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    Nov. 25, 2011

(This is a profile in progress, so don’t be mad if it seems unfinished. There’s a lot to write.)

INTRO: My picture is so awesome, right? Now, I’m not going to provide you with any details about my birth, location, or any of that stuff, so stalkers will be disappointed.

FYI: Yeah, I know what my username is. Although I’ve pretty much only played 4 Zelda games,(Spirit Tracks, The Minish Cap, A Link to the Past, and Four Swords), I know some stuff about Link and the Triforce, plus I’ve read some of the Zelda graphic novels, so I’m not some idiot thinking that’s a cool username. (Hm. Maybe I am.)

SUMMARY:Right now I am a 13 year old trying to survive in this huge, confusing, dangerous world. Metaphorically.

FOR ALL YOU NON-READERS OUT THERE: Yeah, my profile is long. There’s a lot to write. But you can just read the sections that look interesting, you lazy bums.

GIRLS: Are a complete mystery. Guys reading this probably feel the same way. Girls reading this will think I’m a complete idiot for not figuring them out.
And nope, I haven’t got a girlfriend. Sad.

WARNINGS: I have a tendency to break into laughing seizures at random stuff. Those could go on for up to 10 minutes. I am, uh, a little eccentric. Enough said.

CONVERT ALERT: I’m not sure why I suddenly became such a fan of Link and the Zelda series (although it IS really awesome…). It was probably the onslaught of positive feedback: Skyward Sword getting Game of the Month and a perfect 10 in the December issue of Game Informer, on top of it sounding really cool, 25th Anniversary coverage on Legend of Zelda from Game Informer, and me playing a Zelda game for more than 30 minutes (it was Four Swords, if you must know). Anyway, I’m here now!

HOBBIES: I read. A lot. When I informed one guy how much I read, he wondered if I even have a social life. (I do, in fact, have a social life. More on that later.) Yes, I play video games. Yes, I play awesome ones. Yes, frequently. You people should stop judging me.

SKILLS: Swimming. Riding a bike. Kicking people’s butts at video games. Loving injuries/pain/klutziness. Writing. (Several short stories and an incomplete fail of a novel. I suck with dedication, although I make up some pretty awesome stuff.) Being kind of nerdy.

SCHOOL: Could be a lot worse.

MUSIC: I probably like the same stuff you do, if you like “To the Sky”, “More Than A Feeling”, video game music(PHOENIX WRIGHT!), etc. I’m trying new stuff too. I also listen to the radio frequently(106.1 KISS FM if you must know).

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Is a really lame name for cool stuff after/during school. I’m in Band, and I play the oboe. You probably don’t know what an oboe is. Don’t feel bad. Neither did I, for a while.

FAVORITES: Favorite color(s)/Black, orange, and sky blue| Favorite thing to get for Christmas/ Video games| Favorite song/ Tough one| Favorite book/ If you’ve been paying attention, you would know that I’ve read way too many to pick a favorite |

END: That was all an epic fail of trying to express myself and you will probably forget all of it in one click.

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