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I started posting again and I’m gonna update this thing. Basically all that stuff below is still mostly true, just imagine it’s better written, don’t want to bother editing it

Now instead of just tf2 I also play a lot of LoL and a little Hearthstone. Don’t really play many other video games. I really like Frozen and the ASOIAF books. That’s it for now. Old about me is below.

If you want to play TF2 with me, I’m Gibus-Toting Irishman and I mostly play on the server linked to as my website. It’s an rtd server with custom rolls instead of the shitty cookie-cutter ones, and consideration is given to balance. If you tell me you’re from Kongregate, I’ll give you 200 credits.

I live in Seattle, and it rains a lot there but I’m usually just at my computer anyway.

Speaking of the phrase “a lot,” a common misconception is that it is one word, “alot”. This is simply not true, and it bugs me every time I see it. Please spare my grammar nazi eyes and say “a lot”.

More people should play Europa Universalis III.

I make forum games and I daresay I’m pretty good at it. With every complimentary comment you give, though, my ego inflates to double its previous size so watch out or it might mess with the Earth’s gravity especially since it was massive already.

I try and fail to include humor in my posts. Please don’t laugh at me for my failed attempts at jokes.

I believe people should not be judged based on their choice of media to consume. Yes, this applies to Twilight and Jersey Shore just as much as it does to the thing you know I’m talking about.

I’m a liberal democrat and a feminist. Gay marriage is a human right, and polygamy and polyandry should be legalized along with marijuana. I dislike the misconception that feminists hate men, and I also dislike the misconception that men cannot be feminists.

Oh and I’m an atheist.

Oh man I forgot to tell you guys about the music I like! This must be of utmost importance to everyone, so I shall begin at once!

I like mostly classic and some indie rock. I like the 1% of rap that isn’t shit, I like Johnny Cash, I like Bob Marley, and my favorite indie rock band is Modest Mouse (their early stuff and their late stuff are both really good in different ways) and I have a lot of classic rock bands which I like a lot, including but not limited to The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Supertramp and The Police

Anyway after reading this long profile you should totally get tf2 if you don’t have it and play with me. I’m pretty good at it compared to most pubbers.

Proof I beat MFT in an argument

My Sporcle quizzes:
Artists with their own Featured Quiz
Beatles songs with people
Verbose Classic Rock Songs
The Most Viewed Things on Youtube
The Beatles’ Self References
Songs by Description

I have more Sporcle quizzes, but Kongregate was designed by retards so if I try to add them here it breaks my whole fucking profile. Seriously, what were they thinking? Anyway, if you’re interested just shout or PM me.

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