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Latest Activity: Played This is the Only Level TOO (Sep 15, 2015 10:36pm)

Points needed for next level: 148 Level

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    In front of my computer; duh.
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    Jun. 17, 2008
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8Z10Z10Z12011210Z10Z10Z22Z0Z10Z10Z120112901120Z10Z10Z12011210Z2Z10Z10Z100Z00Z00Z0Z10Z10Z10Z10Z100Z0Z10Z12011210Z0Z110Z22Z0Z150Z0Z10Z10Z10Z12011210Z0Z10Z110Z0Z10Z10Z10Z10Z10Z12011210Z0Z10Z110Z10Z00Z00Z0Z10Z10Z122Z5Z10Z10Z110Z10Z10Z5Z100ZC002Z122Z0Z10Z150Z10Z10Z10Z20Z00Z50ZA00Z10Z10Z110Z10Z10Z0Z120Z00Z52Z53ZBZ10Z10Z10Z10Z10Z10Z120Z00Z50Z00ZA00Z10Z10Z10Z10Z10Z120Z00Z52Z00Z00Z00Z0Z10Z10Z153Z0Z10Z120Z53Z00Z00Z00Z00Z00Z52Z0Z10Z10Z10Z120Z My Code for Shift2 Map :D -5 1b -a 1q,2 17 7 12,-32 6e -2f 6e,-2p 6d -29 61,-68 9v -5i 9v,-69 9i -69 9v,-6 9t -8 ak,-1c ai -e ao,-3a ic -2f ie,-2a hr -2f ih,-77 ru -6c rv,-69 qs -6e rq,-a0 vh -9l vk,-6l 13s -5q 13s,-5p 133 -5p 13m,-8h 16r -7u 16p,-8p 16b -8o 16o,-6a 192 -5k 194,-5i 18a -5i 194,-8u 1c7 -8l 1c7,-do 200 -d3 200,-ds 1ur -ds 1vn,-cl 27q -bt 27q,-cr 271 -cr 27o,-a3 2cp -9f 2cp,-9b 2br -9b 2ch,-di 2ej -d2 2et,-d7 2eq -ct 2ej,-ek 3dk -e5 3dr,-e5 3dt -dl 3dk,-j8 3ds -j3 3e5,-k6 3kk -jk 3l3,-jk 3l5 -iu 3km##T -ji 3ln My code for free rider 2 (Auto unicycle)

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