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    Earth - A mysterious planet that no one knows about. Also i live in a house underneath a rooftop above sea level between two room and somewhere i'm standing at. Woow thats too much info about my location,i'm done.
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    Jan. 25, 2011
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    http://armorgames.com/user/jessbelow http://www.typeupsidedown.com/
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    Faze ninjaspeed
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★ ★ ★Jessbelow ★ ★ ★ ♥▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬♥ The World is better Because you are in it!♥▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬♥ Legend Gamer from 2009-2014. From Rsprivate server to Wizard101 to Cod to Runescape to Armor Games to facebook games to Kongregate to League of Legend And to millions of other game I've visited and thousand of people I entertain ;D Been Rank 1 on a lot of game and server. Personality: Fun, Humiliating, Nice, loving, Competetive, Serious on some stuff, and all other personality that are too long to list XD. *Show more* Xbox Gamertag: Faze ninjaspeed. Just if you would like to play xbox games with me, Its would be kewl.;) Im a trickshotter player and prestiger plus on 5 famous call of duty clans. Cod stats: Cod4 -Lvl 55 Mw2 - Prestige5 lvl 80 Mw3 Prestige 8 - lvl 80 Bo 2 - lvl 78. OI: Legend Gamer of All gaming site and MMorg, And Specially runescape. One of my old game Played 1,000+ runescape private servers games. My youtube account got closed for copyright, But i'm trying to regain my subscribers back, after making a new youtube account last year. Nothing Is Impossible! Gaming experience: Legend - Veteran. Almost 7 years of Gaming, Gaming is too eazy . I also does a lot of coding html and rsps on computer and private server of java gaming. I can also make signature and ads or banner. Just post here your name or the design you would like me to create or chat me on skype or kong/ Armor game/ Xat.com( jessbelow ) Twitter, and any other communication. Skype : Jessbelow Earn Free quick money & Xbox one or any appliances at this online earning sites: http://www.points2shop.com/l/16/call_of_duty?ref=uin1380838031 Computer experience: I've been using computer for almost 10 years now this its actually the 5th time i've changed my computer or laptop. From vista, Window 7 and till Window 8.1 at now. I'm well knowledge on almost every sites, and almost knows all the famous or small sites around internet. And has experience various stuff through internet . Other online game you could find me : Zynga, Armor Games, Addicting game, Multiplayer, Mmorpg, Y8, Fb, Omgpop, Hp Games, Ultrawave, Nickelodeon, Games.com, Ultimate gaming card, nintendo, Ds, Gamecube, Xbox.com, mw 3 call of duty community, Almost all facebook gaming . To earn: Play games, Do offers, watch video, rate, and more! Copy link and registered: http://www.points2shop.com/l/16/call_of_duty?ref=uin1380838031 Mamamia! Personality: Very funny most of the time, cereal( serious ) sometimes if its really have to be a serious talk or things, also daring, non giving up person, always work hard for something you'd liked to acomplish, generous, very kind to people in real life ( if you know me in real life you feel me :d ) ^.6 Shy sometimes... and i dunno what else i don't get angry thats much only if they really made me mad. And you don't wanna see me get mad cuz i ain't giving no mercy :D Im just kidding >.^ :o we peace m8te! Location: CaL14Ni@, Usa Whats the song say: I don't care what you say, its my Life. Type Upside down! http://www.typeupsidedown.com/ (check the it out!) Last edited: October. 18, 2013. i REALLY WANNA DANCE SOMEBODY I REALLY WANNA LOVE SOMEBODY, YOU SO HOT SO HARD TO FOLLOW. LOVE ME TODAY DONT LEAVE ME till TOMMOROW. BUT IF I COME FOR YOU I'LL NEVER RECOVER, TAKE ME ALL THE WAY! (RADIO SONG) ▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░Jessbelow░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂ (॓_॔)(»◡«)♥╣[-_-]╠♥(♥‿♥)٩͡๏̯͡๏۶[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳฌ(•̪●)(¯`◕‿◕´¯)(॓_॔)(»◡«) \Current Activity: League of Legend. League of Legend Summoning name: Slayerjess Add me if you'd like :D *HAPPY THANKSGIVING* & *MERRY CHRISTMAS* ! ! ! - New Facebook account: Instagram: Teddybear3219 Password:********** Hi, In my Computer Career. The most played game i have play are Runescape: Play this game for more than 14,000 hours met more than 80,000+ players. Rsps( A copy version of Runescape is call Runescape Private Server created by random peoples) : I've played more than 1,000+ Of rsps Games and met 20,000+ peoples, I also become a mod and admin multiple times like 80 times on 60+ different games and learn a lot of things and gaming and players and experience tons of stuff how to deal with them. Also i had a lot of problem and solved and help different people on gaming as being an admin/mod/ or just an ordinary players. League Of Legend: For this one i had more than 1,400+ games total played in here, Each game takes 15minutes to 2 hours. So i spent more than 1,000 hours+ on this game and still playing it. Armor Games: I achieved a lot of achievement here and became friend with 500+ people and play thousands of games here spent more than 800+ hours here. Kongregate: I started here on 2011, but then left and came back on 2013. I spent more than 500+ hours here and played more than 100+ games. Facebook Game: I used to use Facebook for gaming but now i stopped i became friends with 1,000+ Fb gamer and play different kind of Facebook game like farm ville which i finish and reach high enough lvl and they keep adding more and new version so i quit, but there's 50+ more other facebook game i mainly play. My facebook went from 300 friends to 2,000 because a lots of game i play which i need to add people in order to do stuff. Mw3 Cod: I played more than 20,000+ matches here and almost prestige 15 Spent about 5,000+ hours Mw2 Cod: I played more than 5,000+ matches here and currently prestige 10, spent about 500+ hours Cod 4 : I only stopped at prestige 7 but i played a lot of matches too and spent only about 400-600 hours. There's tons of the game i used to play almost every game i already tried them out and mostly finish them and achieve things, But now i may start focusing on some other stuff. They used to call me LegendaryJess on some game i play because i was the only one who were able to play and stay for years and years on most of the games. Wizard101: Be who you are, Because you are Unique. Alts Account: Bot2013 Wizard101 all money i spent on crown and membership: All wizard101 Real money spent $9.95 - 1 Month membership $5.00 - 2500 Crowns $5.00 - 2500 Crowns - 2011 $5.00 - 2500 crowns $10.00 - 5000 crowns $25.00 - 13750 crowns $10.00 - 5000 crowns $10.00 - 5000 crowns $10.00 - 5000 crowns $25.00 -13750 crowns $10.00 - 5000 crowns $9.95 - 1 month membership $9.95 - 1 month member $5.00 - 2500 crown $5.00 - 2500 crown $5.00 - 2500 crown $9.95 - 1 month member $5.00 - 2500 crown %5.00 - 2500 $5.00 - 2500 $10.00 - 5000 $20 - 10000 crown $15 - 7500 crown $10 - 5000 crown $5 - 2500 $5 - 2500 $5 - 2500 $5 - 2500 Total: $ 259. 8 Crowns: 116000 crowns Its takes time to achieve something. Never Give up, As in Never!!! The word Give up is not on my dictionary. :) Just do it on a good outcome. Conquer your fear and you will be able to conquer your dreams. No one said it was easy, but patience and hard work will be the key. When things get rough, smile an apple. I like to like the like button, The police should police the police. Everyone is no one cause anyone could be someone. ===================================================== Current Occasion: YOUNOW. - LIFE - Previous game: Lord Roads I was here on top 3 leaderboards.

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