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Hi, I’m Llama.
Became a mod on 7-6-11
Became the proud owner of Door to London Below (Formerly The Office) as of 3-12-12
Passed on the reins to Yllib on 10/29/13
Getting the mod stuff out of the way:
If you need a mod and I’m not answering my PMs

Conduct Guidelines

How to become a Mod

If you’re under 13 and wondering why people are freaking out about you being here. (Hint: It’s the law.)
I was not raised by wolves. They were badgers. The wolves wouldn’t have me.
I do not kill people. That is my least favorite thing to do.
For those of you worried about LOSING THE GAME

You’re welcome.
Now, Quotes!
Rachiface: Don’t you know Llama is an essential ingredient in awesome cookies?
DeeOctavius: of course shes a terrible person CAUSE SHES A LLAMA
Llamanescent: Was this a triumph?
Cauchemar: It was a huge success
Cauchemar: I mean really, its hard to overstate my satisfaction
Llamanescent: Well, you do what you must, because you can.
Cauchemar: You know, for the good of all of us!
Llamanescent: Except the ones who are dead.
Cauchemar: Precisely but i cant be crying over every mistake
Llamanescent: Exactly. You just keep on trying ‘til you run out of cake.
Cauchemar: Yeh and the science gets done
Llamanescent: Plus, you make a neat gun.
Cauchemar: I know, only for the people who are still alive.
Llamanescent: Trees aren’t really digestible.
Maginmaniac7: They are if you’re a woodchipper.
Llamanescent: I’m not a woodchipper.
Maginmaniac7: Well then there’s your problem!
zflocco: Keep away from my nips you sexy fiend…

MerlinsDarkFails: flo did you already donate your brain to tig?
zflocco: I’m a gaseous form, What brain is there to be had?I’m innately intellectual.
MerlinsDarkFails: so in other words your a gas robot?
Tigoda: floc is nothing but hot air,
Tigoda: no surprise,
zflocco: I’m not a bunch of hot air, I’m quite cool.
MerlinsDarkFails: can you be my air butler?
MerlinsDarkFails: ill pay you more than my robot
Tigoda: i, as an adult, have ran away from a clown before,
Llamanescent: I just don’t get close enough to have to run.
Orangatuan: I, actually, have never seen a clown IRL.
Tigoda: they also sometimes cause me to let out manly squeals of manly shock ,
MerlinsDarkFails: in other words you mean man screams tig?
Tigoda: manly man screams!
Orangatuan: Manly man screams? I thought they were Girly Girl screams with extra bass.

MyNameIsNothing: Llama is like the doctor, and DRK is like Marty McFly.

Photographic evidence of me taking The Office from Riddlemaster, provided by Tigoda.

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