them that, that location is where I refuse to allow them to be you got the guys?! And could any one tell me what the cheese is happening to kong its so slow and dull please some one post a great game and make this site like it use to be great so yeah
This thing is now linked to my elements account
3 here I forgot to mention but everyone remember to avoid quinting a photon in elements I just learned this :(
Mod here I’m going to post a picture made up of keyboard shapes or some thing like that

. () () This is bunny he likes carrots and fingers of the people
.(^.^) he murders in their sleep
.(u u ) JK he only likes the fingers:D
. U U
This is morbid isn’t it shuagorath?Bunny wants to hunt you
down shuagorath if he allows it so will you shuagorath? sil vous plait? please? bunny is very hungry he hasn’t had any fingers in a while and heres his friend
. _____
.( U U ) He helps chop off the fingers :D cause bunny can’t hold
. ( O ) a knife just like a fish can’t poor fish it just wants to fillet its buddy oh well if you will please read this shuagorath and respond :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Heres bunny with his expressions :D

. () ()
. (^.^)
. (u u)
. U U

. () ()
. (X.X)
. (u u)
. U U
. here is a bunny to paste

. () ()
. (^.^)
. (u u )
. U U

And here is G.R.A.B. AKA Giant Robot Alien Bunny
…… o
. () ll ()
. (88888)
. ( ll ll )
. ( V V )
….. ll ll
….. U U
It is surprisingly difficult to make art like this the spacing keeps changing when I post it I think I will let Free be the creative one for a while
Shout out to all the odd balls I think of as friends more or less and maybe even the ones I haven’t asked to be friends with ?)
3 here so I have strep and it sucks fish eggs a lot! and this bunny thing sounds peculiar but kinda funny please shuagorath respond mod/Free will not base it off you if you tell them not to if you say no we will ask randomly in chat my medicine tastes like bubble gum and I feel light headed
3 here I learned that 1 person and his son can kill any and I mean any nintendo character it is awesome they are Abobo and Aboboy and remember blood is healthy if drank straight from the severed arm of a ninja it has a lot of iron and calcium and stuff

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