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    A suburb of the Twin Cities •('v')•
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    Apr. 26, 2008

Modded on Thursday, October 15, 2009.
Demodded due to inactivity on Thursday, March 14th, 2013. It’s been fun. Perhaps I’ll have to come back to this site some more one day.

My favorite animal is the penguin, the field of work I’m interested in going into is biochemistry or organic chemistry. I’m intelligent and easily bored by a lack of challenge, and I’m really a rather calm and level-headed person that doesn’t get worked up much.
Now for the obligatory quotes…

xetsilb: The last time I drank, I drove into a ditch, which doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but I stopped at the ditch, looked left and right, then drove into the ditch.

irishrapier: if you’re drunk how come you’re typing so well?
crazytothe11th: im naturally good thaYs why

AlisonClair: If Jim decided he didn’t want the word “chicken” said on the site he could say “mods, instantly ban anyone who says chicken.”

Draconoxious: So you missed it lancer I was driven halfway to insanity and back by this room earlier
Draconoxious: there were more Trolls in here than a Harry Potter Cosplay convention.

(whisper)Redspike: You read my mind sometimes. At moments like these, I love you more than my pet guinipig
(whisper)Lancer873: Daww… Also you have a pet guinea pig?
(whisper)Redspike: He died when I was 9 in a Science Experiment that he ruined.
(whisper)Redspike: that should go in your quotes.
(whisper)Lancer873: It totally would if it wasn’t in a whisper.
(chat)Redspike: Lancer! You read my mind sometimes. At moments like these, I love you more than my pet guinipig
Lancer873: Daww… Also you have a pet guinea pig?
Redspike: He died when I was 9 in a Science Experiment that he ruined.

jertog: Because I am me, and no one is as awesome as someone with a God complex.

crapes: you spellt potter ronge
Lancer873: You spelt spelt wrong :P

TheLightDemon: B told me to protect his flowers.
Dracowulfen: If B told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?
Dracowulfen: If B told you to molest a kindergartener…
Fluffy_Panda: If I had a bungee cord, Draco.
Fluffy_Panda: o.o

Lancer7: Lol Lancer873 ^^
Lancer873: O_o
Lancer873: Well… there’s only one thing to say upon finding a second Lancer:
Lancer873: I shall call him…
Lancer873: Mini-me!

piemonkey: Spiders are gods way of telling us we’re all little girls.

Here’s some old history of my time on Kongregate that I decided to keep around for Nostalgia’s sake. I’m not gonna bother formatting it since chances are nobody’s gonna read it anyways, but here it is:
I started out in the room Road Scholars, which was watched over by the mod McKain. There I met Djkittn, who was referred to as Queen of Road Scholars. She was probably the nicest person in Road Scholars, but eventually she left Road Scholars and went to League of Gamers in search of a room that was protected from trolls. I spent a little while in Road Scholars, partially confused, partially disbelieving that she left, fortunately djkittn came back for a visit for a bit one day and explained things to me. I spent a little bit longer in Road Scholars, then packed up and went to LoG. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the greatest place either, and trolls were common. After a good while of not seeing kittn on I tried PMing her, and she responded telling me that she went to The Garden. This seemed to be the room that I would spend the rest of my days at Kong at, under the watchful eyes of the dual mods MeMe44 and Butterfly623, and I certainly stayed there for quite a while. However, after a while MeMe44 got her own room, The Village, and moved there. I stayed in The Garden for a while, but Butterfly623 wasn’t on quite enough to keep all of the trolls out, and eventually I moved to The Garden, even though it meant leaving the nicest member I knew. After spending a little while in The Village, I decided to become migrant, and now my penguins and I move happily around the chat. As of now though, I’ve become mostly rooted into The Garden.
So yeah that’s about it… I don’t know what else I should put here…

Finally, here’s a text based penguin for your entertainment:

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