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    Ahead of you...to show it can be done. Behind you to encourage you to strive toward your own dream.
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    Jan. 16, 2010

I am here to have fun. I seek neither friend nor foe. Should one care to like me or hate me,,,,that is entirely on them. I have very little control of that. I can only be me,,,take it or leave it,,,,,,,OR,, “deal with it” if ya can’t “leave it”.
I love to share w/ acquaintances,,,,even those who have different views than I (as long as they share them respectfully). Diversity of opinion is what I seek,,, it makes me “grow”,,,, it helps me “consume” the entirety of the world and its many, many wonders.
My foes may as well NOT BOTHER to share….usually they are childish and just stupidly hateful. I’ve heard most of their crap before and it is utterly boring,,,,usually because it comes from a “defective mind//soul”.
Both my style of text and my demeanor are extremely “relaxed”. I have NO interest//intent of “pushing” ANY agenda on ANYONE.
Those of you who are sooooooo “ANAL” as to have any kind of angst about either of those can simply//easily “grown UP” enough to overlook my “laid-back” persona and make an effort to find merit IN the message rather than be soooo petty & banal as to make any kind of “bitch” about HOW the message is delivered.
While this forum category is about serious discussion…. I AM NOT interested in any form of FORMAL DEBATE or"hard line" discussion. I’m here to share (both TO & FROM you),,,,and I choose to do it in a relaxed & conversational manner. I find that “serious” doesn’t have to be bereft of some humor,,,,,a bit of light-heartedness can often take the “edge” off tense discussions.
Those who seek ""proof"" could do well to realize such is highly subjective in most issues involving the human condition…..and “lighten up” about seeking it.
NOW,,, about my odd manner of text: it is called stream of consciousness.
I exaggerate my punctuation in order that it NOT be missed,,,AND, to indicate more of a “flow” of words,,,much as one would likely do in a simple face-2-face convo.

AND,,,should ya be all that offended by “something different”, you have the option of being mature enough to simply NOT read my posts when ya see my avatar.

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