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    About to give you a huggy! :D
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Introduction: Hiya :D! My name is Jade in real and I love to roleplay. I’m bi, but I don’t show it :P. My breasts are a size 24 D, and I won’t let you touch them unless I say you can :P. One thing you should know: I’m stubborn sometimes. I love to randomly cuddle and hug people too :D.

RP Char: Jade (Note: You can call her Jade or Yuki, she just prefers Jade.)

Hair Colour: Black

Eyes Colour: Blue

Race: Catgirl

Love: Currently, no one.

Likes: Music, hugging, cuddling.

Dislikes: Rape, seeing her friends getting hurt.

Clothing: She sometimes wears nothing but her silver cloak with gold stars on it. Mostly though, She wears a revealing light purple long sleeve with her shoulders showing. She also wears a short skirt and white fingerless gloves with it. Sometimes wears a revealing white silk kimono.

Accessories: She has a silver necklace with a rainbow shimmering star in the middle. It holds her spirit creature, a pure white wolf named Nighteyes. Jade can ride on her when she’s tired of walking. She also has a white star barette.

Powers: Wind ,Water, Ice, Earth, and Holy.Can shapeshift into: A white pheonix, a white fox, a white wolf pup, and a white baby dragon.

Weaponry: Her barette can pretty much transform into any weapon she wants.

Staff: A silver staff that touches the ground with a cresent at the end holding a sun with stars floating through it.

Sword: A pure white sword, stained with blood from many fights, it has dragon designs on it, she can summon 1000 dragons from this sword.

Bow: A long slender bow with wings at the ends, decorated with dragon designs.

Well folks that’s all for now I’ll add more when I feel like it bye bye for now~ Huggles whoever is reading my profile :P

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㋡ The world is FULL of lies ㋡

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