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YOU CAN’T HANDLE IT (๑ ऀืົཽ₍₍ළ₎₎ ऀืົཽ) ﷽ Ɛ> \|\-/‘-’\-/|/ ௵ ꧅ ⸻

Javanese unicode OP

Quick quiz: What do you do when a human sized ant comes into your house and says “honey im home!”

http://www.kongregate.com/forums/935076-guild-quest/topics/864206-july-21st-update – Why did the game owner get their GAME UPDATE FORUM POST removed? XD

Game mind thing I made up on the fly improv
There are 10 balloons total. Three pillars of them. One pillar has 2, another has 3(which also has spikes), and the last has 5. You have two darts. One dart can pop 5 balloons before it breaks. The other can do 3. How do you pop all the balloons?
answer You throw the 5 dart in the 5 balloon pillar, and the 3 dart in the 2 balloon pillar. You then pick up the nearly broken 3 dart and throw it in the 3 balloon pillar. As the first balloon pops, the tacks fall on the bottom two balloons and pops them.

To do the BIG letter thing do H1 but the small h not capital vegeta_ tought me the ways of big letters.

“My pet uncle died for mare jew wannas”

Sail hatan – Germanyx/White guy jerome

JAN 13 – 10:36AM
dudelolz: Join me in my quesst for booty

Jun 20 – 9:05PM

Owen123rocks: straight white men are going to be the new minorities

Noses are red, Violence is cruel. I have mixed feelings for Tumblr, Nosferatu.

Story The three little kittens were the nicest kittens in this cute snugly world. They were not tough, but, they were brave. Tiskers, the oldest of the group, realized how pointless life is, and Facilia, the youngest of the group, looked up to Tiskers, and seeing him sad like this made her sad. Tenny, the one that was in the middle of the ages, brought Tiskers and Facilia to the old, mossy fountain. Tenny hates seeing her group being sad and miserable, so she took them to their favorite spot, since she had a feeling it would make everyone happy. Tisker jumped onto the fountain, and soon after Facilia joined him, and they chased each other around on the fountain edge. Tenny was already on the top of the fountain, balancing on the edge. She was quite scared to be so high up, but would do anything to make people happy, but she was now feeling like she would fall down and hit all the edges, but before she could finish that though the edge gave in below Tiskers, forcing him into the water, to die


The perfect tower guide for nerds n noobs XDDD

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