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BiggestOfJesters:That one kid that’s having an affair with me apparently.
Emsee: Freakish child.
Realek: He’d tap that. 10/10
BFMV17 the difference here is that mafia is an attractive teenage girl
mystic0magic: Supposed lover that wants at the top of my profile.
SynysterDeath9: Dat bad-ass mother fucker everyone calls Jason. Doitordie.
AcireMarie: Life isn’t giggles and fucking rainbows.
Cryptosporidian: A member of the fascist goat regime of communist fun killers.
OmgItsDave: Slowly but surely, he WILL get his piece of pie.
VforVendetta: That one stinky nub face.
Gevock: “An open dictator.” ________________________________

Kkavala: I need to toot

Alpha369: That sounds

Alpha369: so heavenly

MafiaPrincess: Kk.

Kkavala: (squirts)

MafiaPrincess: Toot out the 9th symphony.


Kkavala: lol

Dayovernight: Mafia

MafiaPrincess: Day?

Dayovernight: Can you give me my thong back?

MafiaPrincess: No.

Dayovernight: I need that for more shows ;-;

Kmac198: O.0

MafiaPrincess: You’ll have to do it with no panties, then.

Dayovernight: It’s against regulationnnnn

applesarblu: but then everone will see his bulge before he’s ready to show it DX

Kmac198: Why do you wear panties, Day?

MafiaPrincess: Day.

MafiaPrincess: YOLO ;)

Dayovernight: Cause they were a gift from your mother ;-;

MafiaPrincess: xD

applesarblu: omfg xD
Stranger: hello

You: Hi there.

Stranger: I am a normal, average guy

You: I’m not a normal, unaverage female.

Stranger: I bet your’e not

Stranger: what are you then?

You: I’m an unaverage, unlike any other female.

Stranger: smells delicious

You: Smells?

You: The hell.

You: Omg.

You: Let’s go kill small children.

You: And then bake them into casseroles.

You: :D

Stranger: lets not and say we didn’t

You: If you dont’ want to kill and bake small children then you are NOT getting in my pants.

You: Sorry, kid.

Stranger: Ok but only two or three and I’m not a kid

You: Nonono.

You: Hundreds and millions.

You: For all the world to eat

Stranger: I’m old enough to be your….uncle..

You: Hahahha, doubt it.

Stranger: ask me a question and I’ll tell the truth

You: How old are you.

Stranger: I am 55 years old

Stranger: how old would you like for me to be?

You: I’m old enough for you to be my son

You: I’m 78

Stranger: no way, you type so..so.. young

You: I try to keep with it.

Stranger: I bet you are still good looking

You: Not really. I’m saggy and my nipple rings reach my belly button.

Stranger: Do you wear “granny drawers”?

You: ^Yes.

Stranger: mmmmmmmm

You: They have pretty little flowers on them.

Stranger: luv them GD’s

You: Does your penis ring sag past your knees?

You: And do you wear penny loafers?

Stranger: I’ll use the nipple rings to ride you like a sway back mule

Stranger: I pick up the pennies with that saggy old thing

You: You’re not 55.

You: Thanks for proving me right, sonny.

Stranger: you are not 78

You: Actually.

You: I’m 43 :/

Stranger: No way you are probably a mere child

You: Close to it, or at least I wish I was.

You: That was supposed to say 39.

Stranger: ahh, the truth comes out

You: How old are you, then?

Stranger: how about those nipple rings??

Stranger: 33 and still smokin"

You: Pics or it didn’t happen.

Redenied: also Mafia

Redenied: bored

Redenied: what do

MafiaPrincess: Red.

MafiaPrincess: Go terrorize little children.

Redenied: None near me.

MafiaPrincess: That’s what I do :c

MafiaPrincess: Psh.

MafiaPrincess: Go find some.

Redenied: Too lazy

MafiaPrincess: You live in a neighborhood don’t you/

Redenied: nearest city is a half hour away

MafiaPrincess: The children need to be terrorized.

MafiaPrincess: THE CHILDREN

Redenied: ‘half hour away’


Redenied: ‘nearest city’

MafiaPrincess: Nonono.

Redenied: ‘You live in a neighborhood’

MafiaPrincess: You live in a neighborhood.

MafiaPrincess: Fgt.

Redenied: I live in the middle of nowhere.

MafiaPrincess: Go terrorize children.

MafiaPrincess: IDC.

MafiaPrincess: GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS.


Redenied: I can’t

Redenied: I got shit to do

Redenied: in about…

Redenied: an hour

Karrow: gets inside washing machine

MafiaPrincess: Lulz.\

Karrow: pulls out camera

Karrow: Get dis shit on, I need money.

MafiaPrincess: xDDDDDDD

MC___: One moment.

MC___: Karrow finds that he has a friend in the washing machine…guess who?

Karrow: ohey pedobear

MafiaPrincess: is in the washing machine with Karrow?

MC___: That’ssssssssss a very nice camera you have there.

MafiaPrincess: Obby.

MafiaPrincess: 3some.

Karrow: runs out of the washing machine naked

Karrow: cops chase me



MC___: Karrow runs into a metal wall

MC___: Karrow dies


Karrow: Goes through it

MC___: Karrow fails due to a fatal case of death by wall

Karrow: MC falls down due to his bad legs

Karrow: MC dies


Karrow: WHAT DO?

MC___: MC miraculously lives

MafiaPrincess: xD

MC___: /Cerimonial law

MC___: /Dropkicks Karrow out of Cerimonial Realm

Karrow: Ceremonial*

Karrow: Lrn2spellbitch

MC___: Don’t tell me what to do.

MC___: Bitch.

Karrow: You’re my bitch, bitch.

Karrow: Ass slave.

Karrow: Whore.

Karrow: Prostitute.

MafiaPrincess: Quoted on profile

Karrow: I dun see it.

MafiaPrincess: WHAT DO/

MafiaPrincess: Are you blind?


Karrow: No, it’s just not there.

MafiaPrincess: Shut up Karrow.

MafiaPrincess: Love is not something to be thrown around like condoms.

MafiaPrincess: Unless you’re a whore.

Redenied: condoms shouldn’t be thrown around either?

MafiaPrincess: Yes they should.

MafiaPrincess: Why would you use a dirty condom for a second round of sex?

MafiaPrincess: That’s just disgusting.

Redenied: Why should they?

Chrisellis: 8=D

Chrisellis: It’s a face

MafiaPrincess: Yes I would.


tomiman: O.O

MafiaPrincess: With an aluminum baseball bat.

tomiman: o.o

tomiman: but but….

Chrisellis: 8 = eyes = = nose D = mouth

Chrisellis: 8=D~

mystic0magic: 8=D

Annoying07: i do bif in the light the war won

Chrisellis: it’s drooling now

MafiaPrincess: >.<

Chrisellis: >:D

tomiman: O.o

mystic0magic: LOOK AT MY PENIS 8=====D~ IT’S SO LONG GIRLS

Annoying07: I AM DEAD

MafiaPrincess: I’m your mom.

MafiaPrincess: Go clean your room.

mystic0magic: I’m your dad.

Chrisellis: True story

Chrisellis: I’m your brother

Sniperwolf777: I’m your illegitimate father.

Sniperwolf777: Lick my asshole


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