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I play League of Legends. If you’re interested and want to help me out, hit the referral link in my profile (listed as website).

For everyone who keeps asking about my username: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Kurt-051

Business Cat ftw. If anyone needs me, I’ll be over there, playing in the boxes.

There you go. Any and all questions can be answered there. Except the zero. That’s a secret. :3

Hey. I’m LT_AMBR0SE, more commonly known as LT, El Tee, Lt. Surge, and a couple more names. My real name is classified, unless you believe Crypto, in which case it’s Louis Baron Von Edwin Archibald VI. Basically, I’m just here to chill. Usually, I’m in Gibson, hanging with friends and contemplating life.

For the small few who wondered, I have MSN and Skype. Just ask me and if you’re cool enough I just might give it out.


Chat quotes time! :D

QueentakesRook: Dove, please take your spam somewhere else. Like hell.

Executioner: Wait. How do you cut people with a candlestick?

SprayBottleOfPee: Seriously. Will you people grow up?

wattro: look, i didn’t unmute you because i wanted to hear aboot an absolute zero fridge

ironpenguin: now, if you excuse me, i am now going to put on my corporate finance hat and summon a unicorn

frootcup134: LT is my Google.

Ceasar: When I say “I think”, I mean “I have a bath degree and am saying so”.
Ceasar: Math, even.

Pathlion: sorry, I’m part germin. The grammar nazi in me was coming out
Pathlion: *german
Pathlion: damn

Pathlion: how do you compare croissants to kettle corn?
Pathlion: they are completely different
Pathlion: it’s like comparing ham to twinkies
Pathlion: comparing comedy with dane cook
Pathlion: I’m kidding. We cool Dane, we cool.

Pathlion: I’m gonna make a book called “the movie” because it is my life goal to confuse people for a few seconds
Pathlion: “Hey, have you read The Movie?”
Pathlion: “What?”
Pathlion: “It’s a book”
Pathlion: “Oh”

Pathlion: What do you get if you mix human DNA with a goats?
Pathlion: Banned from the petting zoo.

Pathlion: Her ass comforts me in times of paralysis.

Okalani: Yes, they can still make it real, but just because it is real, does not mean it was not staged.

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