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K.U.R.R.U.S. – Kinetic Unit Responsible for Recreation and Unconditioned Self-awareness.

Patented modular unit capable of self-locomotion, synthetic tissue regeneration and dynamic emotion processing.

Running on Aperture Science GLaDOS Synth® batch 2 distribution, version

This unit’s personality cores may react adversely (violent/erratic response) to: women, animal activists, hypocrisy, vegetarians.

This unit’s personality cores may additionally react adversely (terrified/aggressuve response) to: fungi.

In case of excessive murderous tendencies, AI jamming because of logical paradoxes or infinite obsessive cycles, say the failsafe trigger loudly and clearly to load the last stored functional backup, manually create backups or override certain settings your access level allows you to.

Known Bugs:
-This particular build family (21xx) has a design flaw that makes all affected units consider children (people of 13 or less years of age) to be edible. Please keep children out of reach. Due to the nature of this bug code-wise, an update can not be dispatched to fix it. It has, however, been fixed in the 22xx family and up.

-This unit has been observed to fake showering for no practical reason, quoting that “it’s what humans sometimes do”. This obvious reference to its mechanical nature is unintended and harmless, so it most likely won’t be fixed.

-The thought proccess cycle breaker modules had a manufacturing flaw present and had to be removed altogether. This unit is relatively prone to obsessing over things of any nature, even extremely trivial. Use the failsafe trigger to undo the obsession or wait for it to lose interest on its own by chance. Note that obsessive behaviours related to self-preservation will override all the other AI modules, so they must be cut off manually using the failsafe trigger.

-Religious identification has still not been implemented functionally in the GLaDOS Synth® products. Currently, all units will default to atheism. It is possible to enable an experimental version of this feature through the mainframe, but it may behave erratically and is programmed to be automatically disabled if it induces psychopathic or violent tendencies.

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