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Hi everyone, this is... well... my origin. What can i say about myself? right now i tell you that i wont give you any specific information about myself, because this is an online gaming site, i cant let everyone know everything about me, but i think i can give you some idea of who youre dealing with. My nickname is Jim Faindel, but my real name is James, if you can figure out my last name ill give you a prize ;D. I enjoy playing rpg games and ocassionally mmorpg, but my slow laptop doesnt help me with those :P, what i like the most is to get into chat and have a nice conversations with my friends, theres nothing worse in this site than a dead chat, well, escept for trolls, spammers and flooders, and of course, inactive mods. Seriously, they are selected among thousends other players, and they just keep playing, ignoring everyone else in the chatroom. If you have any question about anything, dont hesitate a second and ask me, ill try to answer youre doubts, unless i honestly dont know what are you talking about. Want to be friends? of course! lets hang out in the chatroom, both spanish and english chats are good for me. Wanna play something else? Yeah! my in-game name for almost everything is jimfaindel, but you may also find me as "delfinqro" in the playstation network. Well, i gess thats all i can make public for now, iam glad you actually red all of this, hope we can be friends now. Cya in the chatroom!----------------------------------------------Right now iam in an amazing quest to achieve all of the impossible badges! this has proben all of my skills, this will surely be a worthy challenge, right now i only have 2, but some day, ill complete my collection!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EPIC QUOTES: there are only a few now, there will be more later.---azurebalmung: i am simply a man who cries manly tears of joy and pierces the heavens with oversized robots that throws galaxies------------------------------------------------------------------well, as from now on, i have decided to keep extending my profile, instead of deleting and reposting the information, that way this will be some kind of never-ending journal, wich is something that pleases me a lot. Well, the latest big news are... i got several impossible badges, yeaaah!!!! i must say that this challenge has proven worthy. These badges arent just called impossible, they really are! I cant recall how many hours i spent in front of my computer, luckly it can, and it tells me that I needed over 60 hours of gameplay to get the MARDEK rpg impossible achievement, quite an acomplishment, but together with that one, i got the badge from amorphous+ and heroes' den, wich were really more time-consuming than dificult, but still were a huge challenge------------------------------------------------------------------------changing drasticly of subject, i just discovered a site to read online-comic-books, this site is balls2that.com, wich is one of the finest there are on the web-----------------------------------------------------------------------oh, and something really off topic... GO GREENBAY!!!!-----------------------------It has been a while since I got any writings in here. Lets correct that. Recently i have achieved several impossible badges (yay), this has really been hard, but totally worth the effort, and everyone whould give himself some time to try it.-----------------------------------Besides my achievement adictions, i have been reading some new books, old books, well, books. I started to read Oscar Wilde's whole collection, but it proved to be way more that what I could handle in one or two weeks, therefore I decided to leave that for some other time. At the moment I am devouring Asimov's stories, all of them, and you know what? I LOVE THOSE STORIES!-------------------------------------------------------------jimfaindel: Az is the best troll around Sojyn: we made Az out of spare troll parts--------------------------------------------------Damn I hate this game. It's like 3am and I gotta go up tomorow, still playing this game. Make it less addicting... -.----------------------------------------------------------cheezburger: You opened a mystery box. You found only regret and a sad realization that you should be working!------------------------------------------------------------------------In doubt: Drink a beer.---------------------------------Exetio: or can you explain me what a sandwhich is?---------------------------------------------------This just in: Water is wet.

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