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    In a hive under the sea.
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I was found in a box:

forgotten_dage: Tis nobler to remain with the mods and trolls of this charming van, or to take arms against a sea of chatrooms…

forgotten_dage: O_O

Dzko: Dumblebumblecrumblesstumblemumble-pie

KilltheToy: Oh balls it’s like Big Mac and Cheerilee all over again.


This one goes first: A theme song, to HumbleBee
♫There once was a bee♪

♫And the bee loves mee♪

♫He loves a tree♪

♫And trolls with glee♪

♫The beeeeeeeeeee♪

♫Is part of my family!♪

The End.

Nellana: Ah, Bee was once the heir to Sanswrits throne, until his scheming uncle usurped the throne and sent him off to die in the current war.
red966: Damn
Nellana: Thankfully he was sent under the arm of a general still loyal to the old king, who helped him slay the would be assassins and set in motion a series of events that led to Bee becoming the 8th level Warlord he is today. ^^

Jayda_Rose: I’m just a little black rain cloud, hovering over the honey tree. I’m only a little black rain cloud, pay no attention to little me…
Jayda_Rose: Everyone knows that a rain cloud, never eats honey, no not a nip. I’m just floating around, over the ground, wondering where I will drip!
Jayda_Rose: _ Tut tut, looks like rain.

DarkRedXIII: Brad: Not Kid tested but completely mother approved ;)

Nell was clever enough to make sketchs of Bee:

Unendingfear: It’s a humble-de, bumble-ee, buzzy, beeee~

gamester466: i was about to caps so hard
guberman704: But beneath that old grandpa shell is a world full of unicorns and rainbows. And world peace. :D
gamester466: and caps

ElloMello: HumbleBee: no…you just sound like the thing that communist bees would tell other bees. “There once lived a great worker bee, but he knew his work was for the state- so he was forever known as the HumbleBee.”
MelancholicRain: smooth like a bee. :3

illtheToy: One penguin’s quest to topple the OS duopoly!
KilltheToy: No, wait. That’s Linux.
GrateGuy: XD

YukonLSF2: Humblebee…you know what i see you as?
YukonLSF2: A cute cartoonish bumblebee…with a top hat,a monocol,and a suitcase…

The many-names-of-bee:

guberman704: Humple

Mkelican: BB

PHatHome666: Humbly rumbly bumbly bee

MelancholicRain: Humbee

casey8x8: Humble Bumble Mumble Shumble Grumble

oORatyOo: Humble Humbly Dundle

Euan McGeechan: Humbledore / Humble Pie / Humbloid / Brobumble / SupercoolawesomeBee / RambleBee / Johnny-Bee-Goode

Chrisellis: BumbleHee

Goth: Humbler / [there is another name, but it is not posted]

Cryptosporidian: BumbleHumble

Icamefromanegg: humblebum/bumblebum/humblemum

SlitzWritz: Humbeebee

ThorsHammer65: HumbleTurtle

WeaverThree: HumBlat / Humbuzz / HumbleWumbleTimbleTumbleBee / humblebumblebebelbeebot

DarkRedXIII: HumBug

YouAreEvil: Humdawg / Hum-V / Humbizzle / H-Bee

TheIdleProphet: Humblesaurus.

Narnodewish: HumbleBean / BeeBud!

pokerpo: HumbleBeanBag

Tyrone981: PorkyBee / BaconBee / Hobobee / TrickyBee / PuzzledBee / Beerbee / SpritzBee / Humblespritz / HumbleHee

red966: TyroneNeverThoughtToMakeThisNameBee / LessthanthreeBee / Humblr

AnonymousMessage: L’abeilleBacon

Forgotten_Dage: Hum~Bee / Nun~Bee

Diablothein: HummusBread

spiderprincess: humble giant squidbee

LovelyxInsomniac: Invisabee / SnugglyBee

GrateGuy: HumbleBro / RedundantBee

MadJedi: HumbleGee

Glasgow_Smile: Bee-morph

June_Rose: Fluffy

dehm: MayBee / BuzzyBees

ClaireSable: Hub / Hubabuba / HubbaHubba

T.I.P.: Hubbub

Dogeatdog6: Bee-chan


KilltheToy: HumbleAnthophila

Pokerpo: ChuckNorrisBee / SlumberBee / BeeOfHumble / DerpBee / OppanGangBee / TheBeeOfFury / YellowJacketBee / HoneyQue / eeBelbmuH / Clay / PresidentBee / YoodleyeahheBee / SmellyBee / The12thBee / IRodeARainbowBee / SwivleBee / KingBee / GuyCodedBee / AbcdefBee / WigglyBee / TheUltimateBeeOfKongregateAndLongTitles / PlushBee / NimbleBee / ModeratorBee / AFLACbee / lowercasebee/ CAPSBEE / TheBee / BossyBee / SwellBee / HappyBee / WrightBee / TheLegitBee /

fallout3master: HUMBLENBEEE3EE343D34ERF

Nellana (Nell!): Humblebundle, Humblejensen

ScreamingXMantis: Beeing

EvaAdorable: Bee! Squee! Squeebee

l3oss: SlumberBee, MonocleBee, PokerpoNeverEvenBotheredToMakeThisBee, TheBeeWithTheMostNicknames

MoralityMidget: BeeBeeBee.

MaistlinRajere: HumbleBurp

aturtledoesbite: HumbtyDumpty

gamester466: hum

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