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Do not mess with my mean side. It is a mean creature. It will rip your arms off…

Then when it’s done scraching it’s ass with your arms, it’ll rip off your legs and use them as antenas. Then it’ll use you intestines as jumping rops,and when it’s hungry it’ll eat you heart with a side of gale blatter and marinated in your testicles, and on those lonely cold nights it’ll use you head with the eye balls still intaced as a fuck toy!


Joseph Archer: International man of awesome.

Age: 89 (Looks 20)
Race: White
Gender: Dude
Abilitys: Mediumship , Astral trapping , Astral Projection , and a Death sense . He has Subconcious Demonic Mimicry which could happen randomly. It is his alter ego (I geuss you can say he has a split mind ) And this alter ego has Life-Force manipulation , granting this insidious persona insane power. Wether this side is an Actual demon or not is still a mystery. But his (Evil side) Power out matchs many previous demons… Regardless Joseph was aware of it or not…
NOTE: Joseph cant use Demon Mimicry, Life force manipulation, or any of the powers that come with them to save his life. Only his Alter Ego can use those powers.
Bio: Joseph is a FBI Homocide Detective with a dark past. He is a Cynic, pessimistic, depressive individual, and you would be too if your job was talking to dead people all day. Inside, he is a dark tool, yet to be used. He was at the tender age of 15 when he ran away from his abusive family, joining a satanic cult, who gave him love and respect he had never felt before. during a monthly ritual, it was Josephs turn to be the “Vessal”, a person, place, or thing that bridges two Planes, in this case: Earth and Hell. He blacked out, and when he woke up, he was in a hospital bed, and turned out to be the only surviver of a gruesome slaughter. Before he could be questioned, he ran again, becoming a theif. After raising enough money but finding no happiness, he turned to religion… Lots of it. After the whole “Vessal” Incident, he started to see things, at first hazy blurs, but over the years he learned how to fully interact with the dead. By the age of 21, he could trap spirits into people, places, or things, leading to anywhere from animation of lifeless objects, to forced possesion, to even banishing the spirits to other planes. He also has a split personality, who calls himself “Nobody” or “Simply Joe”. He is a darker side, the embodiment of all the hate and anger in Joseph, and seems to be able to tap into a latent power of Josephs. He has become proffeciant in many religions, gaining over 42 different Exericism licenses. He knows many religions, but personnaly belives in god and follows no religion (I geuss he is Agnostic.). thanks to his mediumship, he is on of the Best Investigators in the FBI, thanks to being able to communicate with the people who died, who saw the whole thing, and gather all the evidence.
Appearence Pic because im lazy. Yes he wears that often, and no, he usually leaves his Katana at home. When in “Joe” Side, all minor life (Plants, vegetation, insects, Small animals, etc.) start to die. Depending how powerfull or observal somone is, they can notice a green line leading from any lesser living creature near him to his torso, usually his back. It begins to turn into some sort of green armor covering him, so he can keep the energy and use powers on the fly.
Weapons: Has a state-issued .50 Magnum handgun with 3 extra given clips of ammo. He also has a clip of UV rounds and a clip of silver bullets, both having been prayed over. He also has various satanic ritual & spell books on hand, and a glove with a lock of samsons hair ( the dude with the super hair) that increases his strength by ten-fold as long as he wears it.

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