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If anyone’s interested in hearing more reviews from me for other games, want a fresh perspective of games you’ve come to love, or just want to hang out with me while I play games, feel free to check out http://player2.tv/.

DesktopTD: whut
DesktopTD: the actual fu*k
MercuryDomini: You see, DtD, a Vagina is that happy place between a girl’s legs.
DesktopTD: Slaps Mercury for being gay
kenneth2830: roflmao
MercuryDomini: Says the guy who asked “What” when talking about vaginas.

kenneth2830: Enjoy eating Maddy’s vagina then Revo.
rockerchic: Already has.

MercuryDomini: You don’t need to please a woman. If she doesn’t get off, that’s her problem.
MercuryDomini: Women’s right. They don’t need a man to do anything.

trickyrodent: congrats, Kenneth! :)
trickyrodent: that’s a big one!
kenneth2830: That is indeed what she said ;-)

kenneth2830: Bob Seger – Turn the Page
kugio7: yes, kenneth, yes
kugio7: … that wasn’t meant to sound wrong
CedartownDawg: Too late.

kenneth2830: throws pedobear at Lucky
CraziAsian: jumps on Lucky
CraziAsian: alright dood… i know youre a cow
CraziAsian: but imma ride you like a horse
kenneth2830: so today we have apparently learned that Crazi is pedobear >.<
CraziAsian: indeed i am kenneth

Hellopunny: kenny. Open a window
Hellopunny: Too steamy


Talonkarrde07: Herian you know owe me you’re soul for encouraging me to look up Pokep0rn.
Talonkarrde07: Know you
Herian: ..I didn’t encourage it.
animefreak03: hey
Kairi_the_shadow: o.O You guys are into furries.
Kairi_the_shadow: Derp.
Herian: :P
Talonkarrde07: *
* you.
Kairi_the_shadow: xD
kenneth2830: rofl

Jumpinjilz: I like Gaga, Slipknot, Bullet, Eminem AND Emilie Autumn. Mate, just because someone likes one half of that doesn’t mean they have to hate everyone else’s music. And open mind is an intelligent one. Don’t be prejudiced to music just because it’s popular or belongs to a different genre. Plus, everyone’s different! Respect that. :)

That quote is something that I wish more people would learn to follow.

nightshade_wolf: IM A GIRL!!!……NOT A SEX TOY
DackJaniels: There’s a difference?

OmegaKaiSi: Noboy is ever close to where I love

OmegaKaiSi: Are you sure thats drool?
Herian: Omega, I’ve seen her do it.
Kairi_the_shadow: o.o Erm… pardon? Dx
Herian: Anywho, I really do need to go
OmegaKaiSi: Seen her do what?
Kairi_the_shadow: >.>
kenneth2830: Seeing Kairi do it? Great time to have refreshed chat!
OmegaKaiSi: Im implying that it is not drool on your lip.
Kairi_the_shadow: What is it then?
OmegaKaiSi: Twinkie cream. :#
OmegaKaiSi: :3
Kairi_the_shadow: o-o
domoninja: hello
kenneth2830: eh, plays like a slow version of Alundra.
Kairi_the_shadow: OMFG ew.
OmegaKaiSi: What? O.o
domoninja: OMFG what
Kairi_the_shadow: D: Got drool on my pillow, shirt and bed Dx
kenneth2830: You mean twinkie cream? :P
Kairi_the_shadow: Ohwait, not shirt.
OmegaKaiSi: if thats not twinkie cream on your shirt, what is it?
kenneth2830: Btw, that totally got added to my profile :P
Kairi_the_shadow: DNA.
Kairi_the_shadow: Oh, also I’ve seen my dna before.
OmegaKaiSi: Ken, which part?
OmegaKaiSi: Im looking at my DNA as i type
Kairi_the_shadow: :3
OmegaKaiSi: Spermatozoa!

kenneth2830: Tapioca balls. You don’t taste them though.
MrSpontaneous: ^
MrSpontaneous: instead you eat the balls.
Azieru: hot
Kairi_the_shadow: o.o
Kairi_the_shadow: xD
kenneth2830: Sexy

Lystie: When I had sex with a chick for the first time, her dad walked in on us and asked if I wanted a cup of tea.

kenneth2830: Kairi’s got lolis on her computer? Ew
JohnLeprechaun: @Talon
Kairi_the_shadow: Mhmm.
Kairi_the_shadow: wait
Kairi_the_shadow: FUUUUUUUUUUU-

lesbian_queen25: hello
Herian: …
Herian: Now there’s a name.

speciaindividual: Anyone got a cure for depression and insomnia?
JKuang: Love

Kyru: No. Although he’s very autistic.
Kyru: ….Artistic* omg

kenneth2830: I’m working on a terminator/cerberus deck as well.
Blarlack: …go with Kenneth if you want to live.

Nageki: Why would someone name their daughter sorrow?
MrSpontaneous: the condom broke?

Pushead: enclave doesnt really have that many good xenos
guitar_zero: i have 15 nexus
kowla: but it only kave me 10x the regular amt so 100 to 1k
kenneth2830: phoenix
jadespider: buy gold until it has nothing more you want, then buy enclave
Phoenix00017: yes?
Pushead: it gave you 1k kreds?
kramsys: i bought an enclave and 4 of the 5 were xeno
kenneth2830: roflmao
Pushead: lol
kenneth2830: Was talking about the phoenix card :P
kowla: what pheonix?
Phoenix00017: ahh
kartis: I want a Phoenix so bad :(
Phoenix00017: yeah, pretty good card
guitar_zero: 2/6 flying regen 2 3 wait
kenneth2830: So telling bunnykitten this one xD
guitar_zero: or 2 wait i forget
kowla: what does it do?
Pushead: its okay
Pushead: vaporwing is better than it tho

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