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Welcome to my profile! I left the website the 21st June of 2013, but you still can find useful tips here by clicking “more about me” and scrolling down.

[2014-11-30 UPDATE]: Since I left the website, I’ve heard reports of a user using my name on social media in an attempt to extract personal information from Kongregaters. To my knowledge, such accounts were made on Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Steam, Tumblr, and Twitter. However, there could be more, so be wary of who you add on websites or IM services.

As you may have been hearing from sources of varied reliability for about ten months now, I was planning for my permanent departure during the summer of 2013. This decision is not something I am forced to do, nor is it something I want at the present moment. Instead, it is the result of soberly examining the current situation. In my case, it is the fact that college will eventually siphon a large portion of my free time. By now, I’ve learned inactivity typically leads to alienation. Knowing myself, becoming a stranger to the subcommunities I frequent is not something I would enjoy. Even if I manage to meet the minimal activity quotas to stay a moderator, I understand I will become absent to the point my occasional interventions have no effect on the bigger picture. In the end, it will only frustrate me while not leading to anything good for other users. Given the fact I will not come back after today, I am typing this to give a proper farewell.

Battle Dawn was the first community I joined and the reason I registered to this website. One would doubt a simple strategy game could spawn complex relationships between players. The cycle between alliance and betrayal kept the game interesting and enhanced player interaction. Although I left the community two years ago, which is ages on the internet, I still want to leave a shout-out to any BD’er out there.

After opening myself to other games, I became more invested in the Pride chat room. The memorable discussions I’ve participated in and the different regulars I’ve met contributed to making my stay in this room a delightful experience. In retrospective, I would go as far as saying that this was the golden age of my Kongregating. Unfortunately, the room went through a few changes, so I was considering departure. When Purple Haze/Labyrinth’s owner Live2Die invited me to his room, I decided it was time for me to go. Although this community had its share of great users, my early moderator nomination didn’t leave me enough time to settle in the room. In the midst of users thinking of me as an angel or a demon, I had trouble finding genuine interaction. Because of this, I had to detach myself from the community. I believe the lack of consistency in the community reflected by the quantity of “generations” arriving and departing in short amounts of time showed how I failed to fully integrate into the room. I think I owe the (ex)regulars of Labyrinth/Purple Haze an apology.

Off-Topic is the forum community I’ve been in the longest. Two years ago, I had a bad impression of this section, especially because of the hostility towards strangers that reigned back then. However, my relationship with the community evolved over time. Despite its imperfections, it was very unique. I don’t know what it is, but I know it made me attached to the community. I used to think anyone that protected this hostile place was crazy, now I’m the one that does it. Having the opportunity to interact with you guys or simply watch you replying to each other was amazing. Whatever people may say about Off-Topic, don’t give up on it. Great things can only happen when people believe in the community.

In general, the website ended up becoming something more than a gaming place. I’ve learned a lot from the different people I’ve encountered during my stay. More than entertainment, Kongregate was an opportunity to come across diverse points of view that broadened my outlook on the world. I will miss you all terribly. It was a pleasure meeting you all. Goodbye.

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What is the limit between permitted and forbidden in swears?

Mild swearing is allowed most of the time as long as it is not directed at any users. If you abuse with swearing, it’s not alright either.

Can I post links to external websites?

Yes you can, but these exclude links to shock sites, pornographic sites or any other links that might disturb the chat flow. Please do not repetitively post links; if users are not visiting the link, they simply are not interested in it.

What is roleplaying?

Roleplaying is when a user accomplishes virtual actions through words. Mild roleplaying is allowed to express your feelings but can disrupt the chat’s flow if used without moderation. An example of excessive roleplaying would be a user creating a story out of his/her roleplaying actions. However, there are two chat rooms in Kongregate where this is tolerated: “Roleplaying – 1” and “Roleplaying – Serious”.

Why is there an age limit for signing up on Kongregate?

Kongregate is an American website and therefore must comply to the laws of its country. One of them is the COPPA, which forbids websites to collect information from children under the age of 13. Creating an account and using it on this website involves sharing some information, which is why it is forbidden to persons under the age of 13. However, there is no age limit for playing on this website as a guest, without an account.

I see that some users have an icon near their name, what do those mean?

A person icon means that you are following this user. A blue D icon means that the user is a developer. Developers are users that uploaded a game on Kongregate. An orange M icon means that the user is a moderator. An orange R icon means that the user is the room owner of the current room. An orange C icon means that the user is a curator. Curators are moderators in charge of the Arts&Sounds Kongregate section. An orange F icon, which only is seen in the forums, means that the user is the forum moderator of the current forum section. A red K icon means that the user is member of the Kongregate staff and, finally, the K+ icon signifies that the user is subscribed to Kongregate+. If you see that users have another type of icon near their names, that means that they completed the current limited quest.

What is Kongregate+?

Kongregate+ is a paid service ($29.99/year) which gives its users a few bonuses such as the absence of advertisement in the website, the possibility of personalizing their account with various skins, access to games in beta and the possibility of creating private chat rooms.

What is the difference between a ‘silence’ and a ‘ban’?

Silences temporarily remove the ability to communicate in the website from a user. A silence affects every mean of communication with the community at the same time; forums, chat rooms, comments and messages. A silenced user still can play games and earn awards on his account. Bans render an account inaccessible to its user. In conclusion, the difference between both is that silences merely block the possibility to communicate with others while letting the user play games and getting awards.

How can I change my Kongregate gender?

You can by using Chrome’s inspect element feature or FireFox’s Firebug addon.

Chrome: First, go to your main profile page and select “edit profile”, which should be located at the top of the screen, under your username. Afterwise, highlight “male”, right click on the highlighted section and select “inspect element”. A menu should appear on the lower part of your screen. Change all instances of the word “male” to the word of your choice by right clicking on the appropriate lines and selecting “edit as HTML. When it is done, close the inspect element tab, check male (Which should now be replaced by your word) and click “save”.

Firefox: First, download the Firebug addon here. When the installation is complete, the firebug button should be located in the lower-right part of your desktop. Go to your main profile page, select “edit profile” and click the firebug button. A menu should appear at the bottom of your screen. Scroll down until you find “male” and change all instances of the word to the word of your choice. When it is done, close Firebug, select male (Which is now replaced by your word) and press “save”.

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