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The Ten Commandments of Badge Hunters.

1) Know thy enemy, and how many others before you have succeeded. If it is an impossible badge with over 10,000 hits, it might be worth your time. If it has under 10,000 hits, it might not be worth your time. If it has under 2,000 hits, it is almost certainly not worth your time, but if you’re going to try getting it anyway don’t let me stop you.

2) Depending on what type it is, lag may either be your best friend or your greatest enemy. In the best case it will determine whether you get the impossible badge or not. In the worst case scenario, it will prevent this outcome entirely. Looking at you, music games.

3) The wise will develop strategies. The smart will develop stratagems. The genius will create strategies for the stratagems that counteract his own strategies, and of course will have stratagems to fight the stratagems that fight his strategies. Try saying that three times in a row.

4) Sometimes, badges are a question of patience. Other times they are a question of repetition. And other times still they are easy enough to be achieved without either. Thus, take all the easy ones while you can. It’s easier to take everything that’s not nailed down.

5) When in a game requiring timed actions (music or twitch), concentrate on what you’re doing. Try to isolate actions into groups which you can perform on command. Do this, and you are guaranteed to perfect your skill.

6) Never underestimate the power of walkthroughs. They will cut the time and effort needed ten fold. Unless you enjoy figuring it out for yourself, that is.

7) If the badge is based on a total score across all levels, then it is better to do a half-assed job on all of them than to aim for perfection, though a perfect score will definitely make your job easier with harder badges.

8) Get the Badge of the Day and rate games for points. Oh, and if it’s a decent game that has a high scores list that doesn’t have badges, rate them a 5 because Greg usually badges games of at least a 4.0 rating. You’re going to run out of stuff that’s nailed down eventually (see 4), so you might as well do your bit to make more.

8.5) Except free to play games. They don’t deserve good ratings. And they also don’t deserve badges. So stop giving them badges, GREG.

9) Complete Quests as they give points. There’s nothing like earning ten 15-pointers to get one 50-pointer.

10) You don’t have to follow all of the above. If you want to try for it, then go for it. (Of course, you don’t have to follow any of it, but then good luck trying to get to level 50.)

Good luck, badge junkies!

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