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    A country where there are moose-a-plenty, the people are polite(till you talk smack about hockey) and the next largest country is nearly double the size of this one.
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    Twitter is useless.
Erm, my age says 23, but I'm really 18. Yeah, yeah, do the math, I've been here since I was 8. I think I have earned the right to call myself the most mature minor on the interwebs-and my time is running out on that title (BC considers 19 to be the age of majority)-but still, I'm nice... real nice...And if you want to see some ranting, get to the bottom. Or don't, because they're rants made by a person who knows f*ck all. The middle bit is crap I wrote when I was in Grade 4. So here, I suppose, it begins: the longest legitimate profile page on Kongregate. To be the longest legitimate profile, it must tell a story. It must not use the full name of the protein titin, or any other stupid long words that are never used. I use one, but it's roughly 1200 letters long. Titin's full name is in the neighbourhood of 135 000 letters. So yeah. None of that. You put nothing in that you did not type, or create yourself. If you come across a longer profile, please let me know, because I kinda want this abomination gone. It's ignorant, rude, and it even has some hipster bullshit at the end. Almost makes me want to kill my past self. If you want to read it, that's your call, but you will gain nothing from reading this. You'll probably actually lose stuff-namely, brain cells. If you're still reading this, you're not going to heed my warning. Welp. I warned you. Here goes: Here are songs from Punk-o-Matic-Afraid of the Dark:999---9---1---4-98989898321------9---9---4-7788-------------------------------------9ccc66-9---7-8---bbbbbbbb321------c---7-8---c---0---1---2---3-4---5-6-7-8---9---a---bcaaa99-a---4-0---1---0---321---22-7-8-a---2-a----------------------------------------a Guitar Battle:9---4-3-------------74---------3---1---2---2---3---88800-------------------0---0---0-c----0--3-----------7------8-------1---2-------3-3-9---0---0---0-------------------0-a---------3-2-4-4-0-7--4-4---------1-------2-2-3-3-a---0-----------0---0-----------0- Beginning of Race Against Time:9-6-888999---6-0---0---0-------1---1---1-----88888888-----0---0-----------0---0---889c------bbc---6-0---0---0--b2---2---2---2-----0---0---b2---2---2-------2---2---2---7-ca---703-aa---9-0---0---0-----------7-6-7-6-7-1---1------------7-6-703-703-703-703-7-a Middle of Race Against Time:9---88888889-6-88888889-9---9---9---5-5-5-5-5-5-6-9--------0---0---0-----888888889999c---0---0---b--c---c----a---a---a---7-7-8---9---7-c----2---2---2---2-----1---1----ccca---1---1------a---a----a---a---a---0---0---0---4-a------------7-6-7-6-8-0---0-----aa End of Race Against Time: 9---0-----9---73-------2---2---888888880---1---2---3---4-5-6-789----6--888888885-9---c---0-----a---bcccc----2---2---0---1---------------------------b0---7--0---0---6-c---a---0-703-a----0-----9-2-2-2-2-1---0----------------------------0---2--1---1---9-a---Midnight Passage: 6-88888888888888880---1--------2---2---2---9---5-85-85-0---0-0---78782---2---2---9-------------------7-0---1---b2---2---2---2---c---7-b7-b7-0---7-8---0---1---1---1---c---------------------0---1------------a---a---a---------9-7-8-0-0---0---0---0---0---a--- The Attack:9---79---9---9------6-8888888888--1---9------0---881---880---80---4-1---3---9---89---c8---9---a---c--------------0---5-4-4-4-4-bb--0---b--5-b0---b-0---7-1---2---c---bc---a---7a---a---a--------------0---7-a---1---9----0---8---0---8--0---7-1---1---a--9-a---Zombies!:9---2---2---2---2--------88888888--89898--0-----9-0---3---------99999999------299989-c---4-4-4-4-4-4-4---b2---2---2-----bc---6-7-0---6-0---3-3---bbbbbbbbbbbb------2cccb7-a888888888888888888------7777777-6-a0---9-0-----a-0---3-3---88888888888-------27-7-8- The Book of Monsters: 9----0---1----------9---2----00009---88889---79999---9---9---89-----0---------89----9c---7-5-1---8---9---bbbbc---bbbbb9---c---a---bccc-c---c---c---bc----0-------8---c----a--0---1------9-a---a---0----00009-9-a---0----aaa--a---a---a---9a---0---8-8----9-a--- The Longest Drum Roll Ever: Coming soon This is a challenge from Crush the Castle (Try to blow all 122 corpses off the screen! Then, when you get bored, use things other than bombs!): 4~c_k:520,325|c_k:581.7,318.35|c_k:630,308.35|c_k:661.7,310|c_k:686.7,306.65|c_k:718.35,310|c_k:745,303.35|c_k:548.35,320|c_k:493.35,331.65|c_p:941.7,-351.7|c_n:851.7,283.35|c_n:896.7,293.35|c_n:928.35,290|c_n:963.35,285|c_n:1003.35,285|fl_i:104.95,420.1|c_q:456.65,-203.35|c_q:490,-200|c_q:516.65,-198.35|c_q:541.65,-203.35|c_q:571.7,-200|c_q:608.35,-188.35|c_q:636.7,-165|c_n:856.65,363.35|c_n:901.7,366.65|c_n:941.7,363.35|c_n:966.7,360|c_n:1005,361.65|c_s:496.65,-35.1|c_s:521.65,-41.7|c_s:553.35,-36.7|c_s:581.7,-35|c_s:621.7,-38.35|c_q:745,78.3|c_q:853.4,80|c_q:848.35,131.65|c_s:448.35,160|c_s:561.7,161.65|c_s:606.7,133.3|c_s:848.35,-101.7|c_s:1106.7,-86.7|c_s:985,51.65|c_s:951.7,96.65|c_s:893.35,16.65|c_s:740,-25|c_s:718.35,-146.7|c_s:768.35,-175|c_q:328.35,90|c_q:356.65,28.3|c_q:408.35,48.3|c_q:451.65,65|c_q:493.35,91.65|c_q:490,175|c_q:471.65,208.35|c_q:396.65,278.35|c_q:355,250|c_q:360,191.65|c_q:390,171.65|c_n:330,-128.35|c_n:361.65,-93.35|c_n:395,-63.35|c_n:450.05,13.35|c_n:480,36.65|c_n:538.35,33.3|c_n:571.7,35|c_n:601.7,40|c_n:631.7,35|c_n:681.65,88.3|c_n:663.35,160|c_n:643.35,188.35|c_n:605,208.35|c_n:563.35,245|c_n:685,230|c_n:728.35,230|c_n:791.7,236.65|c_n:848.35,213.35|c_n:930,196.65|c_n:1093.35,181.65|c_n:1116.7,136.65|c_n:950,-128.35|c_n:926.7,-138.35|c_n:890,-173.35|c_n:856.7,-196.7|c_n:823.35,-250|c_n:758.35,-291.7|c_n:643.35,-253.35|c_n:606.7,-296.7|c_n:670,-228.35|c_n:701.7,-241.65|c_n:685,-318.35|c_n:670,-110|c_n:671.7,-43.35|c_n:683.35,-1.7|c_n:708.35,16.65|c_n:760,31.65|c_n:800,23.3|c_n:865,-50|c_n:920,-58.35|c_n:956.7,-46.7|c_n:978.35,-41.7|c_n:1031.7,-23.35|c_n:1055,11.65|c_n:1150,5|c_n:1173.35,-6.7|c_n:1193.35,-136.7|c_n:1166.7,-190|c_n:1103.35,-241.7|c_n:1078.35,-245|c_n:1040,-195|c_n:1023.35,-171.7|c_n:1046.6,-118.4|c_n:1085,-98.35|c_n:1110,-151.7|c_n:1141.7,-125|c_n:1165,-81.7|c_n:988.35,171.7|c_n:1046.6,121.65|c_n:1093.35,85|c_n:1138.35,63.3|c_n:1160,118.35|c_n:1146.7,185|c_n:1133.35,230|c_n:1053.35,288.35! I am also a Martian but I come in peace...Ha,Ha,Gosh, I'm a human! It was real fun, though, real fun. I like Platform & Time Management games, along with Multiplayer ones + TDs (Yes, I have fotten the President Madagasgar Assasin Badge. He didn`t SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING quickly enough that time.). Anyway, did you know that I have super powers? Yes I do. In fact-whoa you had better not try to read this out loud because it is a no good rotten run on ha ha ha so I will put a peiriod here or however you spell it. O.K., what was I talking about? Oh, right, my super powers! I can shapeshift into any animal. Like this-RRROOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRR! I turned into a lion. Um-man, I have so many super powers, it's hard to keep track! I can-erm-recreate volcanic eruptions. Like this-KRAKATOA!!!!!!!-Feel that again, California? What's going on with the dingoes, Alstralia? Or however you spell it. Of course-ALL-TIME CLASSIC-I can fly! I'm immortal, and can-ANOTHER ALL-TIME CLASSIC-lazer vison! LAST ALL-TIME CLASSIC:X-ray vision! hmmm... I want to have the longest about me! Longer than SevereFlame AND cowboop COMBINED! Well, this is hard because I'm running out of ideas...OH, I'VE GOT ONE!!!!! QUIZ TIME! 1. What is the most dangerous thing on the planet? A)PYROCLASTIC FLOW B)FALLING DOWN A WATERFALL OR... C)KOMODO DRAGON ATTACK ??????????????????????????????????????????? Answer is:A)PYROCLASTIC FLOW! I bet I REALLY NEED TO GE MORE IDEAS!Well, erm, I always wanted to make games.It's not that I've always been PSYCOPATHIC about them, It's just that I dont hve the right equipment to make one. Oh No-QUIZ TIME! 2. What is the tallest FREESTANDING BUILDING in the world? A)Taipei 101 B)Burj Dubai or... C)CN Tower ???????????????????????????????????????????? Answer:CN Tower. Or Burj Dubai. Not sure which. I don't know WHY some people say that Greg is evil.Greg says in his about me that he is a very boring person(nothing against you, Greg). THAT doesn't make him EVIL.All he does is make the badges(again, nothing against you,Greg) on Kong.Speaking of badges, here is how I got my first badge:I used to play Exit on another website and I was surprised that it was here.I NAILED the easy badge and that is how I got my first badge.Yeesh! This is a lot of words! What, do you want another story? Fine: Once there was a 4th grade kid who thad his fort stolen by 5th graders. He put up a fight, because he was there first, but they said it was theirs because they put more stuff in the fort. So, the 4th grader gets a bunch of other 4th graders and they pwned the 5th graders and he lived happily ever after...but the 5th graders wanted REVENGE... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's actually a true story. Still, it is not the end of this about me.And Greg is so evil 3 is PRETTY FUNNY. Whatever. God this is hard... And I'm squeezing the orange too much. WHAT????????? I'm sorry SevereFlame...and maybe cowboop.Aw, crud, a thunderstorm is coming. Nope, NO TORNADOES.Tornadoes barely happen where I live. Hmm...Tornadoes. The next subject will be tornadoes.I'm too much like a buissnessman...even though I'm not.Squeezing the orange again! I don't even like oranges...Right. Tornadoes. You have an 80% chance of survival.W00T!That's awesome. O.K., um, hush little baby:Italy,1987.Tornado picks up sleeping baby in its stroller and sets it back down unhurt and STILL ASLEEP!Oh,****-QUIZ TIME! 3.Which state gets the most tornadoes? A)Texas B)Oklahoma C)Alaska ???????????????????????????????????????????????Awnswer:Oklahoma Man I bet that you are hating these quizzes!Moving on!SQUEEZING THE ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!This is going to repeat RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm.Wow. You have perservereance.What the heck is-O GAWD I DO NOT WANT TO SQEEZE THE LEMON!!!!! Lemon? O GAWD I MEANT ORANGE!!!!!Man, this is so long that it's OFF THE HEEZY!!!!!! NO, I WILL NOT EXPLAIN WHAT OFF THE HEEZY IS!Crem Broule is awesome. What the-off topic.But I-O.K., Crem Broule is next. So sweet goodnees...Crap.I ran out of ideas. Now I'm freaked out. No more ideas means no award. Gold! Well,WHAT!!!!Hmmm.... the longest word I know is...*deep breath*...ACETYL­SERYL­TYROSYL­SERYL­ISO­LEUCYL­THREONYL­SERYL­PROLYL­SERYL­GLUTAMINYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­VALYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­LEUCYL­SERYL­SERYL­VALYL­TRYPTOPHYL­ALANYL­ASPARTYL­PROLYL­ISOLEUCYL­GLUTAMYL­LEUCYL­LEUCYL­ASPARAGINYL­VALYL­CYSTEINYL­THREONYL­SERYL­SERYL­LEUCYL­GLYCYL­ASPARAGINYL­GLUTAMINYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­GLUTAMINYL­THREONYL­GLUTAMINYL­GLUTAMINYL­ALANYL­ARGINYL­THREONYL­THREONYL­GLUTAMINYL­VALYL­GLUTAMINYL­GLUTAMINYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­SERYL­GLUTAMINYL­VALYL­TRYPTOPHYL­LYSYL­PROLYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­PROLYL­GLUTAMINYL­SERYL­THREONYL­VALYL­ARGINYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­PROLYL­GLYCYL­ASPARTYL­VALYL­TYROSYL­LYSYL­VALYL­TYROSYL­ARGINYL­TYROSYL­ASPARAGINYL­ALANYL­VALYL­LEUCYL­ASPARTYL­PROLYL­LEUCYL­ISOLEUCYL­THREONYL­ALANYL­LEUCYL­LEUCYL­GLYCYL­THREONYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­ASPARTYL­THREONYL­ARGINYL­ASPARAGINYL­ARGINYL­ISOLEUCYL­ISOLEUCYL­GLUTAMYL­VALYL­GLUTAMYL­ASPARAGINYL­GLUTAMINYL­GLUTAMINYL­SERYL­PROLYL­THREONYL­THREONYL­ALANYL­GLUTAMYL­THREONYL­LEUCYL­ASPARTYL­ALANYL­THREONYL­ARGINYL­ARGINYL­VALYL­ASPARTYL­ASPARTYL­ALANYL­THREONYL­VALYL­ALANYL­ISOLEUCYL­ARGINYL­SERYL­ALANYL­ASPARAGINYL­ISOLEUCYL­ASPARAGINYL­LEUCYL­VALYL­ASPARAGINYL­GLUTAMYL­LEUCYL­VALYL­ARGINYL­GLYCYL­THREONYL­GLYCYL­LEUCYL­TYROSYL­ASPARAGINYL­GLUTAMINYL­ASPARAGINYL­THREONYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­GLUTAMYL­SERYL­METHIONYL­SERYL­GLYCYL­LEUCYL­VALYL­TRYPTOPHYL­THREONYL­SERYL­ALANYL­PROLYL­ALANYL­SERINE.Really.One that I can say-PNEUMONO­ULTRA­MICRO­SCOPIC­SILICO­VOLCANO­CONIOSIS.That is the scientific word for BLACK LUNG.SUPER­CALI­FRAGI­LISTIC­EXPI­ALI­DOCIOUS is not a word.TAUMATA­WHAKA­TANGI­HANGA­KOAUAU­O­TAMATEA­TURIPUKAKA­PIKI­MAUNGA­HORO­NUKU­POKAI­WHENUA­KITANA­TAHU is the extremly long word for a hill in New Zealand. I guess it mut be pretty special to have a name like THAT. Wow. This text is long. And I'm SQUEEZING THE ORANGE AGAIN!Um...hmm...French toast...Cameras...WHAT!!!!!!OH CRRRRRRRAAAAPPPPPP!!!!!QUIZ TIME!!!!4. What is the longest word I can say? A)PNEUMONO­ULTRA­MICRO­SCOPIC­SILICO­VOLCANO­CONIOSIS B)ACETYL­SERYL­TYROSYL­SERYL­ISO­LEUCYL­THREONYL­SERYL­PROLYL­SERYL­GLUTAMINYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­VALYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­LEUCYL­SERYL­SERYL­VALYL­TRYPTOPHYL­ALANYL­ASPARTYL­PROLYL­ISOLEUCYL­GLUTAMYL­LEUCYL­LEUCYL­ASPARAGINYL­VALYL­CYSTEINYL­THREONYL­SERYL­SERYL­LEUCYL­GLYCYL­ASPARAGINYL­GLUTAMINYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­GLUTAMINYL­THREONYL­GLUTAMINYL­GLUTAMINYL­ALANYL­ARGINYL­THREONYL­THREONYL­GLUTAMINYL­VALYL­GLUTAMINYL­GLUTAMINYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­SERYL­GLUTAMINYL­VALYL­TRYPTOPHYL­LYSYL­PROLYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­PROLYL­GLUTAMINYL­SERYL­THREONYL­VALYL­ARGINYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­PROLYL­GLYCYL­ASPARTYL­VALYL­TYROSYL­LYSYL­VALYL­TYROSYL­ARGINYL­TYROSYL­ASPARAGINYL­ALANYL­VALYL­LEUCYL­ASPARTYL­PROLYL­LEUCYL­ISOLEUCYL­THREONYL­ALANYL­LEUCYL­LEUCYL­GLYCYL­THREONYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­ASPARTYL­THREONYL­ARGINYL­ASPARAGINYL­ARGINYL­ISOLEUCYL­ISOLEUCYL­GLUTAMYL­VALYL­GLUTAMYL­ASPARAGINYL­GLUTAMINYL­GLUTAMINYL­SERYL­PROLYL­THREONYL­THREONYL­ALANYL­GLUTAMYL­THREONYL­LEUCYL­ASPARTYL­ALANYL­THREONYL­ARGINYL­ARGINYL­VALYL­ASPARTYL­ASPARTYL­ALANYL­THREONYL­VALYL­ALANYL­ISOLEUCYL­ARGINYL­SERYL­ALANYL­ASPARAGINYL­ISOLEUCYL­ASPARAGINYL­LEUCYL­VALYL­ASPARAGINYL­GLUTAMYL­LEUCYL­VALYL­ARGINYL­GLYCYL­THREONYL­GLYCYL­LEUCYL­TYROSYL­ASPARAGINYL­GLUTAMINYL­ASPARAGINYL­THREONYL­PHENYL­ALANYL­GLUTAMYL­SERYL­METHIONYL­SERYL­GLYCYL­LEUCYL­VALYL­TRYPTOPHYL­THREONYL­SERYL­ALANYL­PROLYL­ALANYL­SERINE C)rhombicosidodecahedron ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Answer is: PNEUMONO­ULTRA­MICRO­SCOPIC­SILICO­VOLCANO­CONIOSIS. Hmmm...MABYE I SHOULD COUNT MY WORDS. GAWD... I can't. You can't say can't and you shouldn't say shouldn't, along with you should never say never. Well, might as well go for the best... Hmm... I'm surpised that I got this far. with NO spamming or copying.Oh, god. SevereFlame made me write this long long about me just 'cause I wanted to make this REAL LONG wait the sentence isn't stopping oh no it won't stop whatever this is hard GOD WHY DID YOU MAKE ME DO THIS TO MYSELF sEVEREfLAME the sentence still won't stop man I bet SevereFlame is laghing now my fingers are BLEEDING GREG IS NOT EVIL...1 week later...Oh, thak god I'm out of the hospital. The reason I worte that REALLY LONG SENTENCE was that I was having a nervous breakdown. Grrr...KRAKATOA!!!!! I hope you remembered I have super powers. SevereFlame, I hope that your BAD KARMA-O-METER is FULL. Now what? That was the ULTAMATE ORANGE SQUEEZE!! I love rock and heavy meatal. me and the key is HARD. So is Meat Boy. NOOOO! WARNING! BAD GLITCH!! Text is dissapearing! Really! Hmmm... Mabye MY Bad Karma-o-Meter is full too. Squeezing the orange!!!! Iced tea is the best. Its a remedy for THE DREADED COOTIES! Im gonna have some right now. I need to restart because when ever I press the apostrophe button on the keyboard it does this: è. My keyboard is not French. Really. Iced Tea, again, is awesome. It's saved my life from COOTIES! Cooties are a disease that only girls have. It turns BOYS into GIRLS. There is no cure when a boy becomes a girl-even if the heshe drinks a lot of Iced tea. Or maybe if the heshe drinks iced tea for a full MONTH, then maybe the heshe starts becoming a boy again ;-). Anyway, I once saw a boy become a girl. It wasn't pretty. I was gonna tell the heshe to drink iced tea for a month, but I remebered that the heshe was a GIRL, and I could get the Cooties myself. That's why girls target the most handsome boys on Valentines' Day, your birthday and the Last Day of School. Girls outgrow it when they become adults, and it comes back when they are old (65+ yrs). That is what I have to say about the Cooties. Thunderstorm again. I do not live in the tropics. To avoid being electricouted, I will log off until the storm passes... which could be tomorrow. Okay, Today is now tomorrow. Now I bet poor SevereFlame is bored.Well, it's the size of a python; go play a game and get badges(if you can :P). I'm getting there, aren't I? You want to see a cool picture? Copy this(Ctrl+C) and open a new tab:http://hektor.umcs.lublin.pl/~mikosmul/origami/spiked-rhombicosidodecahedron5-ssit.jpg then copy into the place that has the White K. It's a spiked rhombicosidodecahedron (rom-BI-cosi-dodecka-HEE-dron).Shout at me for some ideas; I've run out. Oh, yeah, right. I'm always giving up. NOT THIS TIME! Greg is not evil, but CrazySoap IS. That guy is NASTY. The most EVIL GAMES on Kongregate are by HIM...even though he only has 3. Wait...I just forgot! Someone make even WORSE games than CrazySoap, and he is called TVGames! He makes the type of game that you can beat in about 5 seconds, and you can MAKE in 10! That is the worst game creator in the world. Something cool...Venus has wind speeds up to 400kph!!!!That's 249mph!!!!WHAT?Centimeters...Inches...Kilometers...Miles...Ketchup...Catsup...Game Over...Time Over...Is it just me, or is the world going CRAZY!? I don't know. Seriosly, there are so many nasty games out there that it's strange. There's Platform Racing 2 and it's cool. But there is this game called Joe's Adventure and it's bad(Joe's Adventure is made by CrazySoap)! I really need to make this longer...Nah, I don't care anymore. No Way. NOT GIVING UP! My own achivements: (O)=Uncomplete (X)=Complete Get 5 shouts (X) Get 10 shouts (O) Get 20 shouts(O) Get 40 shouts (O) Get 80 Shouts (O) Get 100 shouts (O) Get 1 whisper (X) Get 5 whispers (O) Get 10 whispers (O) Get 20 whispers (O) Get 40 whispers (O) Get 80 whispers (O)Reach Level 10 (X) Reach Level 20 (O) Reach level 30 (O) Reach Level 40 (O) Reach Level 50 (O) Reach Level 60 (O) Get on Leaderboard-Weekly (O) Get on Leaderboard-Lifetime (O) Make a game (O) Make a Featered Game (O) Whew! That's a lot of words! Really, WHY THE HECK ARE YOU READING THIS!?!??!?!? You're creepy. There is nothing about me anymore. RuneScape isn't a bad game! People just think it's bad just because it's on Kongregate. I am a member, but it should be easy to find me-I've got a full rune plate armor set on(execpt the platebody-that's adamntite)-but I'm still amazed that you're still reading this. To anyone reading this, GET A LIFE!!!!! Sigh-QUIZ TIME!-5: What 2 quests on RuneScape let you use Gnome Air AND Spirit Trees? A.The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village B.ALL of Recipe for Disaster and Lunar Diplomacy or C. Cook's Assistant and Ernest the Chicken ???????????????????????????????????????????? Awnser:A.The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village. Here's the Top Ten best games(in my opinion): 1.RuneScape 2.PR2 3.Papa's Pizzeria 4.Amorphous+ 5.UPGRADE COMPLETE! 6.Dungeon Escape 7.Snotput 8.Monster's Den 9.Reys Quest to get some Pringles! 10:Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Wait for more ideas! Huh? Ideas? What's this about ideas? I don't know what he's talking about... it's long enough! Hey! What?! Stop putting dumb stuff in my profile! What profile?! THIS profile! Huh? Do you live near a hospital? Um... yes, kind of... Here you go! *Punches all four limbs broken* 9-1-1...Hello! A guy in my house needs to be taken to the hosptial! Ok... Sorry, there was this crazed guy messing up my profile. Wait...OMG! It's ON my profile, isn't it? Omgomgomgomgomgomg...Hmm...I've run out of ideas...AGAIN...Oh, I've got it! Top 10 Best songs (In my opinion) 1:Painkiller (Judas Preist) 2:Panic Attack (Dream Theater) 3:Killer Queen (Queen) 4:Synchronicity II (The Police) 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: That's right, I'm a survior of INFECTED FURY MONTH! How? Oh, you know, ran home, locked the door, padlocked the door, put a board over the door, tied a knot on the door and put another door on front of it and did the same thing until I ran out of doors. LOL. The zombies came after me! OMG! I didn't have a weapon of any kind in the house, but I did in my basement. So, I went to my basement, and got this pipe that looked EXACTLY like Sonny's. That's when I remembered: Sonny was my best friend(I'm not Louis the Blind though)!Sonny donated that pipe and said that he got a fire axe or something like that. But I could hear the zombies knocking down the first door! They had 5 more doors to go, and it took 5 minutes to knock down that door. I took that pipe, found my old DS, took a chair and went back up. I played New Super Mario Bros. until I heard the unstringing of thread. They were on the last door! I got up from my chair, closed my DS and got ready. The first thing I noticed was the stench. It was horrifying. I noticed that I had a nose peg, and I put it on. I charged at the zombies, and hit many heads off. The rest left, and that's how I became a survivor (Belive it or not, when I closed the DS, I just barely heard Mario saying "Bah-Bye!). The game I've recently been playing is "Toss the Turtle". I'm determined to get the hard badge, but how? Oh, just a tank, the golden gun, and 100 nukes! I wonder how much radiation the poor guy will recive that day...Yeah, he only got hit with 40, and the poor turtle got captured by a UFO. So funny when you hit a bannana...The bannana uppercuts you and yells, QUARINTINE! or something like that. I'm going to make some sound effects in the Collabs. See ya! Ok, so, I made some sound effects, but then I got lazy. So I'm working on my profile! When I rate a game now, I will write one word. So, to decode them, here they are: 0 Stars: Sucks OR Stinks. 1 Star: Strange OR Weird. 2 Stars: Boring. 3 Stars: Meh. 4 Stars: Great! 5 Stars: AWESOME! I know what some people will shout at me: "You can't rate a game 0/5!" or something like that. GUESS WHAT? YOU CAN! Just don't rate. That's it. Some people are like, "If I could rate 0/5, I would." Read the message above. Again, "This game doesn't even DESERVE 1/5." Really. Read that message. And finally, the bottom line: If you don't like a game, DON'T PLAY IT. Now, how long is my profile? I'm too lazy to count all of the words, so I scroll with the mouse wheel. So, I will use something that I call wheel turns. Right now I have 5 wheel turns and SevereFlame's profile has 11. Wow. That means to break SevereFlame's about me, I need to make my profile 7 more wheel turns longer. That's totally insane. All I started with was: nice...real nice... And now I've got 5 wheel turns worth of text! THAT'S totally insane. But here's the thing: I'm talking about how long my about me is compared to SevereFlame's, which is REALLY insane! Now that's one big orange squeeze-in the eye! Ouch! It stings! All I did was squeeze an orange, and some of the juice squrted into my eye! Man, bullseye! Now, somehow, the topic changed from how long my about me is compared to SevereFlame's to how much my eye stings from that orange squeeze. That's so strange that it isn't insanity. W00T! Yay! I've finally got all maces in my armory! Thank you all for those! W00T! I've also got all bows in my armory! Thank you all for those too! Hey, all those who gave me an axe, THANKS! W00T! Finally. I have all swords! Thank you all! Special Thanks to: Thunderwolf325,-Last sword, Thanks, I would give you a sword, But you have all of them. So, is Thanks good enough?-acebats,-Last bow, gave you a sword in return. Thanks!-Dilume,- Last axe, wish I could give you a sword in return, but you have all five. Thanks though!-And finally, Trojan-Last mace, again, I'd want to give you a sword in return, but you also have all five.-And all the rest of you, thanks! Now, I'm going to talk about the worst currency ever: Kreds. Whoever got the idea needs to be hit upside the head with an 8-by-4. Why? Because of this: before Kongai came out, you could simply do whatever you want on a game on Kongregate. You could use the currency in the game to buy optional upgrades, that is, if there wre any. Now, it's a lot different. Pretty much EVERY new, high-rated and long-awaited game has Kreds. Probably because of MochiGames. Since NO Mochi Media, which powers MochiGames is allowed on Kong, Kong uses its own currency: Kreds. Why? Any game that has kreds has MochiGames involved in the mix (Kongai is an exception). But another question that may be spinning around in your heads is: WHY are there Kreds? Because MochiGames has its own currency: MochiCoins. Since MochiCoins are part of MochiGames, and MochiGames are part of Mochi Media, and NO Mochi Media is alowed on Kong, Kong uses Kreds. This whole Kred issue wouldn't be a problem without Mochi Media! Grr! Now, I'll count my wheel turns. Arrgh! Still 3! Well, here are the worst game developers on Kongregate, and the game that makes them so bad: Strategy/Defense: by , Adventure/RPG: by ,Shooter: by , Puzzle: Totem Destroyer by ,Action: by ,Sports: Darwin's Adventure by chocoman01,Multiplayer: Cool maze game by fontan10 and music and More:Pop Superstar Miley Cyrus by gamesforgirls1. I DID NOT PLAY THAT GAME! I SWEAR, BUT THAT JUST MAKES ME LOOK LIKE I PLAYED IT. AGAIN, I DID NOT PLAY IT! HONEST! Speking of games, I am now really interestied in playing games that have food in them. Like, Papa's Pizzeria, or other stuff. I feel like I should monkey around a bit, right? Ooh, Ooh, Eee Eee, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh! Get it? I can still change into animals! Alright, you have to try and guess what my last words will be. Because the last words that I will say will make SevereFlame's profile like Pluto to the Sun. For your information, SevereFlame's profile is 7 wheel turns long. Mine is 3. That will be the second last time I will say how long my profile is. This is the NOT last topic: Palindromes. A palindrome is a word, phrase or number that, when written backwards, is the same forwards. Radar is an example. Level is too. And my profile picture at one time was "tacocat" which is a palindrome. Wanting to know what the longest one is? Well, it's 15 139 words long, and it starts with A man and ends with Panama. Unfortunately, I can't show it to you because it hits the profile limit. Fortunately, you can view it here:http://norvig.com/pal1txt.html! Okay, I lied. I don't know much about black holes. Look it up on Wikipedia. So, by now, you must be wondering, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR AVATAR!? Here's what happened. If you look in my shouts, you'll get a guy who's permanatly banned saying, I. Am. *Legend.* Another guy posted and said, Yeah but now your banned so your not legend anymore. This guy, when looked closley at, his avatar was extrmly funny. It was a tree with a :D happy face on it. Now, it's the same, but it's smaller, and with a rainbow swirlie around it. And, I said, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HIS AVATAR!? I looked in his descripton and he had it rainbow-ed by someone...or himself. I had the ackground of mine rainbow-ed too! Have yours rainbow-ed here: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1-kongregate/topics/109553-teh-rainbow-avatar-month I don't do it, but ask someone. They are da BOMB! Anyway, so GamerFeFan, the guy who I said WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND TO YOUR AVATAR and he told me about Rainbow Avatar Month, challenged a person to a story fight. I challenged his story...Here's what I got: An idiot called Jack decided to try to get a dog that eats cats that eats rats that eats crumbs. But in the dog owner’s manual, he misread “Dog” and read “God.” He tried to get a God, and he asked everywhere and everyone said, “Yeah, he’s in heaven.” He thought THEN that there was only one God, and it was one of the few times he was correct in an idioctic way. Then he found the Heaven Animal’s Rescue Center. He said, “Hi, I want to get a God. I know there’s only one…Can you help get him?” The clerk answerd, “Well, Yes, we can” as she likes to be mean to idiots. Jack then found a dog who they named God for some reason. Any way, God (the dog) could actually speak. And Jack asked, since he remembered how much he liked Foo Fighters music videos and his favorite was D.O.A., “Are the muffins here?” God(the dog) answered, “No.” Jack was amazed at God’s natural instict! But Jack acually said, “Ereh sniffum eht era?” And God(the dog, I’ll just call him God as it’s so easy to type) answered, “On.” They could talk backwards, and that was how they communicated. Then Jack needed a cat. Again, he misread, and thought it was Tac. So he asked the same clerk, I’m happy with God, but now I need a Tac. The clerk thought he meant like a thumbtack. So he gave him a thumbtack. Jack said, Oh thank you! Now I need a (Yes, he misread THIS time too) tar. The clerk said, “But, you don’t want tar. It’s sticky. Haven’t you seen Home Alone?” But Jack said, “I really want a tar.” So the clerk said, “One moment please.” This took five minutes, but they clean birds in oil spills there. So they keep a bucket of oil and that’s as close as they get to tar. Anyway, the clerk gave him the bucket of oil. Finally, Jack said, “I want some sbmurc.” The clerk had no way to plan for this. He said, “What?” Jack said: “Sbmurc. I want a whole ton.” The clerk thought, Hmmm…must be crumbs…OH MY GOD! HE READ THINGS BACKWARD! But like I said before, the clerk was mean. So he got Jack some crumbs. Jack but the crumbs in the oil. He pout the thumbtack in the oil covered in crumbs. God ate the thumbtack, and then died. Jack was happy. And the clerk gave him a cookie. GamerFeFan's story was: A cat ate short shorts and then sang the song short shorts, while eating a computer chip with mustard pickles on it for dinner and breakfast also for tea, cherrio is wat english ppl say lol and they go charmed and all that lol and then they turn into AN ALIEN FROM OUTER SPACE! and then they destroy planets including earth, which they live on but there all like “Tea is nice for COMPUTER HACKERS” and realised they were a computer hacker and were all like drinking tea cuz its nice with chilli and spices and book reports, including school reports which gave him a Z- (worse than an F :O) and then he cried and cried and soon ate a volleyball because he remembered how much he liked volleyballs for breakfast and morning tea. I dont drink tea, same as cats but its good for their legs, arms, whiskars and socks. And wen the cat drank the sock somehow a dog came and ate it and was like “LOLOL I JUST ATEZ UR SOCK1!1 SMILY FACE PWNAGE LOLZ” and realised that the sock was a dog and that means the dog ate the dog. ew. And then he puked and puked and then watched a movie in his house on-top of a cup and was all like “IM ON TOP OF A CUP WATCHING A MOVIE AND PUKING HOORAYZ :D” and then he smiled so hard, he pooped and pooped his pants and was like woops and “accidently” did some more poop in his pants and then some moar and realised how fun it was and he did some moar poop. Then he was all like “OTHER PPLZ NEED POOP CUZ IT R SO GOOD” so he pooped on ppls faces and they thanked him and gave him a cookie. The person who wrote the first story was Kayvex. And his was: Gumby ate a chicken which madehim a dog which made him a cat. AND HE WAS FAT! I hope you enjoyed those stories. AAAAANNNNDDDDDDD NOOOOOOW...I check how amny wheel turns my profile is. Remember, SevereFlame's profile is 7 wheel turns long! Holy crap! It's 5 wheel turns long! I go tell SevereFlame that his spot in the spotlight will soon be over...Yeah. Didn't have the guts. BUT...I DID have the guts to tell him Greg is awesome. Did I already explain? Uh...I think I did so...Yeah. So, here's the deal: SevereFlame has the longest profile WITHOUT spam. I'm trying to beat that. Some idiot who calls himself VirusOfXLife is trying to beat me-by spam. I siad, "You'll never beat this thing." In fact, I'm still making this longer. And now, I shall tell you about a conflict: SevereFlame and cowboop. Cowboop acually has a longer profile than SevereFlame, but he COPIED SevereFlame's profile. One of the rules of the game I'm playing is that you can't copy anything, from anywhere. So SevereFlame hasn't exactly given him the Longest Legitamate Profile Award. He isn't gonna give it to him any time soon. And I just squeezed the orange again and again and again. How does that happen? I have no clue. Now, let me tell you about the best. Game. Ever. On the PC it be...*drum roll* Road of the Dead. All you do is zoom through a city at 200+ mph...But that's not it. There is debris and every abandoned vehicle you could imagine. And that's STILL not it.You are getting attacked by the U.S. military and zombies. STILL NOT DONE! You, after making it through Central City, will get attacked by helicopters! And there's only ONE thing left to tell you: A walkthrough. Yes, my profile has an exclusive walkthrough, under construction. So, are you ready? Wait...Guys...We have a small problem. It's a virus...Ugh...All happened back in Grade 5...WHY, WEADC5?! WHY?! No, no, no, no, no. I must find those old vaccines...Found them. Ouch! So, you'd lke to hear about the virus, eh? The InkDot was caused when someone who calls himself weadc5 stabbed himself with a marker. The ink rushed through his body, replacing his blood cells. He had become immune to the vaccine, if there was one. The symptoms were weakness, seizures, and finally, zombification. He clawed at an innocent boy; he became immune to the airbourne vaccine, if there was one. He didn't infect me a lot, but he managed tio get my blood 1% InkDot. Soon his disease was so powerful, it went airbourne. That was when I knew, I had to use my smarts to my advantage. I created the vaccine, and found a boy with a gas mask on after making myself immune to the InkDot. I told him that I would save him form there, but I would only be able to protect him from the airbourne InkDot. So I did tha and rectluantly, he took off his gas mask. He was a rather smart one too, and eventually, we were updating our vaccines, as he made his own that was not nearly as powerful. He had a syringe, and we mixed, so far, our two most powerful vaccines yet, and put the omega-vaccine in the syringe. We then vaccinated weadc5-let me rephrase that-I then vaccinated weadc5 and un-quarintined our town. I must admit, I saved the planet. Anyway, let's talk profile size again. The longest profile is probably veqard20, which has 179 wheel turns worth of sadfaces! And not Vegard20, veqard20. Don't get those two mixed up. And mine? Well, let's see! As you are reading this, there are still 5 wheel turns of text. I seem to not be typing this as much. Fine then, lt's talk about Kongai. It isn't a bad game, but the release date ticked me off. Go ahead, look at the release date, it'll say the ninth of July, 2008. Before Kongai was released, it was advertised as "The games begin early 2008." Early, meaning the second half of the year? Seriously? That's just plain stupid. Anyway, hat was almost three years ago, so it doesn't really matter. So now, let's talk Minecraft. Minecraft is a game created entirely by Markus "Notch" Persson, thought I do belive he did have some help and whatnot. There's just so much to do. It does, however cost 14.95 Euros, though. But it will skyrocket to 20 Euros when the game is finished, so buy it now! I've built and made several different things, from biggest to smallest: An amusement park, a post apocolyptic landscape, a waterpark, a maze, an underground city, an overground city, an underwater base, and a lava tunnel. Hopefully by now I have 6 wheel turns. What do I have? I have 5. Great. And that's sarcasm and truth. I'm unhappy that I don't have 6, but I am happy as I may have the longest legit profile. SevereFlame deleted his. Woohoo! Anyway, I'm just gonna pretend that he still has the award and just go on till I'm at 8. That's gonna be painful. I'm just gonna take a break, 'cause I don't wanna get an extremly short case of carpal tunnel syndrome. Oh, crap, now I have to explain waht it is. Carpal tunnel is a pain in your wrist from doing the same thing over and over again, e.g. typing. You have to do it a lot, though. What I meant for getting it "again" is that I once got it from playing Rock Band 3 keyboard. Here's my best advice: NEVER EVER play Roundabout on Expert keyboard, even while using the guitar. Amazingly difficult stuff. So by now you've seen my avatar (if I changed it, think Everestkid's slimeface avvy but with a sadface.) My RuneScape account has been hacked. Yeah, it sucks. All my skills have been rolled down to an incredibly low level. I defenetely feel like the slimeface avvy. This totally sucks. I can't even log in because of a captcha, too many failed password attempts. This is officially the worst day of my life...And I'm not gonna tell what actually happened. It's been a while since I made this sucker longer. I quit RuneScape, though I can assure you that someone's gonna drag me back in there. I've begun work on a Minecraft adventure map called "TimeTwisted!" I'll post some download links when I'm done. Unfortunately, it'll be a while, but I'm working pretty hard on it. Aside from the computer, I've started to play the Crash Bandicoot games again. I got 100% on the second, working on the third. The first one is pure rage, though. I mean, you have fun levels like Heavy Machinery and Upstream/Up The Creek, but then you have ridicoulously hard ones like The High Road, Toxic Waste and Sunset Vista(Although, it wasn't that bad. I just died every 10 minutes, but kept falling. Really annoying.) A big problem for each are as follows: The High Road was the level I'm still stuck on. It's like Road to Nowhere, another level in which you are on a very old bridge; some planks are rotting, and there are invincible pigs and turtles which you must use to jump across some gaps. Only, The High Road is even harder. Toxic Waste was nasty. Evil, even. There are five henchmen throwing barrels at you. The orange ones just roll, but the brown ones bounce. So go around the brown ones, there's almost always space. Sunset Vista is a harder version of an earlier level, The Lost City. It actually takes an average of 5 minutes to complete without mistakes! Go through the ruins, and there is A LOT of timing involved. Eventually, you'll make it through. So by now you should have seen my avatar. Here is its origin: http://www.kongregate.com/collabs/art/DannyDaNinja/kong-christmas-at-mah-house Right on. So, it's been a while since I edited. The thing that's worth noting is that my PS3 YLOD'd. So we have a new one...And we played A LOT on the old PS3. We beat The Endless Setlist on Rock Band 1, and did all the challenges on Rock Bnad 3. (We never beat The Endless Setlist 2 on Rock Band 2, Visions was WAY too hard.) Also beat LBP1 and 2, beat Harry Potter 6, Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time (We didn't get Quest For Booty, it's explained at the beginning of Crack in Time anyway.) Need for Speed: The Run and just plain bloody ridiculous amounts of games. Now I have to 100% all those Crash games all over again...So, my profile is now a penguin, my favourite animal, with the exception of the game where you have to make the sound of that animal, in which it is the giraffe, as the sound it makes is too low for human ears to hear. I just realized I wasnt to beat a lock. Like, an admin posts that he will lock it and I will make a post JUST before the lock. Sounds like a lot of luck. So...you remember WAAY back at the top when I mentioned ranting? Yep. One of the best things I do is rant. You'll never know what I'm gonna rant about, so if I make fun of you, I'll make fun of someone else. And don't rage. If you get really upset, you can suggest rants, and if I like them, I'll rant about that thing you wanted me to rant about. So. Rant #1, October 4, 2012. The rant is...Vancouver. Idea given to me by me. It. Totally. Sucks. Yeah, I don't live there, I live about 9 hours away (It would be 7 if it wasn't for all the friggin' traffic) but it still doesn't change the fact that it's utter crap. The news? 90% is on Vancouver. 9% is on Victoria. The other 1% is random crap from around the world. And sometimes that doesn't even impact BC. People? Annoying idiots. Well, not all of them. But a pretty good population is annoying. You know the first definition of Vancouver on Urban Dictionary? "The city that if you own a home already, you can sell it buy two of the same in Toronto, three in Calgary, or an entire street in Winnipeg." That is LITERALLY how much homes cost in Vancouver. It's a pile of crap to anyone who doesn't live there. So obviously, it's the best place ever for people who do live there. But hey, it does have some cool stuff. And it's not as terrible as some other places that I don't want to mention for the next rant. So that's Vancouver. An interestingly cool area that for some reason, is one of the three areas in Canada that I really hate. Like if there was a scale from 1-10 that measured rage and hate, it would score an 11. And it's the only one that's a city. Next, we will tackle the smaller of the three. Tomorrow! Rant #2, October 5, 2012. The rant is...Calgary Southwest. Damnit, it's probably a really nice area because I've heard that Calgary is a nice city, but DAMNIT, IT'S NOT NICE CAUSE IT'S HARPER'S FRIGGIN RIDING! GRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Ehm. Yep. That's the only reason why I don't like that place. I don't like Harper. Wish I really was 18 so I could vote. So, October 6, 2012 (No, April 11, 2013), the next rant is...Quebec! This excludes Montreal, I'll get to the reasoning in a sec. Quebec is the place in Canada where people who speak French live. Montreal, however, has a rather high amount of people who speak English. But this does not get away from this fact: People in Quebec(generally the government, sometimes the citizens) whine. They whine to Ottawa about random crap that makes no sense. When I originally was scheduled to type this, university students in Quebec were whining about their tuiton fees being too high. Little did they know that, excluding Cuba, their tuition fees are the smallest in the CONTINENT. WHY!? Ottawa consitently gives Quebec loads of money, and they're probably a factor in the Canadian federal deficit. They want to secede-or, to leave Canada and become a nation of its own. In fact, the party that governs Quebec-the Parti Quebecois-is all about seceding. Well if they do, it'll be hilarious. First, the federal debt would be suddenly much easier to get out of.(That's the good news.) Second, for the rest of Canada, maple syrup prices will double. (That's the bad news.) Third, for the new country of Quebec, gasoline prices will triple. (That's the hilarious bit.) Fourth, Canada will suddenly lose 1.3 million square kilometers by Quebec's secedal, probably landing Canada in about 4th largest country, or maybe 3rd.(Damn. That sucks.) Fifth, getting to the Atlantic Maritime provinces like Nova Scotia and PEI will be more difficult if you want to stay on Canadian land. (This might be an issue, but I'm sure Quebec wouldn't mind freight traffic.) And, uh...That's about it. I'll check my wheel turns-I've got a new mouse. Precisely 7. Cool. So here we are. 7 wheel turns, huh? Let me double-check. 11. Smaller mouse. So then SevereFlame was 7 when I got a new mouse...and mine was 5...so about 2.1x more. 7X2.1=Basically 15. So if I type a long thing, and then type more, I will have actually finished typing the longest profile on Kong. And it won't even be entertaining. Anyway, this rant will be about Nintendo. Nintendo is probably one of the most retarded video game companies EVER. They started as a trading card company in the 1880s. Then in the 1980s, they started making Mario and things like that. And that's what their money is based off of. Mario and Zelda, which is really Link, when you think about it. But that's really all they do: Create shit from either Mario or Zelda, publicize, get rich for no reason except being too lazy to make another game from a different series and not having a different story than: Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser. Mario kills Bowser 8 times, and then saves Peach after he kills Bowser for the 8th time because some dude with a mushroom hat has been kidnapped in the OTHER 7 castles. And Zelda's is just: Zelda gets kidnapped by some dude. Link goes to save her, the end. Really, they are SO overrated it's retarded. Sure, Nintendo might make a Kirby game or do some odd thing like buy the Seattle Mariners(Yeah, they actually did this), but really, who gives a shit about having *SEVEN MARIO KARTS.* Someday, someone will just see that Nintendo is a dumbshit company that can't do anything more than just pump out the exact same video game 50 times, and each time have the same story, the same gameplay and the same characters. The only thing that's different about any newer Nintendo game is the graphics, and except for some idiots that can't see past CoD, graphics don't make a game. So what now? Music. Especially popular music, and even more especially rap. Seriously, rap is just shitty music that WAS popular in the nineties. And then, at least it was decent, AND there was no AutoTune, so rap was speaking fast, but at least you had to put effort into sounding decent...but you still sound like crap, because it's rap-a synonym for just talking quickly and rhyming. What you're talking about is sex, doing drugs, money...I mean, yeah, that's what a lot of rock music from before the 2000's is about, but that's not what all of is was. Look at the Foo Fighters. Look at Nirvana. Look at Pink Floyd. Hell, even look at some Green Day. All at some point really popular, but not all of their songs were about sex, drugs and violence.(if you get that reference, you are awesome) Can I name one song by each of these artists that isn't about those topics? Yeah. I can name five. We'll start with the Foo Fighters: 1: I'll Stick Around. 2: My Hero. 3: New Way Home. 4: The Pretender. 5: Walk. Now we've got Nirvana: 1: Smells Like Teen Spirit. 2: Polly. 3: On A Plain. 4: Serve The Servants. 5: All Apologies. Pink Floyd: F*ck this, the entire album of "The Wall" works here. That's about 18 songs, damn it. Oh, and if you're mad that Pink Floyd-one of the greatest rock[or whatever they actually made; it's not actual rock, but they're classics anyway] bands/groups/whatevers ever compete with Green Day-because Billie Joe Armstrong-there are two reasons. First, I'm stating that Pink Floyd, a band that's so old half the people I know probably have never heard of them, and all these other bands that are totally different from Pink Floyd are better than any crap that they usually listen to. Pink Floyd is basically techno done CORRECTLY. It is tolerable to listen to, not eardrum rape. Second, I'm sticking Pink Floyd in because you have to be either over 30 or an 70s-80s music freak to know them-not a usual person. Anyway, to Green Day: 1: Basket Case. 2: When I Come Around. 3: In The End. 4: Scattered. 5: Good Riddance (Time of Your Life). So there. In the most immature way possible, I named 5 songs from 4 artists that put at least some effort into a song. And a ton of those you probably haven't heard of. If you want to know why, I like these bands. If you don't understand, let me explain: To like a band, you need to purchase at least one album. I have 9 Green Day albums, 7 Foo Fighter albums, 3 or 4 Pink Floyd albums and 3 Nirvana albums. If you just listen to singles, you don't like a band(or an AutoTuned idiot). You just like a couple of songs. I'll continue this tomorrow. (Man, aren't you glad I didn't continue this? Pink Floyd is TECHNO?! The F*CK? I don't even know how old I was when this was written-I might have been 12 or even 13. Anyway, you made it. Probably got bored to hell and back, lost 10 IQ points and really wish you listened way back up at the Punk-O-Matic tracks. Ten-year-old me grew up, at least. That's good. I don't like idiots. Anyway, this is the end. No witty one-liners, no real denouement, just the end of possibly the worst thing ever written. So why do I keep it? I have no idea.)

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