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We are. Through License of our own damn selves. We create. We destroy. We create anew. We are the eye that follows the course and the aim of the stars, the ear that hears the tree fall in the forest, the hand that builds the gun, the voice that sings the song. You Angels cannot stop us. Because all you of Heaven are idiots! WE ARE THE HUMAN RACE. Get out of the f__king way!
"We put poisons in our water and air to weed out the weak! We detonate fission bombs in our only biosphere! We nailed our god to a stick! Don't f_ck with the human race!"
"What do we have to be scared of? We're gamers! We've faced worse than a bunch of busybody anti-gaming censors. We charged the bridge against Bowser. We drew swords at Ganondorf. We outsmarted Doctors Wily, Robotnik, and Cortex. We conquered the covenent. We liberated Rapture. We caught 'em all, we shot em all, we saved... the mall. WE. BLEW. UP. HITLER'S. HEAD."
Quotes From The LoG
Retribute: I've become confident that the vast majority of teachers are simply teachers because they're too much of an utter failure to have a succesful career, so perhaps homeschooling is a better choice.
Retribute: Ketsy, find the papers. We'll adopt children and groom them to be the next Ketribute.
Ketsy: She’s simultaneously a female dog and an overly feminine man?

ham1lin: exactly my type^

Ketsy: Combine the two, and you have a herm werewolf

Ketsy: ham1lin: Your type is apparently “It breathes”
Ketsy: "Why can't I go outside and play?" "Because I hate you. Now shut up and read your book."
Katari: Ketsy, your children will always fear you.

Ketsy: Hehe

robotking98: i didn't think ketsy had children :x

robotking98: or ever would

Retribute: It's called perfect parenting, Katari.

Ketsy: And that's when I start carrying a machete with me everywhere.

Retribute: "Daddy, what happened to Bambi's mom?"

Retribute: A machete?

Ketsy: She was killed for sport.

Katari: Ret, no one said it wasn't.

Zekeachu: The second Retribute and Ketsy started talking, there went my chances of getting any action.

Retribute: Lightweight. See, I'm considering logging around a battleaxe.

Zekeachu: Thanks, thanks a lot.
Retribute: When Ketribute grows up to be an international assassin, let me promise you, I will use my free hit well.

Katari: I believe they give out "VIP" blockbuster cards to kids File.

filecabinet_guy: lol, ketribute

Ketsy: I should marry a man, and adopt children, just to piss off people

mafiamasta: I never knew getting action was influenced by the LoG

filecabinet_guy: daaaamn

Ketsy: I don't even care if I find men attractive. I would do it just because.

Retribute: Move to Texas, Ketsy.

Katari: Kesty, can I be your maid of honor?

Ketsy: Hehehe

filecabinet_guy: lol

filecabinet_guy: best maid

Katari: Hells yes.

inferno76: Hell to the no

Retribute: See, I've always wanted to seduce the man of engaged couples.

mafiamasta: Ketsy be more controversial, marry a robot or something

Retribute: Not because I'm gay; Just for the sport of it.

Ketsy: I should raise a cat, and make them my maid of honor

Ketsy: It'll be a male cat, of course

Katari: Ret, it's a compliment to them
Ketsy: My whispers are broken.

Ketsy: Awesome.

mafiamasta: Not epileptic

ham1lin: damn

Ketsy: I blame gath.
Retribute: I'd prefer you choke me, Ketsy.

ham1lin: with what?

Zekeachu: Kinky.

Ketsy: My penis isn't that large, Retribute
Ketsy: I can't see whispers, man

Ketsy: Well, give me a moment.

Rockefelon: then how did you know i whispered you

Ketsy: My tab starts blinking
Rockefelon: w/ ketsy i have a secret mancrush on ret, i dont know what to do about how i feel

To Ketsy: i whisper

Rockefelon: ohsnap

ham1lin: lol

ham1lin: fail

Ketsy: Well

Zekeachu: Tee hee.

Ketsy: My first advice would be to admit it to him

Ketsy: But it's kind of late for that, isn't it?

Rockefelon: what if he rejects me?

Ketsy: Buy some rope.
Ketsy: I’m any gender Musicgirl wants
Musicgirl: I feel like crap today -_-

mafiamasta: eww crap

jayzak8894: :l

mafiamasta: oh noes my dad woke up

jayzak8894: Orly?

Musicgirl: Omg... Last night I was up late and I heard my dad having sex

Musicgirl: I was mortified

do22y: pokes music* you dont feel like crap

mafiamasta: oh wow, that has happened to me. its terrible

Musicgirl: I had to turn my music up XD

do22y: its happens to me all the time* shivers*

Flamingtaco: You only heard your dad having sex? Wouldn't you hear both of them?
Zekeachu: Having Frat idle does about as much good as when he’s active
Musicgirl: I was a joke -_-

do22y: i was too -_-

jayzak8894: You were a joke?

ham1lin: Youre in the mother****ing space olympics

Njaa: I hate people who use sarcasm.

Musicgirl: Lmao

Musicgirl: I was joking*

jayzak8894: You aren't a joke now, Music?

do22y: sarcasm, orgasm all the same thing

Musicgirl: Shut up, Jay -_- before I stone you
Icarussvet: wats masochist?

ham1lin: lol

Qwandri: ...

ham1lin: dont answer

Musicgirl: Basically someone who gets off on pain

Musicgirl: Too late

Qwandri: well then, i think it's time you got the "talk".

Icarussvet: ah yes i remeber.

Icarussvet: thx. lol

do22y: an orgy is a drunk party says the dictionary

jayzak8894: :0

Musicgirl: Aslo, I am NOT a masochist >_> < >_> depsite what gaths profile says

do22y: lol

ham1lin: i am a tiny bit masochistic and a tiny bit sadistic

Icarussvet: arnt we all? sides jesus
jayzak8894: *Punches Music* D:?

Musicgirl: Oh, you damn bastard

do22y: wild abra appeared*

jayzak8894: XD!

Musicgirl: Lol That was supposed to be ow*

Icarussvet: wht/

ham1lin: *sends out Kadabra*

Musicgirl: *gets out whip*

jayzak8894: :0!

Flamingtaco: Kinky.

Musicgirl: Reminds me of Spartacus

ham1lin: *gets the candle and clamps*

Musicgirl: Also, flame if you quote that I'll kill you
Wild_Abra: I Appeared! Ketsy: No, Screw you. Ketsy: You teleporting prick.
Musicgirl: Frat is totally hot and needs to send me a picture NOW
Ketsy: "Killed a Raptor with skank. Going to use their blood to create a golem."
Ketsy: "Golem went insane and killed my second harem of bitches. Going to resurrect their corpses into a dark army."
Ketsy: "Dark army conquered over half the world. Going to attempt to get them over their fear of light now"
gatherer818: "*latherer? I don't think I collect shampoos.... or shampii, however it's spelled."
ham1lin: theo were you doing anthill on easy, medium or hard?

TheoSoft: hard

TheoSoft: just like I like it
Ketsy: To be honest, I lost interest

Ketsy: You can take it however you like

Katari: Thus is the way of Ketsy. Easily bored.
vann226: "The corner in which Vann sits in to think or if he realizes he cant compete in the intelligent conversation LoG is having"
Flamingtaco: Ret, didn't you once say you're studying for a medicinal degree?

Flamingtaco: Won't that conflict with your hatred of people?

Retribute: Oh, yes, Flamingtaco.

Retribute: You have to get inside people before you can plant the cyanide bomblets.

Musicgirl: He will probably use his knowledge to torture people
Musicgirl: Ketsy is no gender at all
Musicgirl: Everyone I know suddenly think I'm sexist

Musicgirl: And dominating

Ketsy: Of course you are

Ketsy: MusicGIRL?

Ketsy: You sexist bitch.
Ketsy: Water sports are inappropriate, Musicgirl

Musicgirl: Masochist party!

Ketsy: Also, who decided to call that water sports?

Musicgirl: Oh shit I thought you left
Musicgirl: Ketsy: You assume the existence of a soul.

Ketsy: Musicgirl

Ketsy: I will sleep with you, after that comment.

Musicgirl: I'd totally tie you up
Musicgirl: Gath, have you ever been a victim of sexism in the workplace?

gatherer818: Yes, Musicgirl.
Musicgirl: I want to duct tape a plastic bag over your face and tie your hands behind your back
ham1lin: I was given this information by an extra-terrestrial being from the Zeta Reticuli star system that I've been in contact with for 10 years.
do22y: Musicgirl - Muscular Under-appreciated Slum Initiating Crazy Girls Inefficiently Relocating Llamas
SavajCabbaj: Damn, my quote isn't Superpandimensionalomegafattyacidsayan yet :(
bennyrulez: I am. Through license of I want to be. I have come. Though I am made fun of, ninja'd and flamed by many. I have come. In my wake, I leave posts, game files, and stuff. Before lies the loony bin. I am the joke fuel of many. I am ham1lin. I have come.
bennyrulez: Pr0nz viewer, addict, and obsessor.

ham1lin: you are?

bennyrulez: I am moses.
Ketsy: SavajCabbaj: That doesn't mean you wouldn't be penetrated by a tree branch.
Ketsy: Yes. So I go with the next best thing; I masturbate while deep throating a banana.
c0c04351: I wouldnt mind being stuffed

c0c04351: ...i dont mean it like..sex

ham1lin: thats what she said
moses78: c0c04351: they can just tsuff me while theyre inside me

moses78: c0c0 wants random guys to blow loads in her?

lennyz: I'm not even surprised^
SalamanderMan: Ketsy, I think you're ruining our fun by being such a drag

Ketsy: That's ridiculous. I don't wear make up.
moses78: * cough bestiality cough*
Doomoo: YES
racefan12: Doomoo says yes to bestiality. * noted*
moses78: i did what now
asmodous: gay porn moses
moses78: * innocent*
moses78: and i only make porn, don’t use it
asmodous: You make gay porn?
asmodous: Quite the confession
moses78: depends on your definition of gay porn
asmodous: homoerotic
moses78: then yes
moses78: no, she is pretty open about wanting to bone me.
asmodous: moses – SHE wants to bone YOU?
Naurmegil: hpow can a girl bone somone
moses78: yes asmo
TheoSoft: you pedo
asmodous: Theo – I’m a lifeguard, being a pedo is in the job description
Ketsy: Yeah, watching all those fit men run around is quite arousing.
Ketsy: Yes. So I go with the next best thing; I masturbate while deep throating a banana.

CecilWidowmaker: Ooof

CecilWidowmaker: Caps

CecilWidowmaker: Sorry

myGRAM: ur right, that was annoying

moses78: you have a kid?

moses78: who in their right mind would mate with you?

CecilWidowmaker: Thanks, Moses.

CecilWidowmaker: Love you too buddy.

CecilWidowmaker: Jerk

moses78: hehe

moses78: well i know no one would mate with me, so yeah.

asmodous: Cecil has procreated?

asmodous: Dear god in heaven, how drunk did you have to get the poor person?

asmodous: Or did you slip something in their drink?

moses78: exactly asmo

CecilWidowmaker: I hate all of you people so much.

asmodous: Like ketamine?

asmodous: Did you blackmail them by threatening their family?

asmodous: Anyways I didn’t think trolls could interbreed with humans.

CecilWidowmaker: I don’t know whether to be offended or laugh.

asmodous: Depends on whether you child looks like you or not

moses78: haha

CecilWidowmaker: Considering I share 0% of his DNA, it’d be weird if he looked like me.

asmodous: Ah so you HAVEN’T procreated and you HAVEN’T got a child.

AecTalek: phew

asmodous: That makes more sense

CecilWidowmaker: I do have a son, though.

moses78: O.o

moses78: o.O

myGRAM: h4x

moses78: so much awkward turtleness going on right now.

CecilWidowmaker: Long story short, I’m adopting him.

asmodous: Oh the poor thing…

asmodous: You should just put him down, it would be much kinder to him in the long run

myGRAM: kidnapping? is that the long part of the story?

asmodous: You’re just prolonging his misery and adding to ours when he grows up to be like you.

asmodous: Ha! Well done gram

CecilWidowmaker: the dad bailed on the mom, so, being the good friend with a secure set of cajones, I decided I’d father him.

myGRAM: i’m scared to ask, but…. what do ur balls have to do with taking care of a kid?

asmodous: Because you can’t get any ass yourself basically. Seriously though, I think the child would rather you threw it off a bridge than foster it

asmodous: actually change that, it would rather you throw yourself off a bridge

asmodous: But it wouldn’t be alone in those thoughts and wishes

CecilWidowmaker: I hate you guys so much right now.

moses78: actually sounds like you’re doing something nice

moses78: i commend you for that.

asmodous: But he’s not

CecilWidowmaker: Thank you moses.

Zekeachu: You’re all dicks.

asmodous: Because it involves HIM raising a child

Zekeachu: Just saying,.

asmodous: Which in modern terms is akin to torture

CecilWidowmaker: I know that they are just giving me crap, Zeke.

asmodous: Also gram made a good question, what DO your balls have to do with little children?

CecilWidowmaker: They can’t offend me, especially considering that it’s over the internet.

asmodous: I love how there’s no response to that

CecilWidowmaker: I meant that I have a secure set, and not the father. Dude backed out instead of playing his mancard.

asmodous: I should report you for peadophilia.

Zekeachu: I could never raise a kid.

asmodous: His mancard? Is that a membership card you two use for gaydar?

Zekeachu: I mean if the kid was anything like me, I’d probably kill it within a year.

Zekeachu: Good thing I don’t have to worry about it.

SkitzoStrife: A local radio station is giving away “Man Cards”

CecilWidowmaker: No, playing ones mancard is actually dealing with the shit that happens to you.

SkitzoStrife: It’s funny and sad at the same time.

CecilWidowmaker: and not backing out and being a bitch.

asmodous: Ah, so when women are given shit to deal with they have to temporarily become transexuals?

moses78: kinky

SkitzoStrife: Yup. All women have a spare set of balls to drop when needed.

asmodous: I’m unsure whether to bash.org this or just quote it on my profile for fratley to giggle at when he does his routine stalking set
moses78: double sided dildo fixes everything.

moses78: especially if it has fake balls for both sides

asmodous: You mean like balls in the middle or balls on both ends?

moses78: in the middle

moses78: duh

moses78: so really 4 balls

moses78: if it’s inserted and used like a dong

moses78: for the lady

SkitzoStrife: That’s just far too many balls.

moses78: i wish i had 4 balls, that’d be epic

SkitzoStrife: Why? Two is in the way.

moses78: i could get girls pregnant just by getting a bj from them

moses78: i’d be that potent

SkitzoStrife: And have yours REALLY done anything for you besides the receiving end of a kick?

c0c04351: Mmm bjs

asmodous: Do you think sperm get to the stomach and then go BUGGER we took a wrong turn, I KNEW we should of taken a left at the big dangly thing near where we started!

AecTalek: XD
c0c04351: I'm quite proud of my deep throat capabilities

c0c04351: Except, when you get it as deep as you can, then he tenses and it moves

c0c04351: I go like X_X
moses78: STDs are like pokemon, gotta catch em all
Ketsy: That's right, black people are radioactive!

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