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    orpheus'es incubus hell, which is hell for hell.
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    Oct. 22, 2011

YEESSSSSHHH incudragon666 iz back. “hey did i ever tell you the time keith and i pregnanted a car in hell?” NO!? spazzes and manages to go flying without using wings and burn up in the atmosphere ) then appears right in your face ALRIGHTY THEN! boom height: 30.12 feet. (including elongation = 55.5 feet max) weight: WHAT IS DIS? location: basically hell inside hell INSIDE hell, dont ask how that works.




low publicity, great story

check out this indie game someone made, a single developer made all this…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TekZ5lKWlDQ&feature=related

of course this hurts publicity, please, check it out, remember THATS A WALKTHROUGH LINK SO IT WILL HAVE SPOILERS

originally posted by masterraar in DEFENCE to furs who DONT y)ff and to all A-holes who say otherwise for 100% of the virtuall POP! (aka population)

Before you read this, just to let you know, I’m a furry. This is not a paragraph about my hatred towards yiff or other shit furries are bitched to about.

What has to be understood is that furries can’t be judged compeletely based on the yiff or porn. It’s a fetish, yes. Hell, I’m a furry. But, what I’m trying to get through is that’s not why I’m a furry. It’s more of a way of expression, not for the porn. It’s an additional part that comes along with being a furry (Hell, not all furries like yiff!), but isn’t exactly viewed as all other porn. Seriously, you can look around and you’ll see that yiff is bashed quite a bit more than gay “normal” porn, persay. It’s also bashed more than many other fetishes, and is mainly hated because people find it in relationship to beastiality (which I find absurd, being first that it’s drawn, it’s anthropomorphism, and it’s not a man having sex with a dog). It’s weird to some. Just as perhaps people of…let me think of some fetish. Well, how about plushiphilia? Yeah, a lot of us think it’s weird, but the ones who like it will find it, obviously, rather arousing and quite frankly normal to them. Just as yiff is normal to furries. What happened is that /b/ decided to come up with the meme of “Yiff in hell, furfa gs!” Which gradually spread. There you go, that’s why furries are trolled. Because /b/ can come up with a meme, then suddenly, it’s judged as one anonymous persumes it to be. Doubt anyone will see this post, but eh.
In rather a concusive state to my rambling, I don’t judge people for their fetishes. The fact that /b/ relates anthropomorphism to beastiality is why they’re so distinctively hated and recognized for a wrong-doing they didn’t even commit. Believe me. Try going to www.funnyjunk.com or www.FurAffinity.net. Quite frankly, all the furries I’ve met are very nice, normal people. Again, I’m a furry, and I’ll respect your opinion if you hate me because of that. I understand that your lifestyle isn’t the same as mine.

“Judge whom not for what they are abided to perceived, but for the analogous side you do not deserve to scrutinize.”

REPLY: i’d be the one to hold a gun to a y)ffers head, personaly.

P.S.W. 123456abcd (Localhost only)

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