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lamefire9: But what if a video game doesn’t satisfy?
OnimushaRyu: And, it’s just my opinion.
MarikoYoshida: I think it is much fun to write your own story, interact with it in all possible ways. Videogames are far too linear to me.
OnimushaRyu: Well lame, try the other hand.
lamefire9: I just hide in the darkness of the chat room until my time comes.
Battlemons69420: Cdog is probably satan himself
DawnofAshes: That’s horribly homosexual of you. (reply)
DawnofAshes: It is 10:43PM. Do you know what your child is?
To DawnofAshes: That’s horribly stereotypical of you.
DawnofAshes: Go suck a dick. (reply)
DawnofAshes: I went there. (reply)
DawnofAshes: BANISHED. (reply)
To DawnofAshes: I hope your day is nice, too.
DawnofAshes: What are you. (reply)
To DawnofAshes: A fire that burns.
DawnofAshes: Hard of hearing? Hard of skin? (reply)
To DawnofAshes: I can’t hear, nor do I have skin. I’m a fire.
DawnofAshes: kk (reply)
lamefire9: Yo.
Kiseke: Howdy
lamefire9: “Howdy, partnah! You ready to round up the cattle on this here fine evenin’?”
DawnofAshes: Screw you, lamefire.
jangaloze: G8 deb8 m8 i r8 it 8/8
lamefire9: I hate you too, Dawn.
DawnofAshes: Who pesters the pest?
Kiseke: the watchmen?
DawnofAshes: lamefire does.

[11:51 PM] lamefire9: Please, don’t kiss me or my pasta.
[11:51 PM] ShotgunMidget: Class
[11:51 PM] gerheart: why not your pasta?
[11:51 PM] Damien833: mw3 me too
[11:51 PM] lamefire9: That stuff is too strong, man.
[11:51 PM] ShotgunMidget: CoD Ghost
[11:51 PM] gerheart: I would make love to that pasta all night long

[08:41 PM] sirducken: I am an oversexualized horndog, but I don’t go around saying “booooobies.”

[10:42 PM] Livzy: Youre from Brazil
[10:42 PM] nitetrooper93: internet*
[10:42 PM] NaoSouONight: Shush
[10:42 PM] Livzy: :P
[10:42 PM] NaoSouONight: Brazil is in America.
[10:43 PM] NaoSouONight: You dummy.

I might add more to this description later. Don’t feel like it yet.

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