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Name:Adrian Lenain.
Race:Demonic Flame fox mix. Some bat and some wolf.
Age:Older 500, he lost count after that, yet he looks around 20’s.
Abilities:He can manipulate fire and heat at will, and with some difficulties the other elements but he tends to avoid water knowing what it does to him.
He was born in the desert away from the demonic realm where his parents were from. They raised him to not hate other creatures but to care for them, one trip to the realm accidentally revealed their true feelings about humans, making him an outcast from the demonic community. His family were named heretics and his parents were hanged while he was banished from the demonic realm forever. He wanted to get revenge for his family’s death but never let it take control of his. He is has a kind heart despite his upbringing but is serious when it comes down to it. He is often found causing mischief for whatever human he stumbles upon but always makes sure it doesn’t go to far.
Appearances: In all forms he has bat wings that vary in size depending on what form he is in yet he can only fly in 3 forms with these wings. Human,Wolf, and Demon. In his human form he has pale white skin, red hair that seems to glow like fire making him easily visible in the darkness. He has opal eyes that seem to change color continously when he is calm but they change to various colors, like red when angry, blue when sad, green when envious, yellow when fearful, and black when he has lost control. Even in his human form he still has his white bushy tail and white ears with red at tip. He wears a white T-Shirt under his large hoodie and red jeans.
Fox Form: His fur is almost completely white except for his paws that are red and on fire,and the tip of his tail and ears which are also red.
Chibi Form: This is his favorite form to be in. It is exactly like his fox form in color but he makes it smaller and cuter. When like this he can’t talk, he can only squeak and speak telepathically.
Demon Form: He becomes a giant beast covered in flames, this form happens subconsciously when he is knocked out or in danger for his life. He takes on a more wolfish appearance. He is the size of a two story house and he becomes a powerhouse. Although he is not very smart in this form. It has the same color scheme as the rest of his forms.
Wolf form: Its the stronger version of his fox form with more brute strength and speed. He gains a wolf like appearance but his tail and ears stay the same. Color Scheme is a bit different. His brighter colors becoming dull in this form. He does become more bloodthirsty like this.
Weapons: He stores a variety of bladed weapons in a rift in space. He can pull or summon them when he is focused but he has more problems as he gets tired. Some of his weapons are specially made and enchanted.
Advantages: He has sharp claws and sharp teeth and high agility. He gets serious in a fight and focuses more. He also regenerates his wounds at a moderately fast speed.
Disadvantages:His foolish tendencies appear even in fights leaving him with a lot of open spots. He is not that smart making him not plan ahead. The longer a fight lasts the less weapons he has access to since the larger ones take more concentration.

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