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this story is really bad and awful but I’m keeping it in here for nostalgia’s sake lol

(Story not completed yet. This is just temporary.) Leon, the cold blooded killer and the psychopath, once had a father named Shadow but Shadow was killed. He has a mother for he does not care about at all for she barely ever pays attention to him and he hardly considers her his mother for he prefers to be alone.

Leon wears a black hooded sweatshirt and usually use the hood that covers his face. But he sometimes likes to take it off a lot too He on occasion wears this black mask over his mouth to hide his face a little. But sometimes he will just leave it on his neck. He wears a black tee shirt under it which anyone who meets him will rarely see. He has black steel toe boots with spikes that can come out of them to inflict a brutal kick and a stab at the same time. He wears black tight jeans that usually look very nice. He also wears dark black leather gloves usually. He has blue hair that sticks up a little looking kind of like spikish hair. His eyebrows are blue as well. And he has a fairly decent looking face. He looks about 19-21 years but he’s really more than 10,00 years old. And he has red demonic eyes that make it seem like when he looks at you he’s staring into your soul…

He usually uses giant heavy maces or iron katanas of the finest metals. But he will extremely likely not bother with his time and use his magical attacks, most of which have the ability to kill someone instantly without the proper counter skills. He has fine hand to hand combat skills. He also has a variety of magic attacks, including some that could kill somebody in an instant. He also has many other attacks as well that will remain secret.

Leon’s Full Name: Leon Natas

Favorite foods: Leon prefers to eat people, he enjoys their blood guts and organs.

Race: Demon

Gender: Male

Skin color: White

Age: 10,000 (Ten thousand years)

Height: 7 Feet

Weight: 125 Pounds

Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgfklKnOg4w
Or search: Creepy Doll- Johnathon Coulton

Leon: http://s1084.photobucket.com/albums/j420/ShadowFan12/?action=view¤t=LeonoftheSins.png

Leon’s Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/563350338

Bros Before Hoes!: Destroyer80 System_Seven AlphaWolfKiller1 siromaster

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