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    wheres my psn? i dropped it! *Xbox exclusive games now! better (worserer) with the kinect for xbox 360!*
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    wheres my xbox? I lost it. *PSN excusive games now!*

Picture: always ready (gov. coup version, furry edit)

Gender: male.

Belliefs: athiest / philosophy / hypcraticy / evil for fun.

Crimes: not listed and never will be, though each and every one that would of been have over a dozen counts.

Weapons: revolver (with holster) leather anti bullet body armor (literally is like the original “black coat clothing” except it directly deflects all types of bulletsand pericing lasers), arson napalm nuke mix (all compacted into a glock pitsol making it a equivuilant of a flare gun if flare guns used napalm filled nukes for ammo), gunblade from EBF 2 / 3, the “arc angel” back blade gun, a backpack which has a rocket luancher in the back of it for silohs, etc.

relationship: straight damnit! how many times do i have to say straight! riitah fiah! geez alive!

Coaliation: Nazi Furry.

Jobs: Chief starman of defence and social protection, real life theft protection (basically non virtuall theft of items being stopped), Bunker 52 security. Bunker 43 security, M.G. bunker 97 rear door security, police / officiall, anthropologicy (study of ancient bones artefacts and even the furry anatomy etc. to try and perfect genetic nthros while still learning bout history, this job / subject is openly welcomed by most universitys and some colleges), ground admiral ((someone who owns a ship, a fleet, etc. of a very powerful navy force but will only use his flagship in the water to be transported from one place to another, and ussually stays in a wer where he can see the overview of his fleet at the corners of fortafied walls on the shoreline, this is known as admiral ower command and has won wars against ground forces that oppose the admiral who are in his view, such as when an island etc. “cirves” in such a manner he can overview the destruction of the enmy and the status of his toll, it ussually doesnt work anywhere except coasts for this strategy though and ground admirals are tended to be seen as more freindly folks due to visiting large towns etc. and just simply put socializing and having a god time, but can be rutheless in a battle and war when assertion is needed), Social Security # unicode protectors officer, residentaill security (basically where you stand fully armed by the the door of the one youre protecting who walked in, like a lookout for hostiles, this protection was commonly used in WWII out of fear and shock but soon became a rare site, only used nowadays by the rich and snobby generic types), Siloh management.

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