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I AM STEAM POWERED: Add me (Herian102)

I keep the wolf from the door
But he calls me up
Calls me on the phone
Tells me all the ways that he’s gonna mess me up
Steal all my children if I don’t pay the ransom
And I’ll never see them again if I squeal to the cops. . . .

Radiohead-A wolf at the door

hoolio: I thought ocheming was a drastic misspell of “Homecomin”

fuzzybacon: I have no life. I’m a ghost (spooooky noises)

Orb370: finishes off glass of orange juice Awesome! I just conquered this glass of orange juice! Now, I aim for Emperor of Earth, after I have a snack grabs chips/dip

fuzzybacon: Every time I see that, I think epic whale

daemon_slayer59: Whats with all the penis????

Blarlack: Herian – it is the most delicious butter. I want to spread it all over my food and put it in my mouth and savor it’s deliciousness.
Blarlack: I didn’t say I wanted Herian.
Blarlack: Just his butter.
Blarlack: His delicious, savory butter.
Blarlack: all over my moooouth.
protoss_rush: mm, herian’s butter sounds good
^In reference to my “Random Butter”

Blarlack: That’s a radio for speaking to God.
Blarlack: Specifically, in the “HA HA HA YOU SUCK” kind of way.

^reference to a vuvuzela.

Blarlack: I want to see the video of Herian tweaking cow nipples. :(

Blarlack: You might as well be punching baby Jesus in the eye with a crucifix, at that point.

OmegaKaiSi: Noboy is ever close to where I love

OmegaKaiSi: I can love inanimate objects

OmegaKaiSi: I promise ill send you 100 US Dollars when i turn 18 years old, on August 14, 2012

GuitarLegend327: Penis penis penis penis
OmegaKaiSi: ^
OmegaKaiSi: Wait…

scorpion22: Herian, you deserve a fanclub.

MercuryDomini: You’re not getting pics of my wife, Obi.

FuzzyBacon: licks chat
Herian: moans?
FuzzyBacon: If you want.
Herian: I do, fuzzy, I do.
FuzzyBacon: Well then
FuzzyBacon: Moan away good sir
Herian: I am quoting this so hard.
MrSpontaneous: is that what you call it?
Herian: Of course.
Herian: I’ll quote it within an inch of its life, and then I’ll quote it some more.
Herian: I’ll quote it all night and day.
CraziAsian: oh dear, here comes the bad rhyme
MrSpontaneous: from all that quoting, you’ll go blind
FuzzyBacon: It’s not quite that time
PrinceMir: I’ll quote your face.
FuzzyBacon: I’d rather you not. I have mace.
Herian: I’ll quote your face, fuzzy.
Herian: I’ll quote all over it.

Kairi_the_shadow: Go **** yourself, Ben.

firzen561: “I had fun once and it was awful.”

Azieru: oh, I thought you wanted a breast augmentation, Herian; I guess I misread magnetic
Herian: Yep
Azieru: mornin’, jwalters93
Herian: Haaaaaaahhh.
Talonkarrde07: Why would Herian want breast augmentation.
Azieru: it’s Herian

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