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My Religion is Truth. Don’t think that makes me an Atheist, or a Christian for that matter. If you base your beliefs&actions on what God says, he can tell you to do crazy things.. but if you base your beliefs&actions on what’s logically best for the community, then you are indeed acting in God’s favor, assuming there is one.

We are in fact becoming Gods, slowly. Think about what we do here, in our Conscious Existence. All we do is maintain our existence.. eat, sleep, f*ck, socialize, watch tv/play sports, etc.. all the things our physical bodies need(sustenance) and our minds need (happiness). That’s how we exist, the entire universe maintains its own existence in a similar way.

Everything is mixing and coming together in existence. All extremes are balancing. Whenever one extreme occurs in nature, a process for the opposite to occur begins, to necessarily maintain balance and therefor our existence. You can see this happening everywhere, it’s unavoidable. When you feel too hot, you want to be cold, and vice versa. In the summer you turn on the AC, in the winter you turn on the heater. When you get really really high on a drug, you have a really really shitty next day. (Alcohol, Pills, etc).

In summary, the TRUTH lies between ANY two extremes. Be a little selfish and a little selfless. Act in the benefit of yourself WHILE acting in the benefit of the community. Act in mutual benefit to all.

Everything is Progressing. As you can see by evolution we have become more and more complex organisms. Just as evolution progressed, all things in existence attempt to progress. This includes emotions and logic. Over time we are becoming smarter and smarter, getting a more complete understanding of existence. One day we will have an absolute understanding, and that, is God.
ABSOLUTE TRUTH = God. The one and only God I will ever serve.
We find him, through the Dialectic Method.

If you share a similar worldview of finding truth to mutually benefit the community, read this little story: http://galactanet.com/oneoff/theegg_mod.html

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