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I am not the most horrible person out...i just don't like those birth defected shlubs calling me names. :/ i guess what i mean is sometimes life has to be hard and sometimes easy but then again if you take the easy way out you usually get stuff...Maybe if people actually talked in chat room that is something besides drugs/sex/religion i would maybe join in. But sometimes you willl find that last sentence completely hypocrittical, (but that is just you) May the power of the conceited bitch rule all chat rooms! Pm me if you are awesome! Whatever society considers "awesome" these days might just be some hippies picking up trash :) I am not completely a troll...i just want to make friends but if someone storms in and says "Sup gays" i will just say "Herro der'" and move on...but one more comment might just earn that person a mental break down in a couple of weeks. So uh...hello there...you are still reading this? What a surprise most of the time people would just shove it away and move on like most people but thanks for actually reading this it brings me great honor, but sadly i have nothing to talk about anymore...hmm maybe something about immature users....yeah. Some immature children might just not want to read this whole thing mainly bcaue it bores them something like dinosaur cookies might excite them if they don't pull the used dildo out of their backpack, so uh...you still here? Thanks dude i really appreciate the support but i have to say i am kinda getting scared O.O i hope you enjoy the monkey up there as my profile pic it will be there for quite awhile mainly because i am too lazy to change this description. KNOCK KNOCK who's there? Jamaican Jamaican who? ja-makin' me crazy. SOrry i heard that somewhere and had to put it down. :/ .................Wow i didn't realize this "About me" was so long. i never expected they would allow such context. Atleast i have room to put anything i like or do on here... i always wondered why castro castrated himself. Probably to prove a point. i dunno how far i would go to prove a point. It would probably end with me either dead, not a virgin or horrified of clowns. It is all the small things in life that counts. like that song by the "Blink" fellows i can't remember the numbers in the band name :/ as i said before i am too lazy to do anything that Didn't benifit me less than half of the attention spand that it took to do it. Being open minded is a good asset. Curiosity killed your confidence is what i say. Anyways... My interests are...MMO games
Rap/80's/Classic rock Music
Family guy
American Dad
How i met your mother.
That 70's Show
Snapple iced tea

Video games in general(halo mdw gears of war etc.)

Well yeah...i probably have more but i can't remember them off the top of my head :p. Hey spammers, please don't bother me. lol anyone who is simple minded enough to spam is obviously doesn't have the patience to read all through here. If you want to be friends with me you can just ask :) i am a friendly person. (most of the time). And btw i don't like those junkies who think they smoke crack and pot...THEY HAVEn't BEEN ON THE OTHER SIDE, MAN!!!! List of things i hate:

Spider Man
Number 1 and number 2
Gunshot wounds
When i take a shit water splashes my ass
Wannabe "Gangsta's"
Ambidextrous monkeys
Charlie sheen
Mel gibson
Epic-ly fat people that donate blood.
Brown sugar.
Trick mirrors(they make me look fat) T_T
Rabid rabbits
The fact that my monkey pic is broken.
Easy passwords
YOU jk

Overpriced cereals

Plants that have long stems but small roots...looks uneven

Tampon commercials
Money hoggers
Annoying watress in diner
Clocks without numbers...
Black shower curtains
Fake plants
The fact that Osama is not dead
Hawaiin pizza
Pineapples(They poke me :()
The word "infidelity"
Liquified soup
Baby wasps
crappy air conditioners
The X files
The song "Video killed the radio star"

Tinie Tempah (i only like written in the stars)

Alien costumes.
That theme music for dinosaurs,

When someone farts in the fridge and closes it.

Zombie games that aren't fun.
Britney spears (that whore!)
Animals humping
When lame guys look at explosions

When a pizza man does horrible but you have to tip him anyway T_T

Fake mustaches
Hot beer
Empty flower pots

Ok that is all. Have you guys heard the Lonely island? Funny stuff, Funny stuff. Rucka rucka ali is also quite a laugh.And yes the darkside has cookies. I once wore this shirt that says "I know what Willis is talking about" It cracked the public bus up! R.I.P. Amy Whinehous :( such a tragedy. I heard she died of just stopping doing drugs and the dis orientation killed her :/ i think it is ironic because her song goes "They tried to make me go to rehab and i said No no no!" and she stopped doing drugs...and it killed her. Very ironic. Have you guys been to California Pizza kitchen? it is pretty tasteful. If you go there try their jamaican jerk chicken. xD Wow...uh...have you ever seen rotten bananas? I think about them when i have an erection in a completely innapropriate time to stop it from happening. You know --worse case scenario-- My teacher is super hot and she calls on me (health class) And she says "so Adam what releases the sperm to reach the designated area to the vagina?" And then she throws water on herself and starts singing "i'm your slave - britney spears" that is happening in my fantasy. So yeah. Worse case scenario. If you hadn't noticed i revealed a little something about myself up there.

You know many people ask me about the name "PowerReef" Actually it means nothing. i just showed two symbols of myself in one name. i have power (or atleast think so) and i am subliminally deranged and keep my inner self...inside. like water reffering to a Reef. Underwater it is yes?(yoda talk) Also i am a star wars geek if you hadn't noticed...of course you haven't T_T nobody ever talks about it so i never get the chance to show off my knowledge. It's like all you people are just laser blinded wamprats from yavin 4. Even jabba the hut would spit in your presence. But it is unlikely considering he died. You didn't know that? Well he did...I am also a major spoiler. Did you know at the end of Sweeny Todd sweeny dies because the little kid sticks those barber knifes in his back :p. So yeah those are minor concepts on me. My name is unknown to society. I am as invisible as a cayote in the darkest night of the darkest day... I am...A small white boy destined to become an architect that is hanging out at the lunch table near the trash can. And if you ever talk to me i ALWAYS (when i have the chance) Make either a song, movie, or celebrity reference. I wear my sunglasses at night to keep track of visions in my eyes. Crap, The toilet seat fell down in midstream!!! IT"S EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol i like watching "Tomarrow's World" Because the host is such a deushy right wing sometimes it is just hilarious. He said "The africans are getting AIDS because they turn away from god!" Or "With all the curruption of the government no wonder we can't trust the mexicans that work at the banks." And "With all of these wars, Us conservatives must keep are money in safe banks where sexual perversion is not an issue." I ain't joking about this. Watch it on youtube and see what i mean.

PowerReef: Chicken butt.

Snowball92: Heh.

thomp5on1: Banana Farm. :D

Snowball92: Bloons?

thomp5on1: Yeah.

PowerReef: May the voice of god protect all conservatives in the following apocolypes

thomp5on1: Haha, how silly.

PowerReef: You would be surprised.

PowerReef: Surprised of how many angry hillbillies will hit for saying that.

Snowball92: Tarrnation!

PowerReef: That there's racist you garmet!

I Ran(So Far Away) - A Flock of Seagulls

I walked along the avenue
I never thought I'd meet a girl like you
Meet a girl like you

With auburn hair and tawny eyes
The kind of eyes that hypnotise me through
Hypnotise me through

And I ran, I ran so far away
I just ran
I ran all night and day
I couldn't get away

A cloud appears above your head
A beam of light comes shining
down on you
shining down on you

The cloud is moving nearer still
Aurora borealis comes in view
Aurora comes in view

And I ran, I ran so far away
I just ran
I ran all night and day
I couldn't get away

Reached out a hand to touch
your face
You're slowly disappearing
From my view
Appearing from my view
Reaches out a hand to try again
I'm floating in a beam of light with you
Beam of light with you

And I ran
I ran so far away
I just ran
I ran all night and day

And I ran
I ran so far away
I just ran
I couldn't get away

Are you still here??? This about me is not intented to bore you. Clearly stated by people i know. Isn't Obama currupt? I think he is. And many do too. Anyways, If i happen to be hostile to you it's just because i am in a bad mood or you piss me off. Well technically if you are one of those 11 year olds who just talks about sex please stop. We all agree, you are very miserable. You can find me in "The War Room" ALWAYS Because i never leave for any Big reason. And Yes, i pretended to be drunk by taking 6 sleeping pills -.-

Funny YouTube Videos:












Ok that's all for now. (make sure to come back to this about me to find more because i will update it periodically)

trust me on this though.
Anyhow, there is this show...oh what is it called? "Mad" It is clearly Exactly like the show "Robot Chicken" Except the lack of sex/drug/violence. Watch it sometime on cartoon network. Well i like robot chicken better. But i assure you you would atleast chuckle at one of the episodes of that show. And that is not an Understatment as if i would expect you to have a lung fall off. (i don't expect that...AT ALL)
Also that song i promoted earlier "Tubthumping" Put it on while you read my about me. it fits quite well. :)
Line from the booking i am writing (yeah i said WRITING) "I never expected my life would end so drastically. The irony of it is that i am being nibbled to death small midget replicas of george Lucas. And i always liked his movies. What a pity i had to be decapited by the one director i can name. Waking up with a spoon in the mayo jar on my lap and reruns of how i met your mother. Such a dream would only be influenced by one thing: I gotta get a life." The book is called "Get a life You ignorant juvenile" I will release it in a couple years. I hope you liked the The intro.
(*$The War Room Mafia Adam & Dan$*)


That's weird.

bennyboy968: I am pretty magic.

PowerReef: Usually the troll wars last ges.

bennyboy968: and cute

PowerReef: ages*

bennyboy968: Not with me

PowerReef: Are you a mod or soemthing and silenced them lol?

bennyboy968: Because i am italian so i am good at arguing.

Budweiser_: i love you.

PowerReef: lol

bennyboy968: i love you too buddy

bennyboy968: (bud)dy

Budweiser_: thanks babe

bennyboy968: cutie

Budweiser_: honeypie

monkey_man_2: NP

bennyboy968: power it'sa proven fact

bennyboy968: butterfly

You know what i really don't like? People who are ignorant about the behaviors on the internet. Oh i hate cartoons...They are all happy and cheery, Life is not cheery. Neither is anything that that doubts any of my morales and/or vices. Well it's not like i have any morales anyway >_> Obviously having some sort of contribution to society is a negative attribute when it comes to the "Level up" chart of life...In the perspective of anyone 13-19 that doesn't do drugs or smoke. And i never thought kidding around with someone could prvoke a troll fight. Only the ones who take it the wrong way. And what happened to The war room? It used to be a place of friendship and teasing. Not said troll fights or dead chat. This is what i say to that:
and this:
Good song...
I don't troll, i just save you ignorant bastards from yourselves. :D Cheer up and buy a gateway and troll on that. Atleast with the thought of your files and memories crashing on said GateWay Computer We know you will lose that page with all the troll accounts you've marked. :)
So, WIll you take the blue pill or the red pill? That is a question you must answer yourself. Or do a "Friend ShoutOut" if you want :D
How long is this about me huh? I will update this about me until i either get bored of kongregate (That will probably never happen) or die. It's just an experiment...like Charlie sheen...Wait the government is going to kill me now aren't they?
Hey if you find this whole "about me" thing Irrelevant, Immoral or plain uninteresting, Fuck off now. It is for your own good, You know avoiding the potential fact that people find you uninteresting. There are two types of people in this world; People who like me :); and people who can go to hell D:< Sorry i didn't real any of that, Most of you bastards are just looking for some chump to love or hate. I am neither of those for your information. I don't like to use abbreviations because i find it that they are irrelevant; i type with good grammar, I have no political opinions right now except the well known phrase "That Obama is a corrupt bastard." You know the phrase i figured a lot of people say yet they consider it not worth being referenced. Well obviously the only people who would agree with all my opinions are some chinese/sicilian whores looking to get laid on a raining day and having sex with the next truck driver that might be passing by for 2 chicken nuggets and a ride home. Or at least what they call home; You know, pimping is very popular among; well i am not completely sure of the ethnic background pimping has. I couldn't care less about the street crime and whore owning in downtown chicago. I don't try to give you information, i try to make your lives worth while. Of course even me could not fill the void your father gapped when he left. I am just guessing here. I also try not to act like an arrogant chink bastard, I am just living my life. I can finally commend T.I. on something. Racecar goes both ways. And so does My cheeky methods called tips. I am not perfect and neither is your mother.(obviously have you seen your face lately.) So i dont want to fuck anyone's mood any day. Please forgive me for any shit i may have done to you in the past, It is not my fault it is society. (that is also one thing i don't like. It's like when celebrities blame society or their parents for making them whores and douche bags.).

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