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Hey there, Blake here. I’m here to welcome you to the bio of killer9301. Good luck f**ko!

Candice rp bio http://pastebin.com/h7PXvDbb
Mangle rp bio: http://pastebin.com/5CMjTCCy

hi im killer9301 and i love to rp with my friends! RP-S is THE best chat room on kongregate period.

Games are a place where all of societys standereds fall away. Where we agree on a shared reality that we can all craft to be better then this one. Where everyone can be seen for their strenths and not their weaknesses. Its the place where the child in the wheelchair can run. where the awkward or shy can comunicate. Where the fightened can be brave. It’s a place where we can be colour blind/ where we can be free from assumptions and debt to our differences. If we wish for gaming to grow then we need to preserve that. We have to be better. We have to put aside the rage and the bitrial, move past our toxisity and embrace the better angels of our nature. Winning is now excuse for poor behaviour and the fear of losing is a trap that, if we dont try to protect against, is sure to prey on even the best of us. so in short: Dont talk smack, Just carry harder.

A small flash appeared from a large vertical test tube in the underground crystal white laboratory, the two smaller ones either side of it were now empty. they had once contained a female human. and a snake but in the larger one there was a lamia…a mixture of said girl and snake. she was floating in the tube which was filled with greenish liquid from the transformation. due to meticulous planning the snake girl was already wearing an oxygen mask to allow her to breath. she floated there currently unconscious (You are the lab person btw in case it wasn’t obvious. this is clean rp. and no I do not have kik The lamia/miia/Me looks like this: http://static7.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11/113021/4762261-monster+musume+animage+unknown+issue.jpg

Below here are a bunch of rp starters I crap stormed together

I play as a young woman, who’s been homeless for many years, and has been stealing to survive but she’s never been caught. You’re an ex marine who lives in the house I’m breaking into tonight} It was a harsh winter, although for the past few years it has been and somehow she survives each one. Tonight it was exceptionally cold, and Cerea needed some new blankets and some more food to wait out the storm. Dressed in well…this: http://i.imgur.com/Wirb2NP.jpg with a backpack on her back, She eyes a house surrounded by the trees towards the edge of town, away from most people and any cops. She carefully wades through the trees and snow to make sure no one was nearby and made a dash for a back window. She peaks through to see no one so she breaks the glass and crawls inside. She finds herself in the kitchen, and realizes shes cut from the glass with a long scratch on her arm. “Fuck..” She says quietly as she rummages through the cabinets searching for anything she could fit in her bag

I am Candice, a member of the crew on board one of the most feared ships to haunt the seven seas. However, I am in disguise, I dress like a man and yet no one noticed. Its amazing what wrapping your chest and acting like an ass can achive. I go by the haunting name of… Callam. You are the captain of another pirate ship and you had just launched an attack on our ship. the rest of the crew is now dead and your men are currently searching for anyone hiding… (Yeah this is about as good as I can do…you continue from here please, doesn’t matter if your a guy or girl. I do NOT have kik.)

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