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Funny Halloween Picture:


This has to be my new theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xC03hmS1Brk

Update: You need me to kidnap someone? How about kill them? You got some hate against someone and you want them alive? Or how about erasing them from existence? Let me know and make sure it’s secret. either whisper me or find me online and tell me in PM. I’m not free though, I don’t need money but if it’s all you got I’ll take it. Just let me know and we’ll arrange a deal. Just let me know if you need me to take care of your dirty work. I won’t always say yes however.

My Main Account: LeonoftheSins

Go Sub My Youtube Channel… NOW! http://www.youtube.com/user/TehGweatLeon?feature=mhee

Appearance: (See picture for better look.)

Leon wears a black hooded sweatshirt and usually never wears the hood that covers his face. But he sometimes likes to wear it to hide his identity. He on occasion wears this black mask over his mouth to hide his face a little. But sometimes he will just leave it on his neck. He wears a black tee shirt under it which anyone who meets him will rarely see. He has black steel toe boots with spikes that can come out of them to inflict a brutal kick and a stab at the same time. He wears black tight jeans. He also wears dark black leather gloves usually. He has blue hair that sticks up a little looking kind of like spikish hair. His eyebrows are blue as well. And he has a fairly decent looking face. He looks about 19-21 years but he’s really more than 10,00 years old. And he has red demonic eyes that make it seem like when he looks at you he’s staring into your soul…


Thick Skin: Leon has an extremely thick and powerful skin that is impervious to bullets.

Blood Aurora: Using Leon’s blood Leon is able to do several things, however they use up Leon’s blood so if they are used too much he could die.

Blue Aurora: Using Leon’s hot demon blood, Leon is able to create heat blasts from his fingertips, melting and boiling nearly anyone or anything’s skin or body it comes into contact with.

Red Aurora: Used from Leon’s blood and brain cells, able to control people’s minds or move their body’s or lift them up off the ground, it will surround it’s victim from all sides and if the victim is weak enough it will take control of them, if not, it will most likely restrict all movement temporarily or permanently, also being to trap it’s victims inside of it and lift them off the ground.

Teleportation: Using Leon’s blood Leon is able to teleport nearly anywhere at anytime, it uses up his magic energy and boils some of his blood when used each time.

Weapons: Leon uses a variety of enchanted swords or katanas, only his main weapons will be posted.

Sword of 1000 Fires:

Materials: Steel, Diamonds, Emeralds.

Description: Extremely powerful and able to cut through nearly any material. It is powered by several magic gemstones and to cause extreme heat blasts able to catch nearly anything on fire and completely melt it into ashes. If a normal human even touched the blade their hand would catch aflame and the fire would catch to their body nearly instantly and in seconds all that would be left would be a pile of ashes.

Appearance: Looks like a normal sword but with a red glow all around the blade and a brown hilt and gems all around.

Sword of Souls:

Materials: Emeralds, Diamonds, Iron, Rock, Steel, Souls of the deceased, other hard materials.

Description: Devastatingly powerful and also powered by gemstones. This mystical sword is powered by a diamond in the middle of the hilt, emeralds all around. This sword can cut through nearly anything just like the Sword of 1000 flames but instead of fire this sword is powered by souls, and any victim that falls by it’s soul core will be absorbed into the sword preventing them from ever coming back to life unless the sword were to be destroyed, which is a nearly impossible task due to how hard and sturdy it is. Lava cannot even melt it for it is made of the finest iron, steel, rock, metal, and much more. The easiest way is to kill the owner for it is a part of the owner and will break if the owner were to die. If anyone besides the owner is to hold the blade it’s full power will not be able to be used and a huge jolt of electricity will be sent through their body, enough voltage to fry a normal human.

Appearance: Green hilt with brown bumpy stripes around it, the blade is a normal silver but if you look close you can see many souls floating and and pushing at the blade trying to get out.

Leon’s Full Name: Leon Natas

Favorite food: Skin, flesh, blood, organs.

Race: Demon

Gender: Male

Skin color: White
Age: 10,000 (Ten thousand years)

Height: 7 Feet

Weight: 125 Pounds

Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgfklKnOg4w
Or search: Creepy Doll- Johnathon Coulton

Second Theme Song: Magnetic Man- The Bug Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJXrq2qEPhc&feature=player_embedded

Leon: http://s1084.photobucket.com/albums/j420/ShadowFan12/?action=view¤t=LeonoftheSins.png

Leon’s Demon Form: http://tinyurl.com/3mpzq2p

Leon’s Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/563350338


Wife: Alicia_Shadows (Alive)
Son: Leons_Son (Call Him Damien) (Alive)
Son: Jack_Shadows (Alive)

I’ve been excruciatingly bored on Kong lately, so I decided to rebuild the Sacred Shadows.

About the Sacred Shadows:

The sacred Shadows are a deadly group of evil assassins who will stop at nothing to rule the RP universe.

The rules: There aren’t many rules, but there are some.

1. Respect your fellow Shadows: You don’t have to like your fellow members, but you have to respect them and their property, we’re in this together and we might go against the best of the best.

2. Treason will NOT BE TOLERATED: Any treason against the Shadows will result in a slow and gruesome untimely demise. It will not feel good.

3. No God modding: Do I have to explain this? Just don’t fucking god mod. Want to know what is and what isn’t god mod? http://goo.gl/fFDP9

4. Final Rule: Don’t fucking spam or flood the message boards, doing so will result in instant ban.

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