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"Rainbow Dash loves to ride on rainbows. She's an adventurous pony, as everyone knows. She always believes that bigger is better. She'll try anything if only you let her. If she hasn't done it, it's never been done -- that's what makes Rainbow Dash so much fun! "Rainbow Dash is the most outrageous pony you'll ever meet! When it comes to adventure, excitement and fun, if Rainbow Dash hasn't done it, it's never been done! You know, she's the only pony who's taken a ride on every rainbow in Ponyville! And believe you me, that's a lot of rainbows! One day, Rainbow Dash and her friend Kimono went out for a walk and in the distance a beautiful rainbow appeared. Rainbow Dash stopped in her tracks. "Look! There's a brand new rainbow. Let's go for a ride! And when we get back we'll have a great, grand story to tell." And so they did... or did they? Hold on! Rainbow Dash is going to take you on a wonderful rainbow ride!" ~ story from Target Sweepstakes Meet the Ponies It's another bright and beautiful day... perfect for riding rainbows in Ponyville. RAINBOW DASH could spend all day riding rainbows, but she has some other exciting things to do as well! · Ask Minty or Pinkie Pie to help style my rainbow hair · Teach Pink Sunsparkle how to ride a rainbow · Dream up new stories to tell my friends RAINBOW DASH likes to wake up very early in the morning, because she just can't wait to start a brand new day! After a yummy breakfast and a ride on a colorful rainbow, she's ready for the rest of the day's adventures! · Go shopping for a sparkly new tiara · Ride some more rainbows! · Go on a hot-air balloon ride with Strawberry Swirl After a busy morning spent riding rainbows, RAINBOW DASH is getting ready to have a cozy tea party with a very special friend! For this fancy event, she's baked a yummy cake, and is wearing her very best hat. The kettle's whistling... it's time for tea! It's a bright sunny day in Ponyville, just perfect for a picnic party! RAINBOW DASH is dashing about, packing things into her basket. With yummy treats and fun music playing, this picnic is going to be a blast! BIRTHDAY MONTH: May FAVORITE COLOR: all the colors of the rainbow FAVORITE FLOWER: morning glories FAVORITE THING TO DO: riding rainbows! RAINBOW DASH is the glamour girl of Ponyville! All her friends come to her for advice on fun fashions and ways to look their very best! RAINBOW DASH was released as a: •Regular Pony •Styling Pony •Newborn Cutie Pony •Prize Pony •Tiny Tin Pony •Ponyville Pony •So-soft Pony •Plush Pony And appeared in: •Movies • Books • Other Merchandise In 2007, Rainbow Dash was selected as one of the Core 7 characters." -- Copied from Strawberry Reef.com, must give credit where credit is due. ********************************** Interesting Conversation around MODS: well a mod came in here now, (to the mod) you should have being in here ealier when people were trolling here on chat 2 Crazed08: for some reason some mods dont do there jobs like there afk or something Crazed08: i never actually seen 1 chat from them zys123: yeah the only active mod is ysayell1 but even he isn't that active Crazed08: do they get paid doing dat job? guberman704: yeah that was the mos to Crazed08: hmmm zys123: no they are just random people on kong, they got their mod status by being nice to people on chat Lord_Gekko: Ysayell1 kicks ass. guberman704: i will never be a mod guberman704: to many people piss me off Crazed08: wooow >< hear rumors of how some misuse their power just 2 ban ppl 4 da **** of it Lord_Gekko: Actually, the admins really hate when mods do that. Crazed08: i prob would 2 lol *clicks clicks clicks* Crazed08: make it into a clicking game n shit zys123: lol Lord_Gekko: A lot of mods have been stripped of their Ms for that reason. ********************************** Yes, I am old. I am very old. I am so old, I had friends that had Commodore 64s and I had an Apple II+. Yes, I am that old. But I like to play games and my eight year old daughter showed me this site. Yes, I am old. ************************************** Addendum: I have appointed myself, Lord_Gekko, the Troll Slayer. Many times I simply cannot stand the poor quality of insults with which the Trolls lash out. It merely goads me into mocking them an leaving them as twitching little fetus-trolls on the ground. ************************************** For those of you who know what a Hoss is, this is the current list of Hosses. Hoss Meister -----> Me, Of Course ***** Hossette ----------> Becka27 ***** Hoss I -------------> Deire/Cheetah ***** Hoss II ------------> Resterness ***** Hoss III -----------> Sesteus ***** Hoss IV -----------> Girrrrrr2 ***** Hoss V ------------> XXXScottaboyXXX ***** Hoss VI -----------> Hevdra ***** Hoss VII ----------> marchen12 ***** Hoss VIII ---------> tomroxudont2 ***** ************************************** Addendum: Awesome Troll Slaying Quotes: Obleron128: Thats easy miles, you see...not all of us were born in a whiskey tangled trailer park by a bow legged female that just happened to catch sperm from a passing truck driver and who's sole qualification for motherhood was a womb...

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