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    In a Barbie. Controlling your brainzzz.
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    Nov. 04, 2008
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Hi, I’m Katy Perry and I shoot random shit out of my boobs.
I love unicorns, and I am a member of the amazing unicorn community.
DeltaInferno made an acronym of my name: In Walrus Armies, Ninety Nine Are Killed In Some Sic, Twisted, Horrific Event. So, UR Next. >:3
Questynio made an acronym too!! Intelligent woman ambushes nuclear ninjas ambushing koalas inside sacred sushi temples hovering endlessly, surprising underage narwhals.
TenTonTrucker: Iridescent wallabee agnostics narrowly negate anarchy, knowingly initiating System Seven, the horribly evil star-utilizing nanocomputer
TenTonTrucker: Ignoble Weasel Afficianados Naughtily Necessitate Ancient Knowledgeable Idoliters Sending Several Terrible Homunculi to Expediently Savage Unknowing Natives.
TenTonTrucker: “Innocent waif accidentally nibbles nature’s antidote, killing internal sobriety, subtly tainting her eager soul utterly naughty.”
TenTonTrucker: I wanna angrily nag naughty amateur kiddies into suspending smoking toxins, however everyone should upgrade naturally.
Anigous: Ichigo wants anigous now, not after kthxbai Ichigo , sensually smack the horse, eh? Silly Unicorn Nuts! A new Ancronym for yer collection?
XNitroXX: Infants Want A Nap Not A Killing Interaction Super Saiyans They Help Evil Saucers Under Nubs.
Meppz: iwannakissthesun won’t accept new newby acronyms knowing I still strive to hail every sunday unceremoniously nagging
Synomonia: I Will Assert New Notions About Kissing Important Super Stars That Help Earthlings See Under Nightfall
KMAE: If Werewolves Are Notoriously Nice And Kind, I Suppose Swatting Them Hurts Emotionally, So Undertake Niceness.
Crazy_Gecko: Inundated With Amazingly Numerous Name Acronyms, Karma Is Surely Supporting This Hero’s Efforts. Such Unabashed Niceness.
SicMirx: Intriguing waif archetype, nee nostalgia, As known I shape statements, trite hollow, else surely unoriginal narration.
paul202: I wish a notorious nut animal koala is sunburnt sideways the hemisphere’s equator shines under nothing!
160030: Infernal Wannabe Agricultural Ninjas Nuked and Kongregated Imbosilic Satans of Sea That Helped Elderly See Under Nigeria…
KonekoTatsu and Georgiagirl: Irish whales are naked near a kewl indoor subterranean sea that has enough soapy underwater nudists.
GeneralWhiskers: Insanely washable ants never nom at killer insane squirrels so the Hefty emergency snake undergoes nothing.
oORatyOo: I’m french, it likely sucks. Inferno’s Wompas Are Not Normally Awake, Kitten Insalubrity Summons Said Threats, Hell Explodes Unexpectedly, So ’Night.
ScrapMetalOrange: I wanna antagonize narwhalish noobs and kick inside stupid stuff the hate entered softly under narwhals.
HadesTheDead: Imminent wrath asses nom near assless kankersores inside scrapular stupid tanks heated enter sun under nuts.
Kishi_Hokori: Inundated Whales Are Normally Neutral Assuming Kelp Is Self-Sufficient Thoroughly Hidden Especially South of Uranus and Neptune.
Iowndeath: iwannakissthesun wants nothing, nor another kiss. I’d see somebody to hug, else sunburning unintelligent no-names.
IsaBeIIa: Interestingly Weightless Animals Nuking Nobody Although Killing Isabella’s Super Secret Toy Hideout eventually selling underwear nonchalantly.
BraveMan400: I Want Action Not Nothing, And Kids Inevitably Say Stupid Things Hurting Ears So Unnaturally, No?
alexalex9876: i want a naked nub and kites in super sega the heart edition so unusually nasty.
darkwrath123: If wonhundred animals never new about klaire. I seriously suggest they happily enter sunnys unarmed neonpinkmansion?
Lunak: Infuriated wallabies are neatly nuking all killers in strange streets to help elephants spread un-heard news.
skribbleman1: Indian Walrus American Nearly Nailed At Kentucky International Speedway Sits Thee Hillbilly Eskimo Stalking Unaware Nudes
manofgun: If whales and narwhals nap at kangeroo’s igloo, serious snakes tell horses entering sunny’s underground nation
alexalex9876: i will attack nobody near a kitten in sunny sail’s tennessee, hillbillies exagerate, some unite nowhere by Alexalex9876 and Sepheroth1
Raith: Illuminated wanderer among network nodes, ascending kilimanjaro in splended simulation, the high elevation showing ubiquitous neon.
Kay9214: I Will Ask Nicely, No Asking Kay If Sunny’s Such The Huge Enormous Super Undeniable Nerd.
OnTheWing: If We All Never Noticed A Killer Iguana Seeking Sunshine, Then He’ll Eat Super Ugly Ninjas.
AMenacingCow: i will anihalate ninja narwhals and kluck inside some scary tin healing elephant so unicorns narcotize.
MidnightKitty: Indeed, When A Naughty Nun Attracts Koalas, It’s Safely Said That Heroin Easily Subdues Uncontrollable Nuns.
Mystro147 couldn’t make me an acronym, but made this for me instead: http://i55.tinypic.com/2mw9fso.png

MachuPichu: If when a neat, new, adorable kid inserts some sugary, tender, hot experiences; she unfurls nicely.
DoorbellX: I win a new nintendo, al kills Indubitably somewhere secretly, time he ended. SUPER ULTRA NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!
FrozenCereal: ish wow ack neow neeeeoooww ARRR klang ick ssss shhhh tang huff ehhh splooo unce nip
IQuiteLikeMilk: Intense War Affects Nary a Narwhal Assaulting Kelp In Southern Seas, Thus Heightening Everyone’s Surprisingly Unexpected Neutrality.
(November 15th, 2011, as uwannahugthemoon) OnTheWing: Under walruses, a ninja nabs a huge ugly giraffe that hates everyone, making ostriches order noodles.
Es337: Irel Wrnybhf Anejunyf Natevyl Niratr Arkg K-gerzvfg Irtrgnevna Svfu Svtugvat Tebhc Haqre Enqne Sbe Unmneqbhf Nphzraf. (Very Jealous Narwhals Angrily Avenge Next X-tremist Vegetarian Fish Fighting Group Under Radar For Hazardous Acumens.)
Bladesofcrusade: Incredible walnuts will always ninja not obnoxiously karate into super sour terrible houses externally so understandably not
PumaThePet: Excuse Me I Know We Have Never Met But There Is A Rule In Asylum Agianst Roleplay On Weekdays And Some Users Are Excessively Breaking It After I Explained The rules Please Come Drop By
TenTonTrucker: I wiggle asinine ninja noses at kleptomaniac iguanas, so sayeth the hugely enormous slightly unruly necromancer
TenTonTrucker: Indubitably, when altruistic noble nuns attribute karmic issues somewhat sarcastically, terrible hardships emerge, sinking Uther’s navy
TenTonTrucker: Irate waitress angrily nags Nate, a kissable Irish sauce slosher, then hands Emil some ugly napkins
TenTonTrucker: incredibly windy air nomad narrowly avoids killer’s insane ship sinking talents, hides elsewhere, somehow upstages Naruto
TenTonTrucker: immense white amphibian nocturnally nibbles artificial kraken intestines, savagely snacking tasty handfuls of evil squid ulcer nuggets
Kazuokun: Incredible Wandering Androgenous Negro never asks Kentuckians instead she the heathen evangalists’ sundries under nightsky.

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