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Originally I had this huge long profile-thing and it got messy. No I don’t consider this to be long. Let me summarize myself: I hate you all and don’t give a shit if you got an easy badge. I’m not a video game goddess or anything but they’re fun and waste time. I like to write. I love music and am very passionate about the bands I like. No I am not a 40 year old dude. I am a legitimate teenage girl. I hate the word le-freakin-git. I will respond to the names Elizabeth, E-Beth, Fruit, grrrl, Jacklyn, or Destiny. I lost a bet… Twilight sucks. End of story about that… Screw you Twilight fangirls. :D I love to read and WILL talk about books when provoked. I know I’m really lame for having a Neopets account, but it was my friend Erin’s idea and we named our pet after a boy we don’t like for some reason O.o my website is a link to my shop because… I don’t know why. I live in the Ninja Chat chatroom because I have magical ninja/vampire/samurai/jedi/phooka powers. Vampires are better than phookas any day of the week. I have imaginary friends because I write. Stfu about that… NO I will not give you my e-mail unless I trust you, and/or e-mail you my stories so STFU. This is not KongreDATE. I’m neither Team Edward nor Team Jacob; I’m Team Adam, because he wasn’t IN Twilight. Ya know, I support REAL vampires and not leech-men. YES there is a difference. But enough about that shit. I’m E-Beth, nice to meet ya!

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