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Description: With long, red hair and sad almost lifeless, brown eyes, Kaen isn’t what people think of when they image a teenager boy. Stands at 6 feets tall, Kaen has the build of a fighter: tall and slim. He has paled skin and thin lips. His voice is somewhat rough due to the lack of using it. His clothes mostly consist of a white chinese shirt and blue jeans.

Name: Kaen Teinteddo

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Powers/Abilities: Kaen has the ability to create and manipulate flames. He can create sparks of fire with a snap of his hand, make a flame grow stronger or weaker. His ability also allows him to create heat even though it requires constant contact.

Weapons: None, only uses limbs.


Kaen is a person that hides his true feelings behind an emotionless mask. With his mask on, Kaen is cold and uncaring. He is straight to the point and very pessimistic. He almost never smiles and in those very few times when he actually smiles, his smiles are like a twitch of the lips than an actual smile. His eyes are always lifeless as well as his actions. He never really puts any efforts behind his work.

Kaen only lets go of his mask when he’s near the persons he can absolutely trust. With his mask off, Kaen is actually a very passionate person. He’s loyal to his friends and will do everything to help his friends even give up his life for his friends. The reason why Kaen has to keep his mask on is because his ability is depends on his emotions and therefore, the more emotional he becomes, the harder he can control his power. He’s also an honest person and very open to his friends and family.


There is nothing special about Kaen’s history. He grews up in a normal household, had very normal childhood and was a very trusting child. However, this changes after an accident, when Kaen was betrayed by someone he trusted, he became closed off, terrified that if he gets too close to other people again, they will hurt him again. He’s a very hard-working student and with his cold, lifeless mask, Kaen is a very popular student especially to the girls in the school. He is, however, very afraid to open to any of them. He has very few friends but all of them are the ones he can trust with his life.



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