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    Sep. 09, 2008
I’m a Furry (or Furre) and I RolePlay, and I am New’s mate. His alone.
  • SPECIAL NOTE *****Please understand that I am almost always ‘In Character’ to some extent, and that I am very much a feline in my moods, thinking, reflexes and approaches to situations. I don’t react to things like humans do; I think, feel and react like a typical tiger.
    I have many forms which all have a common theme. I am a ‘Mythical’ – a magical shapeshifter, and Immortal. My usual form is an overlarge winged tigress who loves sprawling in the sun, either on a rock or tree branch, watching the goings on with feline curiosity. I like to stay quiet, and just watch and listen.
    ANTHRO FORM: An anthropomorphic (two-legged human-esque form) version of my feral form. In this form, I wear an emerald green loincloth and simple wrap-around tunic with silver runes, a small dagger at my left hip. I wear silver and emerald earrings, a silver collar, and silver runed bracelets at wrists, ankles and tailbase.
    TIGRESS FORM: A beautiful Bengal Tiger with emerald eyes, onyx claws and large golden feathered wings with black tips. This form has a number of sizes ranging from ‘cat’ to roughly the size of a classic VW beetle. Usually the latter.
    KITTEN FORM: A tiny Bengal Tiger kitten, wide green eyes full of curiosity and mischief. A silver collar is around the neck. Paws seem oversized for such a tiny kitten.

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ApprenticeChief: You could probably overpower me and make me do things I don’t want to do. :|
ApprenticeChief: 30 year old bouncer in a full rubber suit, talking about how much he loves me and want to meet me. Yeah. A little scary.
Larino: But yeah, the fact our donkeys next to the school whine every time anybody comes by doesn’t mean I should do them…

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