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    Feb. 17, 2008

Mousethecat: The internet is a dangerous place for people like you
Mousethecat: Yes you

It is I, Ivan62300. I am known by many names, Drink Crafter or Alcohol Fairy (Credit to NaoSouONight), Hydropanda, Factorial, Switzerland and many more.

Here are some silly quotes:

DawnofAshes: Also drunks keep calling my phone and wracking up minutes apparently.
Ivan62300: drunks, or past lovers?
DawnofAshes: They’re hairy and bushy old native men, Ivan.
TheH21: Past drunk lovers.
DawnofAshes: Who also hate white guys.
Ivan62300: So they ARE past lovers
DawnofAshes: How they got my number is beyond me.
DawnofAshes: No, they’re people who want to kill white guys.
TheH21: Nao calls you?
aturtledoesbite: Well, there are a lot of Baptists, too, but those guys are dumb even by Southern standards.
Ivan62300: I am a butt
Tsuppotron7000: A hot stupid butt.
NaoSouONight: I think your sex life is the real problem. Sometimes you can be very annoying. Maybe getting laid would fix it. Maybe not. The world may never know.
Tsuppotron7000: I’m not a huge sweet and sour sauce
Tsuppotron7000: If Dea were a woman I’m sure he’d be a very sexy woman.
deaconfrost2k9: Tsup: I would.
NaoSouONight: And it is Deanna.
NaoSouONight: Stop trying to sugar coat it, or screamy will eat it.
[06:15 PM] Tabaschritar: I’ve never figured out how to build bridges.
[06:15 PM] Ivan62300: Well, you see
[06:15 PM] Ivan62300: You build this platform for people to walk on
[06:16 PM] Ivan62300: Then you give it supports
[06:16 PM] NaoSouONight: I thought you build the supports first.
[06:16 PM] Ivan62300: Nah, that’s peasant stuff
[06:16 PM] NaoSouONight: But it doesn’t make sense to build the platform first.
[06:16 PM] Ivan62300: All the coolest bridges build the platform first
[06:16 PM] NaoSouONight: What is going to support it?!
[06:16 PM] Tabaschritar: Faith, Nao.
[06:16 PM] Ivan62300: ^
[06:16 PM] NaoSouONight: What stops it from just falling dow-
[06:16 PM] NaoSouONight: Oh **** you both.
[06:16 PM] Ivan62300: You just gotta have faith
[10:34 PM] Ivan62300: Trouble in bed?
[10:34 PM] Livzy: Yeah, its small
NaoSouONight: Why are you here.
deathlord3210: see, this is exactly why I hesitate to mute him, all I can see is Nao talking to thin air
NaoSouONight: I want you dead, Ivan.
ScreamyLordSutch: anals are my favourite
NaoSouONight: No!
Livzy: Yes!
NaoSouONight: It tastes bad and I don’t like it!
Livzy: EAT IT
NaoSouONight: Nooooo
[03:12 PM] Ivan62300: I’m sure Kecks feels just like an 18-year-old on the inside
[03:13 PM] Keckers: I’d love to feel inside an 18 year old
[03:13 PM] ScreamyLordSutch: i’ll be 18 soon :^)
[07:42 PM] NaoSouONight: Eh. I was probably being a dick anyway.

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