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ilove69ers: I bet Mr Bean hasnt been laid in years

eepie: Buckwheat pancakes suck.
iThomaz: Why are you injecting yourself?

Charliepurple: wayyyy how old r u 69?
ilove69ers: why should it matter?
Charliepurple: uhhh cos u cant spell
prestigentra: I am your master.
ilove69ers: master my erection
prestigentra: *worships you*.
ilove69ers: much better

Crowbar14: I only wipe my arse on the faces of the poor
ilove69ers: you must be flexible
flameprincess: y r u so dumb
Stalcloud: I'd blow you.
ilove69ers: sweet!
KimverlyM: who is stal?
ilove69ers: Stal is awesome
KimverlyM: ok
Stalcloud: Thanks SUP
Stalcloud: let me blow you real quick
KimverlyM: oh
ilove69ers: sweet :P
ilove69ers: ♥
Bolt: Don't let it go to your dick.
ilove69ers: xD
ilove69ers: hey, youre the one with no nut
ilove69ers: I think I could set you up with a nice washer though
Bolt: ...
Bolt: Not sure how to take that.
ilove69ers: ... I'm not even sure how I meant that...
ilove69ers: BOLT
ilove69ers: what sort of thread do you have?
Bolt: What why?
ilove69ers: I wanna know how hard it is to screw you
kingdick: **** you nerds
ilove69ers: -hugs king-
ilove69ers: I understand that your childhood was horrible
ilove69ers: I also understand your difficulties in getting a girlfriend
ilove69ers: I even understand that your parents dont love you
ilove69ers: but what matters most is that you need to spend more time fapping, and less time yapping
ilove69ers: too far?
ilove69ers: nutella is for losers
cheesewoof: YOU SHUT THE HELL UP.
cheesewoof: JUST SHUT UP.
ilove69ers: Nutella is for losers
shroober: So either you're a liar or you're retarded.
ilove69ers: Nutella is for losers
Zamhelm: U WOT M8?!
SUP1010: Screw top hats, I have a fedora
Clams: D:

SUP1010: … for some reason, something tells me that if Darth Vader was a female, she’d be a slut, and would be like 3 months pregnant
TheGoldenHammer: It’s the galaxy conquering attitude, isn’t it?
SUP1010: indeed
SUP1010: And by conquering, You mean… nevermind

Zombie12: So Necro
Zombie12: You like men?
Necromageist: that’s for sure
puttfis: RAEP.
toetancham: FINE
puttfis: Wait WHUT?
SUP1010: … darkwolf… Walrus pants, if you dont put them on, the fish in the ceiling fan will hate you forever, and will cry
Karrow: Tackles Hedge
Karrow: Grows a dick
Karrow: Rapes Hedge
Hedgehog101: O_O
SUP1010: possesses self
SUP1010: well… that was a waste of time
Hedgehog101: I WANT SUP IN ME!!
Amour: nah, I like bad boys
SUP1010: well, not to brag, but when I go to Kmart, I enter through the doors marked exit
Amour: Thats pretty hawt.
SUP1010: O_O
Flint_Eastwood: SUP is the god of debauchary
SUP1010: fistpump
Kitezer: My nickname is Kire, now, I guess
SUP1010: Jeez Tolni…
Kittyness: Call him trony
Kittyness: Its his name
Tolni: Aww
Pinwheel: SUP1010: now If I’d asked if she owned a red carpet, that would’ve been sick…

posterone: It’s only gay if you enjoy it
SUP1010: it’s only rape if you dont
eepie: HE SAID HE LOVED ME!!!!
SUP1010: I did
SUP1010: repeatedly
SUP1010: Contrary to popular belief, It is not fun to stay at the YMCA
Nicomagi: You never loved me, That’s why I’m going to go out with jasmine.
Hedgehog101: kill them before they breed.
SUP1010: you couldnt pay a maid hooker, and you think youre going to get some jasmine?
SUP1010: damn…
SUP1010: Jasmine, wanna go make children?
SUP1010: repeatedly?
jasmine0204: yes
SUP1010: Nico… Aww Yea…
Karrow: ?
Nicomagi: Rage quits
NoirPrincess: reminds me of when i was a little girl and my dad use to rub his beard between my legs… it tickled
SUP1010: o_o

Nicomagi: winds up at the end of the river in a lake with hot naked chicks
SUP1010: -the naked chicks are all Thai lady boys-
Nicomagi: Works for me.
SUP1010: eww
Nicomagi: remember sky said I’m gay.
gatlinggun23: sup
SUP1010: I am in the room
gatlinggun23: i have a gf
gatlinggun23: she is beautiful
SUP1010: hobo is beautiful?
thehobo99: ikr
SUP1010: XD
Kitezer: I’m pregnant now.
TheLeftNut: my ass
joebob23: ^the left nut has its own ass?
joebob23: mind blown
SUP1010: My love, I have found you!
FaZe_TricKzzo: who me or adelacruz
adelacruz: hahahahahahaha jake.
SUP1010: come hither and feel my shlong
FaZe_TricKzzo: WTF
adelacruz: ???///
(by Nicomagi)
(Also by Nicomagi)
ilove69ers: ****EN CRUMPETS!!!
Malachi1640: ^
breelai123: yea make me
ilove69ers: ... you want me to make you make love to a crumpet???
I could be an FBI agent with this shit!

ilove69ers: have you got the meth lab cranking at the moment?
jose919: nope
ilove69ers: so... it's just sitting there?
ilove69ers: it could be making you money...
jose919: only sell weed
jose919: and xtc
Talence: it difficult if every1 tok stoopid
Talence: it frustrate me
Strawer: what is your religion?
ilove69ers: I am jesus christ
Stalcloud: I love God and Jesus and they love me.
ilove69ers: yes, I love you Stal
grimes1: Stal, Jesus can't love you the way I do.
ilove69ers: Grimes... is that a contest?
BackforGanja666: jesus christ
BackforGanja666: this sint right
ilove69ers: O_O
ilove69ers: How do you know my name?
BackforGanja666: this isnt*
BackforGanja666: I know all
ilove69ers: ... shut up dad
ilove69ers: You better not shout
ilove69ers: you better not cry
ilove69ers: you better not pout
ilove69ers: I'm going in dry
ilove69ers: -seedy smiles Quix-
Quixzambundu: wtf
Quixzambundu: that was disturbing
ilove69ers: most attention you've gotten in the last 5 minutes
Quixzambundu: mhm thx ^^
ilove69ers: -seedy smiles eli- You're next
Quixzambundu: his got the flu
ilove69ers: He'll have herpes once I'm done
Teeder: 69ers promised to buy me a blowup doll.
ilove69ers: bullshit
ilove69ers: My blow up doll
Teeder: No mine :-U
WarlordNeo: That sounds pretty nice of him
alphonse1325: some people are just so stupoid...
ilove69ers: this is alcoholics anonymous
ilove69ers: get out
ilove69ers: unless you have booze
emanresu111: I have ginger ale.
CiaronMofo: i got vodka that's booze... right? :D
ilove69ers: I have an erection
ilove69ers: Give me your vodka, so I can go down on you
CiaronMofo: You are one crazy mofo
ilove69ers: also, if there is a line I may have crossed, please let it be known that the line is a few miles behind me
ilove69ers: I have even crossed my own line
ilove69ers: emans line is still a few miles ahead
ilove69ers: to cross that, I must eat your first child using chopsticks through your vagina before it is born
____________________________________SergeantSkizz: Godly, every time you make a threat on the internet
SergeantSkizz: God rapes a kitten
shroober: :P
Godly_ilove69ers: well, that kitten is going to be rather sore
Godly_ilove69ers: or, a Chinese person is going to get a slightly saucier lunch
shroober: Hahahaha
parth441: hey Goldy u r totally Fool Go and sleep in to your bed and came tommorow ..!!!
Wesley107772: i will eat your shit
Godly_SUP1010: O_O
Godly_SUP1010: therefore, you’re retarded
SegrigatedDemon: God, I know.
SegrigatedDemon: Shut the **** up.
Godly_SUP1010: Damn right I’m your God
SegrigatedDemon: I’m Jesus.
SegrigatedDemon: You’re my father.
SegrigatedDemon: I need mother for nipple feeding.
Godly_SUP1010: … you were a mistake
Godly_SUP1010: you were a huge mistake
SegrigatedDemon: Godly, I’m still better looking.
Godly_SUP1010: But I made man in my image, that is why you were a mistake.
add108: What do you get if you cross a Jew?Christianity.
Dipstar: im a human stupid
ilove69ers: not wrong
ilove69ers: a lot of men like to claim that theyre not gay
ilove69ers: but the fact is, they've only played with one penis
ilove69ers: their own
ilove69ers: and they loved it
ilove69ers: therefore, they've loved every penis they've ever played with
eepie: Interesting theory....
ilove69ers: but not every vagina they've every been in
ilove69ers: Conclusion
ilove69ers: Ur all faggets
ilove69ers: and if you question that last bit
ilove69ers: would you go back for more of your mothers vagina?
ilove69ers: damn right...
ilove69ers: the only straight people are inbreds...
ilove69ers: it's funny, because noone can say otherwise
ntrht: Rem
ntrht: rem r u thur
ilove69ers: nur rem nt dur...
ilove69ers: By communicating in it's language, the far superior human can talk to the young primate.
David Attenborough
ace1263: Sex, because I do cum, mayne.
ace1263: SEX?
rehm123: My guy lasts for a ****ing hour.
love69ers: Bye all :)
GeneralXO: no........
GeneralXO: shut up
GeneralXO: SHUT UP!
GeneralXO: its so weird
GeneralXO: why do i wanna follow him
GeneralXO: wow
ace1263: He is your true messiah.
Stalcloud: Gay
ilove69ers: trolol
Darkrille: i love penis
Darkrille: disregard that
ilove69ers: denied
ilove69ers: you love penis
Northwolf: WHAT THE ****ING ****?!?!?
square0: ^ virgin
ilove69ers: actually Square, I believe his is well experienced with penis
ilove69ers: his own, mainly
TheSkaterNerd: This is... Interesting to say the least.
ilove69ers: but still, he likes every single penis he has ever played with
ilove69ers: but not ever single vagina he has been in
ilove69ers: unless he wants to have sex with his mother
ilove69ers: so I can conclude, that he is gay
Northwolf: Achievement Addicts Anonymous I thought was a good chat..
ilove69ers: he likes 100% of the penises he has played with, but not 100% of the vaginas he has been in
ilove69ers: it's ok North... I just proved that you were gay
ilove69ers: the only way to prove me wrong now, is to have sex with your mother
ilove69ers: Cheese...
ilove69ers: watch out for the fish in the ceiling fan, if you don't your walrus pants will be confiscated and given to superman to use as a footstool
erkki2001: wat
1cakola1: That is the first thing today that made sense
skullz101: facepalms fros b
fro144: ?
ilove69ers: Fro, your b just got facepalmed
ilove69ers: deal with it
fro144: ...
ilove69ers: -stabs SGM64 with a vibrator-
ilove69ers: Shh
ilove69ers: don't talk
ilove69ers: it will all be over soon
kingoo1: watch what you are saying you perverted weirdo
ilove69ers: me?
kingoo1: yes
ilove69ers: woah, someones a little defensive!
ilove69ers: are you SGM64s girlfriend?
Zerual: C'mon 69ers.
Zerual: he + a gf? =P
kingoo1: are you his sperm?
ilove69ers: ... your sperm can stab you with a vibrator?
ilove69ers: ... you sir, have just proven yourself retarded
kingoo1: O.o
ilove69ers: -puts on glasses- deal with it
ilove69ers: isn't nice, that
ilove69ers: ok, I'm done
thealexman1: done, im ok
ilove69ers: blow me
thealexman1: me blow?
ilove69ers: yes, you blow
thealexman1: blow you, yes?
ilove69ers: indubitably
joebob23: girls should retain their methane gases until such a point that they can properly expel them (i.e. directly into matty's nasal canal)
Darth__Spartan: Can you save that quip that Joe just posted?
joebob23: like they have a special device that creates a vacuum seal onto their butthole
joebob23: and it has 2 hoses that come off and they are inserted into matty's nostrils
joebob23: you'd have to inhale through the fart gas to get clean air again
joebob23: its a new trap i have devised for saw 13
ilove69ers: epic...
FireFop: Apparently, I'm spartan now ! woohoo I just got upgraded to 'epic' status
reno911: matty you're allahu akbar brown not BLM brown you cant use 'nigga'
housespace: u sound like an absurd loner
ilove69ers: you sound like a retarded child, whats your point?
plugin848y: House, how does "have a job and gf" sound like "absurd loner" to you?
housespace: idk
plugin848y: So it doesn't, then. Gotcha.
housespace: i need a life that's why
ilove69ers: well shit, this convo is going on my account xD
plugin848y: lol
Alcari: I get more turned on by Optimus Prime than megan fox.
ilove69ers: ... would you 'change his oil'?
Alcari: I'll tune his engine for hooooours

AverageKills: For a jizz-free-massage, just pay me
ilove69ers: ... I'd pay you, but no promises towards the jizz free AverageKills
AverageKills: Disclaimer: All jizz is intentional
AverageKills: Happy endings require a tip, though
ilove69ers: ... you won't just get the tip baby xD
ilove69ers: C'mon AverageKills, you're making this too easy xD
AverageKills: I'm being objectified! Tumblr, help!
GlenR11: have you fine gentlemen ever indulged in dipping your member into a fine wine?
ilove69ers: regularly Glen, but eventually she shuts up
AverageKills: LOL
D0CTORSTRANGE: everyone has small penis except me
ilove69ers: are you the only one with a vag Doc?
ilove69ers: Ili, wanna go partake in repeated failing attempts to make an unwanted child?
IliianD2: ok

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