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Blank profile, I refuse thee!

Unrelated Headlines of the Day(s)

Pape Satan, pape Satan, aleppe. – Jim Morrison

We, the people ˗ Good deeds for 2013

joined on the 1st of March, 2013. See you soon guys

11 March 2013 – Testing Shumway w/ dummy lightspark plugin

He sneaks into little kids’ room, in the middle of the night, and he grapes’em in the mouth!

Grapper’s Delight

Oh oh oh oh oh

✩ “Muammar” ver.2 High Low Lame

Please refrain from developing to or using the so˗called Unity Web Player®

Why? Because Flash (and HTML5, albeit the switch won’t happen in the near future) is the only cross˗platform solution (and better one).

Unity has this and this positions. Let’s work for a future of open standards and open specification, and for at least full cross˗platforming in the present. (Don’t have the same myopia, too: linux users are the best market )

update Something seemed to happen out of the blue but .. “We have set no release date yet.”

Too few, too late.


The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quijote against a bunch of windmills [you can’t argue with giant solid windmills]

“If you can’t handle this, you have problems.”




Humble Frozenbyte Bundle

Over. Results → Meh

Rated games: 40 (recommended ones are linked)

Hello Worlds! | Freeway Fury | Take a Walk | Pedobear Zombies (Zombears) | Mega-mash | Punk˗o˗matic 2 | Deer Bitch | Mana Chronicles | ACTION TURNIP!!! | 60s to Save the Queen | Snail | Viricide | Vector Runner | Kongai | Music Catch | Sydney Shark | Ninja Run | Music Catch 2 | You Have To Burn The Rope | Canabalt | Lightbot 2.0 | LARRY: Big Dipper | LightFlight | Kill Me! | Loved | Necronator | Neon Race | No Time To Explain | Hippolyta | Throw Rocks At Shit | Particle Wars Extreme | Diamond Hollow | Jet Velocity 3D | Hate game I won’t even mention here | Not Your War | Skywire | The Blocks Cometh | Hobo Prison Brawl | Cars and Barrels | a Grain of Truth

Other suggested games

Electric Box 1,2 | Picma | Air Pressure | Love | Record Tripping | Tag Attack | Man in a Gap | Areas | Async Racing | Effing Hail | Solipskier | The Flood Runner 2 | Monster Castle Defense | enDice | enDice Complete | Fragments | Choo Choo Puzzles | Edmus | Racing Comrade! | Zombotron | Cell Warfare | physBallz | Offroaders | Sprout | The Trader of Stories | Commit Point Five | bit Dungeon | 400 Years

Be smart 1, be cool 2, be linux 3.‍ ‍

If you’re coming from Winlol/Maclol, check both this and this for initial hints about awesome sotfware alts (many times they are so much better than the stuff you’re probably used to crack and they use legit standards) | btw, many works on/are ported to Winlol too.

Some utils for your Minefield 4.0b7 → 4.0rc→ 4.2x→[…]→ Aurora 14 and nightly (aka: what do with Fx’s quantum leap jumps)
(This section is obsoleted, it was just a memo for the initial 4.0 branching)
(Please note: 64bit Fx versions for Winlol are always available via mozilla’s ftp)

Adblock plus 1.3.x: Official Dev Build | Direct Install | update official (stable) release for seemingly all versions is out at the usual place
[ extensions.checkCompatibility.nightly false ]

Greasemonkey, betas for dev build: last official build from head on dev site | update official (stable) release for seemingly all versions is out at the usual place

Noscript: latest release has always been compatible


START (May 2010)
Adobe® starts Flash “Square” (64bit native support, all platforms) ˗ Old link

Linus Torvalds & others’ patch to Flash Player “Square” for x86_64 flash+mp3 issue ˗ preview 1 to preview 3 (latest: Nov 30, 2010) ˗ bugzilla

patch pulled downstream.

Flash “Square” moved to Flash Beta 11 (64bit native, ex incubator) on Jul 13, 2011
(fixed some issues w/ obfuscated content, memory hog anyway)

Fedora repack plus antique lahf patch (patch is called only if older intel cpu) via a fedora forum admin & package maintainer [about lahf patch (old 64bit intel cpu): see this ; imho just copying libflashplayer.so it’s enough (you may enjoy your /bin features from official tarball if you like them, too)]

Note: Beta 11 as of Jul 13, 2011 solves some issues with obfuscated content, but it’s a really huge and verified memory hog; it freezes in some rich applications (and games). Consider sticking to “Square” until bugs are solved (or backup ol’ Square_p3 libflashplayer.so).

Square p3 can be re-downloaded directly from Adobe here .

11 second beta (d1; Aug 8, 2011) moar stable.

11 first release candidate (r1.129; Sep 6, 2011)

Adobe® Flash® Player 11 shipped on October 4, 2011 (standard download place )
END (?)
—Yes, end. Fo-re-vah
Update: 11.2 “for desktop” (still not officially in EOL) Beta 2 has several security and memory issues as of Nov 29, 2011. Rest in “stable”
Update: Beta 3 as of Dec 20, 2011 apparently addresses some issues.
Update: Beta 4 as of Jan 19, 2012 – more stable.
Update RC and finally is out at usual place.
Beta Development for specific features for 11.3 continues ex Incubator, major platforms only, after Adobe has eventually put Flash in EOL as of March, 2012.

✪ Unblacklist SGI string (why do you, adobe, do that, why ) for fullscreen etc: create file and containing folder /etc/adobe/mms.cfg and edit mms.cfg with OverrideGPUValidation=1 (and I guess you’ll like EnableLinuxHWVideoDecode=1 ) | back in 2008 , my

Adobe’s superior coding strikes again

Revert to Square p3 (see above) if this (out of youtube beta) fails/your hardware is not whitelisted.
Note: it’s not a xorg, or nvidia, or ati bug. It’s an adobe feature (!)

Don’t forget to opt in (and/or use better codecs and plugins ) | Got cookies or tricks?


To use VDPAU on both nvidia and ati (radeon) (yes, vdpau works on radeon), double check that your mesa is compiled for vdpau ( --enable-gallium-g3dvl --enable-vdpau ); tools like vdpauinfo could tell you more.
Precompiled mesa with vdpau and allegedly patented texture-float will be available in rpmfusion-nonfree for F19, if you’re on Fedora. Here the bugzillas on RH and on rpmfusion you could check.
Because of Adobe’s superior coding, you’ll need a vdpau patched version for flash videos. The patch is applied per default on vdpau>=0.5
Yes, it’s an Adobe bug (not vdpau’s or nvidia’s or ati’s).
Yes, Adobe has been informed of this in 2012, and they randomly closed the bug ticket(s) (“Can’t reproduce” usually, maybe because they’re using the vdpau patched with the workaround for the bug? Or maybe they actually pretend to be dumb just to dump it).
In 2013 the bug is still there, and the workaround still needed. Check the values in /etc/vdpau_wrapper.cfg . vdpau checks in /proc/self/cmdline for libflashplayer; Chrome and PPAPI exported to Chromium could bypass and won’t need this (it seems that google’s flash > adobe’s flash). You may need to remove EnableLinuxHWVideoDecode=1 in /etc/adobe/mms.cfg to enable vdpau’s presentation capabilities in flash, on some hardware combinations + Flash>=11.2 (still, check that HW accel is on right-clicking on videos; check “video info” e.g. youtube w/ flash, eventually).

Utils for your kongregate 4

Kae (very nice concept)(no more mantained, it’s a pity)

Kongregate YouTube Link Magics
replaceable with
YouTube Link Title

Chat Resizer

Badge Border Script

Kongregate Get

Kongregate Quick Links Remover




Kongregate Chat Script Framework

Colorful Text Ratings | formatting problems

Challenge Notification Remover

Kongregate Two Way Messager

Widescreen Forum

Kongregate Forum Muting | direct link to Ventero’s, not hosted on userscripts

“Cosmetic” scripts:

Kongregate nogamestop

Kongregate Beta

Remove Kongregate stuff at the bottom

Rapid commands (all browsers)

(noscript.allowURLBarJS in about:config ; or, better, use the Firebug Console):

Copy and paste in your url bar when playing/connected to chat:

→ Muted users:
javascript:k="";s="";c="";for(var r in holodeck._chat_window._mutings){k+=r+' ';s+=r+'\n';c++};alert(k);alert(s);alert('Total number of muted users: '+c);alert("'bye");

Greasemonkey alt

→ Friends:
javascript:k="";s="";c="";for(var r in holodeck._chat_window._friends){k+=r+' ';s+=r+'\n';c++};alert(k);alert(s);alert('Total number of friends: '+c);alert("'bye");

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