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    WarHawk 7854

I like playin games(shooting and puzzle) my gamertag is WarHawk 7854
I also enjoy walking on the beach (LIES)…
hehe but my roleplay charcter is description
Name:Gary (also real name)
Race:High Klaz (a steampunk clan of guntoters)
Allie:My pet Cam (super smart robot)
Pros & Abillities:Strong Powerful,have the ability to hack any computer or machine like turrets other bots etc,have a jetpack,have a super powerful homemade shotgun,My homemade revolver with a huge chamber and laser sight,my homemade machete,my glasses 78 shades have thermal and can see through materials like wood rock metal etc,great at tinkering and building
Cons & disabilties:
cant see through glass with super glasses,guns jam easily,scared of super robots ruling the world (bastards or F***ed up)
Super Ability:have a pack of super nades basically there small nukes but still effictive as a giant sun crushing you
Greatest disabilitie:my leg was crushed in a accident so i have a robo leg witch shuts down once in awhile
story:my family was in a huge city but a plague came and killed and infected about everyone the people left started fighting back we eventually came to be called The High Klaz a comminuty of fighters,builders and, a couple of children I was a tinkerer one of the best I helped build The Destroyer a giant mech suit guns and jetpacks The destroyer was gonna have us win against the infected but somehow they won they attacked us with metal poles wood board anything they could get there hands on I was in the suit when a Flaming peice of wood hit the gas tank and I knearly died but my leg was wounded and couldnt be healed so I cut it off got it replaced and im fine made some weapons the month after and got revenge and I almolst won the war after setting a nuke off now theres only few infected left

you can find me in the inconspicuos cardboard box and if you ever wanna play Call of Duty or L4D 1 or 2 friend and message me on xbox my nam is WarHawk 7854 —

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